14 Nov 16 Macedonian War Crimes Convict Runs for Parliament

The ruling VMRO DPMNE party has nominated Johan Tarculovski, the only Macedonian convicted by the Hague war crimes tribunal, as a candidate in parliamentary elections on December 11.

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11 Oct 16 Mystery Mass Grave Found in Macedonia Politician’s Yard

An old mass grave, believed to date from the Second Balkan War, was discovered near the family house of Ali Ahmeti, the head of Macedonia’s junior ruling party, the Democratic Union for Integration.

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07 Oct 16 Macedonia Struggles to Give Minority Civil Servants Jobs

Macedonia's authorities are having a hard time finding workplaces for 1,750 or so ethnic minority civil servants who have been employed in line with the 2001 peace accord but who linger on the state payroll at home.

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06 Oct 16 Macedonia Shootout Suspects Want Politicians to Testify

Ethnic Albanian defendants accused of participating in a two-day gunbattle with Macedonian security forces in Kumanovo in May 2015 want two political party leaders to appear as witnesses at their trial.

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03 Oct 16 BIRN’s Kosovo War Film Screened in Macedonia

BIRN’s documentary ‘The Unidentified’, about the men responsible for some of the most brutal atrocities of the Kosovo war in 1999, was screened at South East European University in the Macedonian capital Skopje.

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01 Sep 16 Macedonian Journalists Demand Release of Zoran Bozinovski

The Journalists Association will protest in front of the Skopje court on Thursday to demand the release of a journalist who has been in detention since April, accused of spying and extortion.

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13 Aug 16 Macedonia Plans Low-Key Anniversary of Ohrid Deal

Macedonia on Saturday is holding a modest event marking the 15th anniversary of the signing of the Ohrid Peace Accord, which ended a six-month ethnic Albanian insurgency.

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08 Aug 16 Macedonia Marks Karpalak Ambush Massacre Anniversary

Macedonian officials marked the 15th anniversary of the ambush and killing of ten soldiers on the Skopje-Tetovo highway near the end of the 2001 armed conflict with ethnic Albanian rebels.

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27 Jul 16 Macedonia Lustration Chief Accuses Court of Sabotage

The head of Macedonia’s lustration commission said the Administrative Court had undermined its work by annulling some of the the commission’s actions.

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26 Jul 16 Seselj's Radicals to Run in Montenegrin Elections

The ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party plans to revive its activities in Montenegro ahead of the October elections, promising a tough campaign against EU and NATO membership.

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19 Jul 16 Macedonia Shootout Suspects Allege Police Torture

Lawyers for defendants on trial for their alleged involvement in a two-day gun-battle with Macedonian security forces in Kumanovo last May alleged that their clients have been tortured in custody.

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05 Jul 16 Child’s Death Sparks Ethnic Row in Macedonia

A brawl in a hospital queue that ended with the death of a child has threatened to stir up new conflict between Albanians and Macedonians in the ethnically-mixed town of Kumanovo.

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05 Jul 16 Political Leaders Approve Balkan Youth Cooperation Office

Political leaders signed an agreement to set up a cross-Balkan youth cooperation office which aims to restore links between young people whose countries were in conflict during the 1990s war.

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23 May 16 Albanian Statue Mystery Sparks Row in Macedonia

Long-promised monuments to prominent Albanians were unexpectedly erected after dark in the Macedonian capital Skopje at the weekend, causing a spat between municipalities.

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04 May 16 Thousands Mark Tito’s Death Anniversary in Serbia

Thirty-six years after Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito died, several thousand of his admirers paid tribute to him in Belgrade and remembered what they believe were better times.

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