10 Apr 14 Court Gives Go-Ahead to Macedonian Disputed Lustration Law

After almost two years of deliberation, the Constitutional Court said there are no problematic provisions in the country’s controversial Lustration Law, aimed at rooting out former police collaborators.

07 Apr 14 Macedonia To Vote Under Shadow of Giant Cross

One week before the Macedonian general elections, the capital is to get a second giant Orthodox cross, erected by an NGO close to the ruling party.

03 Apr 14 Macedonian MP Candidates Pass Collaborator Test

There are no former secret police collaborators among the candidates running for parliament at this month’s general elections, Macedonia’s State Lustration Commission said.

12 Mar 14 Ex-Yugoslavs ‘Erased’ By Slovenia Win Compensation

The European Court of Human Rights ordered Ljubljana to make payouts to six former Yugoslav citizens who were stripped of their residency rights in Slovenia at the start of the war.

19 Feb 14 Macedonia Officials Dispute ‘Mass Poisoning’ of Albanians

After a mystery incident that caused ethnic jitters, police in the town of Gostivar insisted that dozens of Albanian high-school students had not been poisoned, but the local mayor disagreed.

17 Feb 14 Macedonia Mystery Poisoning Sparks Ethnic Jitters

The authorities are investigating after an unexplained mass poisoning of Albanian students and professors in an ethnically-mixed school in Macedonia’s west sparked fears of a targeted attack.

05 Feb 14 Spy Probe Row Over Macedonia Presidential Hopefuls

The outgoing head of the state office for rooting out former secret police collaborators wants it to check candidates ahead of upcoming presidential polls, but the opposition disagrees.

04 Feb 14 Macedonian Editor Accused of Ethnic Hate Speech

A pro-government news editor has angered ethnic Albanian journalists with his comments about the forthcoming elections on a national TV station.

16 Jan 14 Macedonia Uncovers Scores of Communist Police ‘Collaborators’

In its first five years, Macedonia’s Lustration Commission has identified some 130 people who allegedly collaborated with the Yugoslav Communist-era police or ordered surveillance of others.

13 Jan 14 Macedonia Opposition Shuns ‘Collaborator Hunters’ Vote

The opposition is boycotting the election of new members of the Lustration Commission, the state office for rooting out former secret police collaborators, which it has accused of bias.

20 Dec 13 Macedonia Police Clash With Protesters Over Serbian Statue

Macedonian police briefly clashed with Albanian protesters who tried to break through a cordon and get to a controversial new statue of the Serbian Tsar Dusan in central Skopje.

12 Dec 13 Macedonia Albanians Sue Over Serbian Tsar’s Statue

An Albanian cultural organisation has filed charges alleging that a statue of Serbia’s Tsar Dusan in Skopje, which was recently vandalised by angry protesters, causes ethnic strife.

09 Dec 13 Macedonia Albanians Attack Bronze Serbian Tsar

Serb politicians in Macedonia have called for calm after ethnic Albanians vandalised a recently-erected statue of the Serbian Tsar Dusan in Skopje at the weekend.

05 Dec 13 Bronze Serbian Tsar Upsets Macedonia Albanians

The erection of a statue of the Serbian Tsar Dusan in the Macedonian capital of Skopje has angered some representatives of the country’s sizeable Albanian minority.

03 Dec 13 Mysterious Tito Statue Rises Over Macedonia

Authorities in the Macedonian capital have been caught by surprise by the unannounced erection of a bronze statue of the Yugoslav president, Josip Broz Tito.


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