22 May 15 Kosovo Marks Anniversary of Dubrava Prison Massacre

Families of up to 130 prison inmates killed by Serb forces during the Kosovo war commemorated the 16th anniversary of their deaths and called for the perpetrators to finally be prosecuted.

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21 May 15 Kosovo Families Seek Slain Gunmen’s Bodies in Macedonia

The families of Kosovo Albanian gunmen killed in recent clashes with security forces in Kumanovo have left for Macedonia with the goal of identifying and bringing home the bodies.

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20 May 15 Kosovo Serb Politician ‘Gave Orders During Unrest’

A witness at the trial of the Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic said she saw him in uniform with a weapon and a radio transceiver during deadly unrest in Mitrovica in 2000.

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20 May 15 Kosovo Appalled by Serbia’s Rehabilitation of Chetnik Chief

Belgrade’s recent rehabilitation of WWII Chetnik leader Dragoljub ‘Draza’ Mihailovic is being seen in Kosovo as the return of support for hardline nationalist ideas in Serbia.

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14 May 15 Former Kosovo Serb Minister Charged with Hate Speech

A former Kosovo Serb minister has been charged with inciting 'national, racial and religious intolerance' - three months after a wave of protests led to his sacking.

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12 May 15 Kosovo ‘Drenica Group’ Fighters Urge Not Guilty Verdict

Lawyers for the ‘Drenica Group’ guerrillas, charged with the assault and murder of prisoners during the 1998-99 war, said they should be acquitted because witnesses’ testimony was contradictory.

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11 May 15 Kosovo Serb Politician Ivanovic ‘Led Armed Mob’

A witness at the trial of Kosovo Serb party leader Oliver Ivanovic alleged he saw the defendant leading a group of armed men during deadly unrest in the town of Mitrovica in 2000.

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11 May 15 Calm Returns to Devastated Macedonian Town

Normality was returning to the northern town of Kumanovo on Monday after gun battles between police and a shadowy armed formation claimed eight police lives and turned it into a war zone.

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08 May 15 Serbian Minister Slammed for Calling Kosovo War ‘Terrorism’

Serbia’s social affairs minister Aleksandar Vulin was criticised by analysts in Belgrade and Pristina after he compared the war in Kosovo to Islamist militant attacks in western Europe.

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08 May 15 BIRN’s Kosovo War Crimes Film Screened in Pristina

BIRN's new documentary, which investigates the Serbian commanders responsible for some of the worst attacks of the Kosovo war, was screened for the first time in Pristina.

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06 May 15 Kosovo Failing to Preserve War Victims’ Clothing

Thousands of items of clothing worn by war victims when they died remain at the forensics department in Pristina although families were told that the national museum would preserve them.

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05 May 15 Serbia Acquits KLA Fighter of War Crimes

Former Kosovo Liberation Army guerrilla Mark Kasnjeti was cleared of war crimes against civilians in June 1999 in the town of Prizren after doubts were raised about an allegedly incriminating photograph.

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05 May 15 Kosovo Serbs Say President’s Plan is ‘Last Hope’

Kosovo Serbs hope that President Tomislav Nikolic’s new ‘Kosovo platform’ will finally address the longstanding issue of Serbs who were abducted or went missing during and after the war.

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01 May 15 EU Kosovo Prosecutor Criticises Graft Allegations Probe

Former prosecutor Maria Bamieh said Brussels’ report on the handling of her allegations of corruption within the EU’s Kosovo rule-of-law mission did not prove there was no cover-up.

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29 Apr 15 Witnesses ‘Not Credible’ in Kosovo Guerrilla Trial

Lawyers for members of the Kosovo Liberation Army’s ‘Drenica Group’ cell accused of assaulting prisoners during the war said prosecution witnesses gave unconvincing and contradictory testimony.

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