22 Apr 14 Serbia Urged to Probe NATO Bombing of State TV

The Journalists’ Association of Serbia called on the authorities to reveal secret documents about the NATO bombing of the public broadcaster in 1999, when 16 people were killed.

25 Mar 14 Tweets Hailing NATO's Kosovo War Offend Serbia

An image posted on Twitter lauding NATO's air war against Serbia has angered the Belgrade authorities, who have called it offensive.

20 Mar 14 ICTY Film on Witnesses Shown In Zagreb

The Hague Tribunal documentary about key witness testimonies from the 1990s has had its premiere in the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

17 Mar 14 Bosnia to End Controversial Anonymised Verdicts

Verdicts and indictments for war crimes and other grave offences should be made public so people can learn the truth about past atrocities, a working group of Bosnia's top judicial body said.

24 Feb 14 Bosnian War Crimes Case Map Goes Online

The OSCE mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina has launched an online map of completed war crimes cases across the country in a bid to enhance public trust in the legal process.

04 Feb 14 Macedonian Editor Accused of Ethnic Hate Speech

A pro-government news editor has angered ethnic Albanian journalists with his comments about the forthcoming elections on a national TV station.

28 Jan 14 Croatian Police Boss ‘Threatened War Crimes Reporter’

A Croatian journalist said former interior ministry official Tomislav Mercep threatened him for publishing an article about the war crimes that his police unit allegedly committed.

16 Jan 14 Milosevic’s Widow Accused Over Serbian Journalist’s Slaying

A lawyer for the brother of murdered opposition journalist Slavko Curuvija alleged that he has evidence that Slobodan Milosevic’s widow, Mirjana Markovic, ordered the killing in 1999.

15 Jan 14 Serbia Govt Praises Arrest of Journalist’s Alleged Killers

Deputy PM Aleksandar Vucic welcomed the arrests of two former state security officers accused of murdering opposition journalist Slavko Curuvija during Milosevic’s rule in 1999.

14 Jan 14 Serbia Arrests Security Officers Over Journalist’s Murder

Two former members of the country’s security services have been detained for the 1999 killing of Serbian publisher and journalist Slavko Curuvija, an opponent of Slobodan Milosevic.

10 Jan 14 Croatian TV Journalist Fired Over Controversial Films

Nada Prkacin, a journalist at the Croatian national television station HRT, was sacked because of documentaries she made about wartime general Ante Gotovina.

14 Nov 13 Kosovo Journalist Raided By EU Police

The EU rule-of-law mission raided journalist Milaim Zeka’s house in a case believed to be connected to the indictment of 15 former Kosovo guerrillas suspected of war crimes.

29 Oct 13 Belgrade Media Urged to End Hate Speech

Media in the capital were urged to stop stirring up ethnic tensions between Serbs and Albanians after a murder in south Serbia, where conflict erupted a decade ago.

25 Oct 13 Belgraders Pack Cinema to See BIRN Documentary

About 200 people attended the screening on October 31 of BIRN’s Balkan road-movie documentary The Majority Starts Here in Belgrade.

20 Oct 13 BIRN Documentary Airs on Al Jazeera Balkans and TV Vijesti

The first episode of BIRN’s documentary series The Majority Starts Here was screened on Al Jazeera Balkans on Sunday evening.


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