14 Apr 14 Kosovo Asks EU to Set Up New Tribunal

President Atifete Jahjaga said she would ask the EU to set up a special court outside Kosovo to deal with war crimes committed in the 1990s, having secured all-party consent.

11 Apr 14 HRW Backs New Kosovo War Crimes Tribunal

Kosovo’s parliament should approve the establishment of a special court, located abroad, to try alleged war crimes and other grave crimes left over from the Kosovo conflict, Human Rights Watch has urged.

11 Apr 14 New Book Decries Medicus ‘Injustice’

Economist-turned-author says interest has been extraordinary in her new book, which says her husband and son were unfairly prosecuted in the notorious Medicus organ-trafficking case.

04 Apr 14 Kosovo President Backs New War Crimes Tribunal

Kosovo’s president said she was willing to cooperate with a proposed new international tribunal to deal with war crimes and alleged organ-trafficking during the late 1990s conflict.

11 Mar 14 Kosovo Told to Cooperate With Organ Trafficking Probe

The head of an international task-force investigating alleged organ trafficking by Kosovo guerrillas in the 1990s conflict said he was determined to uncover the truth and prosecute suspects.

16 Dec 13 Kosovo Organ Trafficking Suspects Evade Justice

EU prosecutors in Kosovo say they are still unable to track down two key suspects accused of participating in an illegal organ-trading ring that sold human kidneys from a clinic near Pristina.

07 Aug 13 Film Tackles Kosovo Organ-Trafficking Scandal

A new documentary to be shown in Kosovo next week explores the international black-market trade in human organs and the role played in it by a clinic near Pristina.

05 Aug 13 Confusion Erupts Over Kosovo Organ-Trafficking Clinic

EU prosecutors wanted to confiscate the Kosovo clinic which was at the centre of an illegal kidney-trading ring, but a man claiming to be its new owner says he has bought it legally.

30 Apr 13 EU Launches New Kosovo Organ Trafficking Probe

After five men were convicted of involvement in the illegal trading of human organs from a Kosovo clinic, EU prosecutors said they were investigating eight new suspects.

29 Apr 13 Kosovo Convicts Five Over Human Organ Trafficking

A Kosovo court has convicted five men of participating in an illegal organ-trading ring that harvested and sold human kidneys at the Medicus clinic near Pristina.

26 Apr 13 EU to Finish Kosovo Organ Trafficking Probe in 2014

The EU said its investigation into allegations that Kosovo Liberation Army fighters harvested and sold prisoners’ organs during the late 1990s conflict will be completed next year.

24 Apr 13 Clinic in Kosovo Organ Trafficking Case Sold

As the trial of alleged members of an illegal kidney-trading ring in Kosovo nears its end, it emerged that the Medicus clinic at the centre of the charges has been sold.

22 Apr 13 Alleged Kosovo Organ Trafficking Boss Rejects Charges

Lutfi Dervishi, accused of being the leader of an illegal kidney-trading ring at Kosovo’s Medicus clinic, told his trial that he had never been part of a criminal plot.

18 Apr 13 Kosovo Organ Transplants Were 'Well Planned'

Medicus case EULEX prosecutor Jonathan Ratel said the traffickers were “well structured and acted in concert”, recalling that transplants were carried out without an official license.

17 Apr 13 Prosecutor Sums Up Kosovo Organ Trafficking Case

In his final statement, Medicus case EULEX prosecutor Jonathan Ratel displayed evidence of an alleged international organ trafficking network, saying illegal transplants undoubtedly took place in the clinic.




Kosovo's Organ-Harvesting Controversy

Here is a sequence of events leading up to the organ-trafficking charges in Kosovo and the release of the Council of Europe report.


Fatmir Limaj, Kosovo's Road-Builder

Corruption allegations have not dented the popularity of the KLA- fighter-turned-PDK politician who has made it his mission to transform the country’s traffic arteries.


KLA : From Guerilla Wars to Party Plenums

The Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, was an ethnic Albanian guerrilla group that came to the fore in the mid-1990s, demanding the unification of Albanian territories in former Yugoslavia with Albania.


KLA Ran Torture Camps in Albania

The Kosovo Liberation Army maintained a network of prisons in their bases in Albania and Kosovo during and after the conflict of 1999, eyewitnesses allege. Only now are the details of what occurred there emerging.


Hashim Thaci 'From 'Snake' to Prime Minister

Thaci, born in 1968, joined the Albanian independence cause as a student, becoming one of the leaders of the protest movement in the early 1990s. As the Serbian crackdown intensified, he left for Switzerland, studying history and international relations in Zurich.


The Drenica Group

Crime gang allegedly headed by Prime Minister Thaci is said to have run a range of mafia-like enterprises, from cigarette smuggling to trafficking in organs.

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