05 Jan 17 Kosovo Organ-Trafficking Retrial Disappoints EU Mission

The EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo expressed disappointment after the Supreme Court ordered a retrial of three men convicted of involvement in organ-trafficking from the Medicus clinic near Pristina.

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15 Jun 16 EU Cash Brings Kosovo War Crimes Court Closer

The approval of a one-year budget for the specialist chambers brings the Hague-based war-crimes court one step closer to operation.

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17 May 16 New Kosovo War Court Awaits Dutch MPs’ Approval

The new court in The Hague which will try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters is still waiting for the Dutch parliament’s ratification and for the EU to supply its budget.

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25 Mar 16 Convicted Kosovo Organ Trafficker Dodges Jail

Arban Dervishi, who was convicted of organ-trafficking from the Medicus clinic in Pristina, defied the court’s ruling and did not go to prison as ordered on Friday.

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04 Mar 16 Kosovo’s Thaci ‘Not Immune from War Crimes Prosecution’

David Schwendiman, the chief prosecutor of the new Kosovo special war crimes court, said that the election of Hashim Thaci as the country’s president does not give him immunity from prosecution.

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03 Mar 16 Three Kosovo Organ Traffickers’ Jail Sentences Upheld

Pristina’s appeals court confirmed the jailing of three men convicted of organised crime in connection with organ-trafficking at Kosovo’s Medicus clinic in 2008, but two others were acquitted.

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01 Mar 16 Kosovo President Criticised for Signing War Court Deal

Legal experts argued that an agreement signed by President Atifete Jahjaga with the Netherlands to host a new court to try Kosovo Liberation Army members should have been approved by parliament.

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11 Feb 16 Serbia Asks Nigeria to Grill Organ Trade Witness

Serbia's war crimes prosecution has asked Nigeria to quizz a senior doctor who has accused a state governor and Kosovo’s foreign minister Hashim Thaci of trafficking in human organs.

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10 Feb 16 Turkish Organ-Trafficking Suspect Gives Statement in Pristina

Kenan Demirkol, a Turkish doctor accused of organ-harvesting by the Kosovo authorities, has given a statement in Pristina in exchange of the suspension of an Interpol warrant for his arrest.

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15 Jan 16 The Hague to Host New Kosovo War Court

The long-anticipated special court to try senior Kosovo Liberation Army fighters for war crimes and post-war offences will be set up in The Hague this year, it has been announced.

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05 Nov 15 Kosovo Organ Traffickers Appeal Against Convictions

Five men who were found guilty of participating in an illegal kidney-trading ring at a Pristina clinic told an appeals court judge that they are innocent and their trial was flawed.

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08 Oct 15 Ex-KLA Fighter Detained Over Crimes in Albania

Kosovo court ordered a month's detention for former Kosovo Liberation Army leader Xhemshit Krasniqi, suspected of carrying out war crimes in Albania.

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04 Sep 15 Kosovo Organ-Trafficking: How the Claims were Exposed

A memo written in 1999 by journalist Michael Montgomery, who investigated alleged organ-trafficking by Kosovo guerrillas after the war, ultimately led to the establishment of a new war crimes court.

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29 May 15 Kosovo Postpones Vote on Wartime Crime Court

The Kosovo parliament postponed a vote on amendments to the constitution whose aim was to enable the formation of a special court on the wartime crimes of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

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05 May 15 Kosovo Serbs Say President’s Plan is ‘Last Hope’

Kosovo Serbs hope that President Tomislav Nikolic’s new ‘Kosovo platform’ will finally address the longstanding issue of Serbs who were abducted or went missing during and after the war.

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