a-lost-child-on-the-frontline 02 Feb 15 A Lost Child on the Frontline

Serbian director Vuk Rsumovic’s film ‘No Man’s Child’ is based on the true story of a boy found living wild with wolves and then sent to fight in the Bosnian war.

the-art-of-post-war-trauma 22 Jan 15 The Art of Post-War Trauma

Serbian artist Vladimir Miladinovic, whose latest project focuses on mass graves of Kosovo Albanians near Belgrade, has made the wartime past a theme of his work.

why-arkan-s-exploits-aren-t-news-in-serbia 17 Dec 14 Why Arkan’s Exploits Aren’t News in Serbia

It came as no surprise that the glamorous birthday party of paramilitary chief Zeljko Raznatovic’s son got more coverage than BIRN’s report on the wartime brutality of his ‘Tigers’.

robert-donia-radovan-karadzic-architect-of-the-bosnian-genocide 22 Oct 14 Exploring the Mind of Radovan Karadzic

A new biography says the former Bosnian Serb leader was no madman but a calculating killer who knew exactly what he was doing.

extremists-stir-up-tensions-in-serbia-s-sandzak 23 Sep 14 Extremists Stir Up Tensions in Serbia’s Sandzak

Calls for the formation of an Islamic army and threats of violence by Serb nationalists have fostered feelings of unease in Serbia’s ethnically-mixed Sandzak region.

war-on-the-bosnian-protests 24 Feb 14 Politicians Play War Games With Bosnia Protests

Politicians in Bosnia have been trying to stir up bad memories of the 1990s conflict in a bid to undermine and discredit the nationwide protests against economic hardship and corruption.

serbia-s-wars-have-come-home-to-roost 29 Nov 13 Serbia’s Wars Have Come Home to Roost

The recent, shocking incident in Serbia with the asylum seekers is just the last in a long line of consequences of the war-driven politics of the Nineties.

a-road-trip-across-the-frontlines 24 Sep 13 A Road Trip Across the Frontlines

The young people featured in BIRN’s new Balkan road-movie documentary The Majority Starts Here are disturbed by the ethnic hatred of the past but uncertain about their own futures.

shattering-kosovo-s-wall-of-silence 25 Jul 13 Shattering Kosovo’s Wall of Silence

After a controversial article asked if Kosovo guerrillas should automatically be considered heroes, are cracks emerging in the façade of respectability built up by ex-fighters who’ve become politicians?

croatian-journalist-and-satirist-senjanovic-dies 24 Apr 13 Croatia Mourns Pioneering Satirist Djermano Senjanovic

Senjanovic, co-founder of the iconoclastic Croatian political magazine Feral Tribune, directed his critical wit against nationalists and warmongers before and after the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

dessa-trevisan-legendary-times-correspondent-dies 22 Feb 13 Dessa Trevisan, Legendary Times Correspondent, Dies

Yugoslav-born journalist covered some of the most stirring events in Eastern Europe during the Cold War and later crossed swords with Slobodan Milosevic’s government at some personal cost.

serbian-nationalists-bring-back-hate-speech 30 Jan 13 Serbian Nationalists Bring Back Hate Speech

Nationalistic rhetoric from officials and ethnic insults in the media have helped encourage Serbian far-right groups to draw up lists of 'traitors' and 'spies'.

vulliamy-people-find-way-to-move-on 06 Apr 12 Vulliamy: People Find Way to Move On

Bosnia is still divided and this has betrayed victims and the entire country, which is still not functional, says Ed Vulliamy, a British journalist famed for his reporting from the Bosnian war. 

serbian-attitudes-towards-war-crime-prosecution 01 Mar 12 Serbs Defensive Over War Crimes, Survey Shows

Key findings of the OSCE survey about Serbian attitudes towards war crimes and the trials held at the Hague Tribunal and national courts.

justice-beyond-the-hague-tribunal 18 Feb 11 Justice Beyond The Hague Tribunal

As the ICTY hands over war crimes cases to Balkan courts, journalists remain key to monitoring trials, access to justice and eventual redress, says tribunal spokesperson Nerma Jelacic.

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