06 Dec 17 Bosnian Journalists Condemn Praljak Verdict Death Threats

Bosnian journalists and international organisations urged the authorities to address death threats sent to reporters who covered last week’s Hague Tribunal conviction of six Bosnian Croats and Slobodan Praljak’s suicide.

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30 Nov 17 UK’s Vulliamy Recalls Encounters with Belligerent Praljak

One of Britain’s most respected reporters on the Balkan wars of the 1990s has recalled his two encounters, in court and out, with Slobodan Praljak, the war criminal who committed suicide at the Hague Tribunal.

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26 Sep 17 Peace Women Sue Serbian Tabloid for Libel

The Serbian peace group Women in Black is suing pro-government tabloid newspaper Informer for calling the organisation’s activists the “biggest foreign mercenaries” in the country.

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18 Sep 17 Serbia’s Seselj Mocks Hague Tribunal in Reality Show

After Serbian nationalist politician Vojsilav Seselj mocked the Hague Tribunal by posing as a judge on a reality TV show, the UN war crimes court issued a new warning over his upcoming appeal hearings.

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05 Sep 17 BIRN Film on Wartime Home Swaps Gets TV Premiere

BIRN’s new film ‘Your House was My Home’, about how war forced villagers in Serbia and Croatia to exchange homes with each other to save their lives, premieres on Al Jazeera Balkans on Tuesday.

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21 Aug 17 Serbian Union Wants Journalists Killed in Kosovo Investigated

Marking the 19th anniversary of the disappearance of two Serbian radio journalists in Kosovo, a journalists’ association has demanded a fresh investigation into their deaths - and those of other journalists abducted and killed in Kosovo.

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07 Jul 17 Croatian Serbs ‘Ostracised’ by Mainstream Media

Research of Croatian daily media coverage showed that the issues of the country’s Serb minority are under-represented, and that they are not given the opportunity to voice their problems.

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06 Jul 17 Serbia Releases Defendants in Journalist’s Murder Trial

A Serbian court has released two former State Security officers charged with participating in the 1999 murder of opposition journalist Slavko Curuvija from custody and put them under house arrest.

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28 Jun 17 Bosnian Serb Book Disputes Tuzla Massacre

Author Ilija Brankovic launched a new book in which he tries to dispute the Bosnian Serb Army’s responsibility for the deadly shelling of the Bosnian town of Tuzla in May 1995.

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23 Jun 17 Protesters Blockade Film About Serb-Albanian Relations

Protesters carrying Serbian flags and chanting anti-Albanian slogans prevented the showing of a film about Serb-Albanian relations in the city of Nis.

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12 Jun 17 Serbian Right-Wingers Protest Against Kosovo Film

Dozens of far-right activists in the Serbian city of Novi Sad tried to stop the showing of a film about life in Kosovo, but police ousted them from the building after they forced their way in.

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15 May 17 Curuvija Trial Murder Continues in Serbia

A former Socialist Party official, Milorad Vucelic, said the only connection between him and the murder of the journalist Slavko Curuvija was a phone number that was located near the place of murder.

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10 May 17 Sarajevo Film Portrays Resistance Under Siege

‘The Siege’, a documentary film about “survival and resistance” during wartime in besieged Sarajevo, made by French war correspondent Remy Ourdan, had its Belgrade premiere.

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11 Apr 17 Serbian Journalist Commemorated as Murder Trial Continues

Relatives and colleagues of opposition journalist Slavko Curuvija marked the 18th anniversary of his death, expressing concern about the slow pace of the trial of Serbian security service officials for his murder.

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06 Apr 17 Serbian Security ‘Destroyed Documents’ About Journalist’s Murder

A former Serbian state security official told the trial for the murder of opposition journalist Slavko Curuvija that the security service participated in planning the killing and destroyed evidence afterwards.

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