an-end-to-suspicions-about-kosovo-s-just-war 13 Aug 14 An End to Suspicions About Kosovo’s ‘Just War’?

Human rights campaigners hope that a new special court to prosecute suspected post-war crimes against humanity by Kosovo Liberation Army fighters will finally deal with allegations about abductions and organ trafficking.

the-criminal-consequences-of-kosovo-s-post-war-disorder 06 Aug 14 The Criminal Consequences of Kosovo’s Post-War Disorder

An EU prosecutor’s accusations of ethnic cleansing by Kosovo Liberation Army commanders after the war in 1999 offers uncomfortable truths for the West as well as Kosovo itself.

new-war-crimes-tribunal-poses-dilemma-for-kosovo 09 Apr 14 New War Crimes Tribunal Poses Dilemma for Kosovo

While many in Kosovo resent the idea of yet another tribunal charged with probing war crimes committed in the late 1990s, pressure to agree to the court is proving irresistible.

war-crimes-and-eulex-s-broken-kettle 21 Mar 14 War Crimes and Eulex’s Broken Kettle

Kosovo already has an EU rule of law Mission, EULEX; the idea to establish another international criminal tribunal for Kosovo to deal with war crimes is both superfluous and absurd.

kosovë-ndjekja-e-ish-luftëtarëve-shpërthen-në-protesta 26 Dec 13 Kosovo: Prosecutions of Ex-Guerrillas Spark Protests

Pristina in 2013 saw demonstrations after EU prosecutors arrested ex-Kosovo Liberation Army fighters for war crimes, while members of an organ-trafficking ring were sent to jail.

a-global-trade-in-hope-and-desperation 04 Sep 13 A Global Trade in Hope and Desperation

The director of a new film that explores international organ-trafficking says that prosecutions like the recent kidney-trading trial in Kosovo will not stop the black market in body parts.

prosecutors-renew-hunt-for-kosovo-organ-traffickers 07 May 13 Prosecutors Renew Hunt for Kosovo Organ Traffickers

As the EU rule of law mission in Kosovo stages a new organ-trafficking investigation, prosecutor Jonathan Ratel discusses the recent Medicus clinic convictions and the suspects who remain at large.

tv-organ-testimony-harms-investigation 05 Oct 12 TV Organ Testimony Harms Investigation

Officials and experts warn Serbia’s war crimes prosecutors’ political agenda may endanger investigations and undermine the credibility of the office.

medicus-clinic-was-part-of-wider-crime-syndicate 14 Sep 12 Medicus Clinic Was ‘Part of Wider Crime Syndicate’

The clinic at the centre of organ-trafficking claims in Kosovo was just part of a wider international racket dealing in transplanted organs, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, director of Organs Watch, says.

witness-safety-dispute-threatens-organ-trafficking-probe 24 Jan 11 Witness Safety Dispute Threatens Organ Trafficking Probe

A major investigation into allegations that senior Kosovo political figures ran a violent criminal network could  be hindered by witness safety and other security concerns, Balkan Insight can reveal.

albania-fights-organ-trafficking-accusations 24 Jan 11 Albania Fights Organ Trafficking Accusations

Tirana wants substantial amendments to a Council of Europe resolution, seen by Balkan Insight, that weaken allegations of organ trafficking in Kosovo.

serbia-awaits-council-vote-on-marty-report 24 Jan 11 Serbia Awaits Council Vote on Marty Report

The pressure is on for an independent investigation into Kosovo organ trafficking claims. But who would carry it out and how they would protect witnesses are already thorny issues.

marty-document-is-not-a-report-against-kosovo 24 Jan 11 Marty: Document is “Not a Report Against Kosovo”

Council of Europe Rapporteur, Dick Marty, tells Michael Montgomery that the emphasis placed on organ trafficking is obscuring the fact that “hundreds of people disappeared and were killed”. His report is not anti- Kosovo but merely a search for the truth, Marty says.

albania-we-back-probe-into-biased-marty-report 22 Jan 11 Albania: We Back Probe Into ‘Biased’ Marty Report

Ex-foreign minister and member of Albania’s delegation in the Council of Europe, Kastriot Islami says Albania will back a probe into organ trafficking claims, though it considers them baseless and the Dick Marty report as biased. 

talat-xhaferi-marty-report-vilifies-all-albanians 21 Jan 11 Talat Xhaferi: Marty Report Vilifies All Albanians

Key member of Macedonia’s governing ethnic Albanian Democratic Union for Integration says Marty report besmirches all Albanians but this should not stop a competent investigation.

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