14 Dec 15 Macedonia Upholds Albanians’ ‘Terrorist Murder’ Sentences

The appeals court in Skopje upheld life sentences for six ethnic Albanians convicted of terrorism for the killing of five Macedonians in 2012, a case that sparked ethnically-charged unrest.

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08 Dec 15 Macedonia Shootout Suspects Deny Terrorism Charges

Twenty-nine ethnic Albanian men accused of involvement in a shootout with police that left 18 dead in the town of Kumanovo in May have pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges.

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15 Oct 15 Macedonia Busts ‘Terrorism’ Suspects in Armed Swoop

Police staged a large-scale armed operation to detain several people suspected of helping the ethnic Albanian gang involved in a shootout that left 22 dead in the town of Kumanovo in May.

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27 Aug 15 Macedonia Scraps Lustration, Keeps Sanctions Against ‘Spies’

Macedonia plans to keep sanctioning people deemed to be former Communist secret police collaborators even after scrapping its much-criticised Lustration Law next year.

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14 Jul 15 Macedonia Scraps Controversial Lustration Law

Following criticism from Brussels, Macedonia is preparing to end the controversial lustration process, aimed at rooting out former secret police collaborators, deeming it mission accomplished.

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06 Jul 15 Macedonia Postpones ‘Terrorist Murders’ Appeal Hearing

The appeals court postponed the hearing which could have seen lawyers for six ethnic Albanians convicted of terrorism for killing five Macedonians offer new evidence from wiretaps of senior officials.

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01 Jul 15 Macedonia’s Head Spy Hunter Calls Lustration ‘Success’

After Brussels demanded the revision or scrapping of Macedonia’s controversy-ridden Lustration Law, the country’s head spy hunter insisted the collaborator-hunting process was a success.

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27 May 15 Macedonia Opposition: Ethnic Terror Convictions ‘Suspicious’

The opposition chief claimed wiretapped conversations of officials cast doubt on the convictions of six ethnic Albanians for killing five ethnic Macedonians - a verdict that sparked ethnic unrest.

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26 May 15 Former Kosovo Fighters Salute Men Killed in Kumanovo

Veterans' organisations organised a solemn burial in Pristina for the nine men from Kosovo and one Macedonian Albanian killed in the fighting in Macedonia two weeks ago, calling them national heroes.

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21 May 15 Kosovo Families Seek Slain Gunmen’s Bodies in Macedonia

The families of Kosovo Albanian gunmen killed in recent clashes with security forces in Kumanovo have left for Macedonia with the goal of identifying and bringing home the bodies.

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12 May 15 Macedonia Violence Touches a Nerve in Unstable Bosnia

Political tensions simmering across Bosnia since an Islamist attack in Zvornik two weeks ago have increased a notch since the more recent violence in nearby Macedonia.

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11 May 15 Calm Returns to Devastated Macedonian Town

Normality was returning to the northern town of Kumanovo on Monday after gun battles between police and a shadowy armed formation claimed eight police lives and turned it into a war zone.

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08 Apr 15 Macedonia Tapes Suggest Govt Meddling With Lustration

The opposition released new covert tapes allegedly proving that a judge was named a secret police collaborator for political reasons and revealing government meddling in the lustration process.

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06 Apr 15 Macedonia PM ‘Agreed Amnesty for War Crimes Suspects’

The opposition alleged that wiretapped conversations reveal the premier’s direct involvement in a political deal to amnesty suspects in four war-crimes cases from Macedonia’s 2001 conflict.

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30 Mar 15 Macedonia Journalists Protest After Editor Labelled Informant

Over 50 journalists staged a protest after Macedonia’s Lustration Commission declared that the editor-in-chief of weekly newspaper Fokus was a secret services informant in 1993.

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