28 Oct 16 Serbian State Security ‘Involved in Killing Journalist’

The former chief of a police task force investigating the 1999 murder of an opposition journalist told a Belgrade court that his probe concluded that State Security was involved in the killing.

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27 Oct 16 Kosovo Urged to Protect Journalist after Death Threats

Media freedom campaigners condemned death threats made against tabloid editor Leonard Kerquki after he directed a television documentary on wartime crimes against Kosovo Serbs.

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24 Oct 16 Serbian Interior Minister ‘Knew Who Killed Journalist’

An ex-director of Serbia’s intelligence agency told the trial of the alleged killers of an opposition journalist that former interior minister Dusan Mihajlovic said the murderer was a police special forces member.

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19 Oct 16 BIRN’s Kosovo War Film Screened at Sarajevo University

Sarajevo University’s law and political sciences faculties screened BIRN’s documentary ‘The Unidentified’, about the Serbian fighters responsible for some of the worst atrocities of the Kosovo war in 1999.

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03 Oct 16 BIRN’s Kosovo War Film Screened in Macedonia

BIRN’s documentary ‘The Unidentified’, about the men responsible for some of the most brutal atrocities of the Kosovo war in 1999, was screened at South East European University in the Macedonian capital Skopje.

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29 Sep 16 BIRN’s Kosovo War Film Gets Budapest Premiere

BIRN’s documentary ‘The Unidentified’, about the men responsible for some of the most brutal atrocities of the Kosovo war in 1999, had its Hungarian premiere at the Budapest International Documentary Festival.

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28 Sep 16 Serbian PM’s Killers Afraid to Testify About Journalist

Milos and Aleksandar Simovic, who were jailed for involvement in the murder of Serbian PM Zoran Djindjic, refused to testify in the trial of four state security officers for an opposition journalist’s killing.

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27 Sep 16 Serbian PM’s Assassin Testifies over Journalist’s Killing

Milorad Ulemek, alias Legija, the former special police commander convicted of PM Zoran Djindjic’s assassination, made his first appearance as a witness in the trial of four state security officers for an opposition journalist’s murder.

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07 Sep 16 Serbian Pro-Govt Tabloid Labels Female Activists ‘Spies’

Pro-government tabloid Informer has published front-page stories for two consecutive days accusing female Serbian civil rights activists of being spies and passing information about war crimes to Croatia.

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02 Sep 16 Belgrade to Name Street after Milosevic Ally

A Belgrade street is to be named after Serbian nationalist writer Brana Crncevic, who was an ally of President Slobodan Milosevic and Bosnian Serb genocide convict Radovan Karadzic.

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01 Sep 16 Macedonian Journalists Demand Release of Zoran Bozinovski

The Journalists Association will protest in front of the Skopje court on Thursday to demand the release of a journalist who has been in detention since April, accused of spying and extortion.

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06 Jul 16 Milosevic Loyalists ‘Smeared Opposition Journalist as Traitor’

An article calling opposition journalist Slavko Curuvija a “traitor” who wanted NATO to bomb Serbia was commissioned by pro-Milosevic editors just days before he was killed, his murder trial heard.

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08 Jun 16 Serbian Ex-Security Chief Misses Murder Trial Again

Former state security official Franko Simatovic, who could reveal the secret service’s role in the 1999 murder of opposition journalist Slavko Curuvija, again failed to appear as a witness in court.

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03 Jun 16 BIRN’s Kosovo War Film Screened in Pristina

BIRN’s award-winning documentary The Unidentified, investigating the commanders responsible for some of the most brutal attacks of the Kosovo war, was shown in Pristina for a second time.

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16 May 16 BIRN’s Kosovo War Film Screened in Belgrade

BIRN’s film The Unidentified, which investigates the Serbian commanders responsible for brutal attacks during the Kosovo war, was screened at the BELDOCS documentary festival.

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