10 Nov 17 Kosovo Aids Families of Macedonia Shootout Convicts

The Kosovo government will give 219,000 euro in aid to family members of ethnic Albanians convicted of terrorism or killed during the two-day Kumanovo gunbattle with police in Macedonia in 2015.

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02 Nov 17 Macedonia Gives Kumanovo Gunmen Heavy Jail Terms

The Skopje Criminal Court on Thursday gave life sentences to seven of the 37 ethnic Albanian defendants accused of involvement in a two-day shootout with police in Kumanovo in 2015, while most of the rest got long jail terms.

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02 Nov 17 Macedonian Schools Work to Bridge Ethnic Divide

Pupils and teachers from two schools in Skopje, one ethnic Macedonian and the other Albanian, have been organising joint activities in a bid to bridge the longstanding ethnic divide in society.

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19 Oct 17 Macedonia Made Huge Payments to War Crimes Convict

The wife of the only Macedonian war crimes convict, Johan Tarculovski, confirmed receiving payments from the government of 5,000 euros a month during the eight years her husband spent in jail abroad.

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03 Oct 17 Prosecutor Calls for Retrial in Skopje Mass Murder Case

In an unexpected development, Macedonia’s provisional chief prosecutor advised the Supreme Court to scrap life sentences given to six alleged ethnic Albanian Muslim extremists for the killings of five ethnic Macedonians.

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28 Sep 17 Verdicts in Macedonia Shootout Trial Due in October

As the ethnically-charged trial of 37 Albanians accused of involvement in a deadly shootout with police in Kumanovo came to an end, the Skopje court said the verdict will be delivered on October 17.

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22 Sep 17 Ex-Yugoslav Leaders Urged to Back Truth Commission

The presidents of all ex-Yugoslav countries have been urged to sign an agreement to set up the RECOM regional commission to establish the facts about war crimes and other rights violations between 1991 and 2001.

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05 Sep 17 Tito’s Name Still Adorns Streets Across Ex-Yugoslavia

An Italian researcher has made a Google map showing that there are still 276 squares, streets and waterfronts named after Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito in former Yugoslav states.

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08 Aug 17 Macedonia Commemorates Karpalak Ambush Massacre

Macedonia is marking the 16th anniversary of the ambush and killing of ten soldiers on the Skopje-Tetovo highway near the end of the 2001 armed conflict with ethnic Albanian rebels.

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07 Aug 17 Macedonia’s Albanian Language Law Moves Towards Adoption

A law to extend the official use of the Albanian language across the country should soon reach the Macedonian parliament after governing coalition partners reached a compromise over its content.

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28 Jul 17 Kosovo Acquits Ex-Guerrilla of Attacking Macedonian Police

A court in the town of Gjilan/Gilanje acquitted Lirim Jakupi, who has been a member of ethnic Albanian guerrilla groups in Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia, of attacking Macedonian police in 2014 and 2004.

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17 Jul 17 Defence Eyes Breakthrough in Macedonia NATO Killing Case

Ethnic Albanian villagers accused of planting a mine that killed two NATO soldiers in Macedonia in 2003 hope that the Special Prosecution will drop all charges.

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11 May 17 Campaign for Balkan Truth Commission Relaunches

A coalition of NGOs advocating the establishment of the RECOM regional truth commission to establish the facts about the 1990s wars is relaunching its campaign across the Balkans.

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25 Apr 17 Balkan States Rapped over Holocaust Property Restitution

Bosnia and Herzegovina has failed to comply with an international declaration on the restitution of property seized during WWII, while other Balkan countries have not honoured their commitments in full.

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07 Apr 17 Strasbourg Rules Against Macedonia in Lustration Case

A former communist-era official in Macedonia, Petar Karajanov, has won his case against the state before the European Court of Human Rights.

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