21 Sep 17 Kosovo Clinic ‘Removed Patients’ Kidneys Unnecessarily’

A forensics expert told the retrial of three men originally convicted of involvement in organ-trafficking from the Medicus clinic in Kosovo that two patients had their kidneys removed for no medical reason.

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20 Sep 17 Pristina Albanians Quizzed over Serb Minister ‘Torture’ Claims

The Special Prosecution asked police to interview people in Pristina who made allegations that Kosovo’s new Serb agriculture minister Nenad Rikalo tortured Albanians during the war - a claim he denies.

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19 Sep 17 Suspected Kosovo War Victim Exhumed in Albania

The Pristina authorities exhumed the body of an unidentified person in an Albanian village near the border with Kosovo, believed to have been buried there during the war 1999.

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18 Sep 17 Kosovo Slates Serbian Film Attacking its UNESCO Bid

The Kosovo prime minister's office has condemned a Serbian documentary film that attacks Pristina's bid to join the UN cutural body UNESCO as offensive.

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12 Sep 17 Serbia Still Seeking Arrest of Kosovo PM Haradinaj

Although Ramush Haradinaj has become Kosovo’s prime minister, the warrant that Serbia issued for his arrest on war crimes charges will remain in force, which may cause him travel problems.

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08 Sep 17 Prospect of Haradinaj Running Kosovo Divides Serbia

The decision of the main Serb party in Kosovo to support the election of a new speaker - which will probably lead to former guerrilla leader Ramush Haradinaj becoming Kosovo's new prime minister - has shocked some in Serbia.

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07 Sep 17 UN ‘Must Compensate All Kosovo Lead Poison Victims’

The UN’s failure to compensate victims of lead poisoning at UN-run camps for people displaced by the Kosovo war left families struggling to care for sick relatives, says a Human Rights Watch report.

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04 Sep 17 Kosovo ‘Drenica Group’ Guerrillas’ Convictions Confirmed

Pristina’s Supreme Court upheld the verdict convicting ten ex-members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, including former security chief and ambassador Sylejman Selimi, of crimes against civilians during the 1998-99 conflict.

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30 Aug 17 ‘Day of the Disappeared’ Commemorated Across Balkans

Events to mark the International Day of the Disappeared in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo and Serbia sought to raise awareness that 12,000 people are still missing from the 1990s wars.

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30 Aug 17 Kosovo Remands Serb in Custody over War Crimes

A Kosovo court remanded 74-year-old Bogdan Mitrovic in custody for 30 days after he was charged with committing war crimes against civilians during the conflict in 1999.

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28 Aug 17 Kosovo Arrests Serb on War Crimes Charges

A Serb was detained in a village near the Kosovo town of Suhareka/Suva Reka on war crimes charges, sparking allegations of persecution from officials in Belgrade.

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22 Aug 17 US Denies Holbrooke Promised No Recognition of Kosovo

The US State Department has dismissed Serbian claims that the late US diplomat Richard Holbrooke wrote to Milosevic, pledging that Washington would not recognise Kosovo's independence.

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21 Aug 17 Serbian Union Wants Journalists Killed in Kosovo Investigated

Marking the 19th anniversary of the disappearance of two Serbian radio journalists in Kosovo, a journalists’ association has demanded a fresh investigation into their deaths - and those of other journalists abducted and killed in Kosovo.

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15 Aug 17 Kosovo Ex-Guerrilla’s Torture Sentence Reduced

Kosovo Liberation Army ex-fighter Xhemshit Krasniqi, who was convicted of abuse and torture at detention camps in Kosovo and Albania, had his prison sentence reduced on appeal to seven years.

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14 Aug 17 Belgrade to Name Street After Kosovo War Dead

A new boulevard in Belgrade will be named in honour of Yugoslav Army soldiers killed in a Kosovo Liberation Army ambush in 1998, which Serbia considers a war crime.

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