30 Jun 16 Kosovo War Rape Verifications Hit by Delays

The Kosovo authorities have promised to set up a commission to verify the claims of rape victims from the 1998-99 war soon, but human rights campaigners accused them of acting too slowly.

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30 Jun 16 Trials Resume as EULEX Restarts Work in Kosovo

The EU's rule-of-law mission in Kosovo, EULEX, has become officially operative again after the law extending its mandate was published in Kosovo's official gazette - allowing high-profile trials to resume.

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28 Jun 16 Serbs Celebrate Vidovdan and the Battle of Kosovo Amid Tight Security

Serb pilgrims, clergymen and politicians peacefully marked significant religious and historic events in Kosovo under heightened security measures.

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24 Jun 16 Kosovo Probes Dubious KLA Veterans' List

Amid growing public pressure, the Kosovo State Prosecution has initiated a probe into the list of Kosovo Liberation Army veterans, which many see as suspiciously large.

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17 Jun 16 Kosovo Assembly Extends EULEX Mandate

The Kosovo parliament approved two bills that reinstated EULEX's mandate in the country.

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16 Jun 16 Mogherini Approves New EULEX Mandate in Kosovo

Kosovo's assembly is expected to vote to extend EULEX's mandate after EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini backed a renewal of the mission with fewer competences.

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15 Jun 16 EU Cash Brings Kosovo War Crimes Court Closer

The approval of a one-year budget for the specialist chambers brings the Hague-based war-crimes court one step closer to operation.

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10 Jun 16 Kosovo Govt Seeks to Extend EULEX Mandate

Just five days before the EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo’s mandate expires, the government approved draft legislation intended to allow it to continue operating.

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03 Jun 16 BIRN’s Kosovo War Film Screened in Pristina

BIRN’s award-winning documentary The Unidentified, investigating the commanders responsible for some of the most brutal attacks of the Kosovo war, was shown in Pristina for a second time.

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26 May 16 Kosovo Albanians Protest Against Court Ruling on Decani

Several hundred locals in the west of Kosovo protested against a court ruling that confirmed the rights of the Serbian Orthodox monastery at Decani to 24 hectares of disputed land.

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26 May 16 Kosovo Families Accuse Serbian Army Chief of Massacre

Families of victims from the village of Rezala accuse Serbian army chief Ljubisa Dikovic of killing 41 villagers during the war of the 1990s – and demand that Kosovo’s judicial organs investigate.

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20 May 16 Serbian Officers’ Testimonies Clash at Kosovo Massacre Trial

At the trial of two Serbian Army officers charged with killing 27 people in the Kosovo village of Trnje in 1999, two lieutenants offered clashing accounts of the military operation.

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17 May 16 Fatmir Limaj Demands Compensation After Kosovo Acquittal

Kosovo Liberation Army commander turned politician Fatmir Limaj said he will demand compensation after a court upheld his war crimes acquittal, clearing him of abusing Albanian and Serb prisoners.

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17 May 16 New Kosovo War Court Awaits Dutch MPs’ Approval

The new court in The Hague which will try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters is still waiting for the Dutch parliament’s ratification and for the EU to supply its budget.

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16 May 16 Kosovo Court Upholds Fatmir Limaj War Crimes Acquittal

Pristina’s appeals court upheld the acquittal of Kosovo Liberation Army commander turned politician Fatmir Limaj and nine other ex-guerrillas, clearing them of abusing Albanian and Serb prisoners during wartime.

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