macedonia-ethnic-tensions-in-court-and-streets 26 Dec 13 Macedonia: Ethnic Tensions in Court and Streets

In 2013, Macedonia saw ethnic tensions simmer amid a mass murder trial, street riots and a hero’s homecoming for a convicted war criminal freed by the Hague Tribunal.

infographic-state-aid-to-hague-indictees 23 Dec 13 Infographic: State Aid to Hague Indictees

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network has established that five former Yugoslav countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia – spent a total of almost 40 million euro on support for war crimes suspects at the Hague Tribunal.

macedonia-huge-secret-payments-revealed 23 Dec 13 Macedonia: Huge Secret Payments Revealed

The government refused to say how much it spent on supporting Macedonia’s two war crimes defendants, but estimates from officials and insiders add up to almost 9.5 million euro.

how-ex-yugoslav-states-funded-war-crimes-defendants 23 Dec 13 How Ex-Yugoslav States Funded War Crimes Defendants

Former Yugoslav countries have spent almost 40 million euro of public money supporting war crimes suspects on trial at the Hague Tribunal, a BIRN investigation has revealed.

a-road-trip-across-the-frontlines 24 Sep 13 A Road Trip Across the Frontlines

The young people featured in BIRN’s new Balkan road-movie documentary The Majority Starts Here are disturbed by the ethnic hatred of the past but uncertain about their own futures.

macedonia-ethnic-tensions-and-a-war-criminal-s-welcome 05 Aug 13 Macedonia: Ethnic Tensions and a War Criminal’s Welcome

The first half of 2013 in Macedonia saw a mass murder trial, ethnically-charged riots and a hero’s homecoming for a convicted war criminal freed by the Hague Tribunal.

macedonia-s-top-spy-hunter-denies-aiding-government 18 Jul 13 Macedonia’s Top Spy-Hunter Denies Aiding Government

Macedonia’s lustration commission, set up to root out Communist-era informants, is not a political weapon for the government to target the opposition, its president Tome Adziev tells BIRN.

macedonia-refuses-to-face-its-troubled-past 07 May 13 Macedonia Refuses to Face Its Troubled Past

Macedonia has yet to face up to what happened in its 2001 conflict with Albanian rebels, says Biljana Vankovska, an advocate for Balkan reconciliation initiative RECOM.

macedonian-defence-minister-has-criminal-record 07 Mar 13 Macedonian Defence Minister Has Criminal Record

Before his controversial appointment as defence minister, Talat Xhaferi received a suspended jail sentence for obstructing a policeman in his duties, Balkan Insight can reveal.

why-fear-and-insecurity-has-gripped-macedonia-again 07 Mar 13 Why Fear and Insecurity Has Gripped Macedonia Again

A political crisis has led to ethnic tensions and street violence in Macedonia, while leaders who could combat prejudice and nationalism have been fanning the flames instead.

new-macedonian-defence-minister-opens-old-wounds 22 Feb 13 Talat Xhaferi: Macedonia's Controversial Defence Chief

A row has erupted over the appointment of former ethnic Albanian rebel commander turned politician Talat Xhaferi as Macedonia’s new defence minister.

albania-s-berisha-becomes-born-again-nationalist 01 Feb 13 Albania’s Berisha Becomes Born-Again Nationalist

The Albanian prime minister’s efforts to reinvent himself as a model patriot before elections this year might be purely opportunistic but could stoke tensions and alienate key allies.

turbulent-year-for-balkan-s-transitional-justice 27 Dec 12 Turbulent Year for Balkan’s Transitional Justice

With four verdicts passed this year the ICTY brought justice to some ex-Yugoslav states, while some say that already endangered regional cooperation touched new low.

macedonia-s-new-lustration-law-is-a-political-tool 17 Sep 12 Macedonia’s New Lustration Law is a Political Tool

The head of Macedonia's Helsinki Human Rights Committee, Uranija Pirovska, says that the new lustration law violates the recommendations of the Council of Europe and is manifestly intended to silence and intimidate government critics.

macedonia-coalition-must-make-up-or-break-up 31 Aug 12 Macedonia Coalition Must Make Up or Break Up

Whether or not the current crisis between the country’s two ruling parties is real or artificial, the denouement cannot be delayed for much longer.

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