12 Jul 12 Srebrenica Survivors' Stories at Sarajevo Film Festival

As part of the 18th Sarajevo Film Festival, the Cinema for Peace Foundation has shown part of its project to create a visual archive of the stories of Srebrenica genocide survivors for the first time. 

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25 Jun 12 Media in Serbia Investigated for War Crimes 0

Serbian Prosecutor's announcement that there is an ongoing investigation against unnamed journalists and editors suspected of encouraging war crimes caused different reactions amongst media professionals in Serbia.

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25 Jun 12 Media In Serbia Investigated for War Crimes

Serbian Prosecutor's announcement that there is an ongoing investigation against unnamed journalists and editors suspected of encouraging war crimes caused different reactions amongst media professionals in Serbia.

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25 May 12 Journalists Disagree Over Sarajevo Siege Reports

While Bosnian journalists believe that the Serbian media reported the Sarajevo siege anniversary in an unbiased way for the very first time, Serbian journalists say that the reporting has not greatly improved since the 1990s.

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29 Mar 12 RTS Bombing: EU Demands an Investigation

EU Rapporteur for Serbia requests an investigation into NATO bombing of the Serbian broadcaster, RTS, claiming that all crucial documents are within the Serbian Ministry of Defence.

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14 Mar 12 War Crimes Thriller Hits Serbian Screens

A movie on a war crimes investigation exposing a government conspiracy was screened for the first time on Monday.

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14 Nov 11 Macedonia To Lustrate Journalists and Clergy

Macedonian journalists and clergy are next in line for the controversial process of lustration aimed at purging former police informants from public office.

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18 Apr 11 Serb Journalist Hits Headlines Over War Reporting

A video of a Serb journalist interviewing a Bosniak in Srebrenica in July 1995 has gone viral in Bosnia, with the reporter, Slobodan Vaskovic, facing serious criticism.

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01 Mar 11 Dutch TV Reaches Deal With Gotovina Over Documentary

A Dutch TV station has reached a settlement with the Croatian General Ante Gotovina, a war crimes indictee currently on trial before the Hague Tribunal, for including certain images in a documentary about his alleged crimes.

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29 Oct 10 Australian Surgeon Fights Serbian ‘Smear’ Campaign

An Australian surgeon who lifted the lid on his time fighting with the Kosovo Liberation Army in explosive memoirs published this year has condemned the ‘smear campaign’ launched against him by the Serbian war crimes prosecutor.

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30 Jul 10 Sarajevo Film Fest Hosts Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day at the Sarajevo Film Festival was held on Thursday for the second year in a row, in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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07 Jul 10 Hague Recognises Propaganda's Role in Srebrenica Genocide

In sentencing Milan Gvero, the ICTY for the first time recognised the importance of media propaganda in the mass executions that took place in eastern Bosnia in 1995.

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21 Jun 10 Greece: Suit Against Journalist For Srebrenica Claims to Go Forward

The Greek judiciary has decided to go ahead with a libel suit against Greek journalist Takis Michas on charges that he falsely claimed that paramilitaries from the country took part in the massacre in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica during the war there.

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20 May 10 Karadzic Allegations of Biased War Reporting

Wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic accused prosecution witness Arnout Van Lynden of producing biased and unprofessional reports from Sarajevo during the war.

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25 Mar 10 Serbia: No Indictments for Hate Speech in Media

No indictment will be issued against media outlets and journalists in Serbia for responsibility in inciting hatred during the wars in the Yugoslav successor states, though the situation could change as the investigation continues, the Serbian war crimes prosecutor has said.

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