28 Mar 17 Kosovo Special War Crimes Court Adopts Rulebook

The Hague-based Kosovo Specialist Chambers, set up to try former Kosovo Liberation Army members for wartime and post-war crimes, could now be judicially operational in May.

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27 Mar 17 Kosovo Village Commemorates 241 Killed in 1999

Residents of Krusha e Madhe/Velika Krusa commemorated the deaths of 241 people killed in March 1999 by Serbian forces and called for Belgrade to be pressurised to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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25 Mar 17 Kosovo Witnesses Recall Expulsions by Serbian Forces

Two survivors of a massacre by Serbian forces in the Kosovo village of Cuska in May 1999 told a Belgrade court how they were forcibly evicted from their homes.

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24 Mar 17 Kosovo Serb Leader Asserts Innocence as Retrial Begins

The retrial of Kosovo Serb political party leader Oliver Ivanovic began with the defendant again insisting he is not guilty of ordering the killings of nine ethnic Albanians in 1999.

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24 Mar 17 Serbia Mourns 1999 Bombing Victims; Kosovo Thanks NATO

Serbia marked the 18th anniversary of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia with a ceremony in Grdelica, where a passenger train was hit - but Kosovo officials gave thanks for the Western military intervention.

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17 Mar 17 Serbs Commemorate Anniversary of Deadly Kosovo Unrest

Serbian officials and Kosovo Serbs commemorated the anniversary of ethnic unrest in Kosovo in March 2004, when 19 people died and several thousand fled their homes.

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15 Mar 17 Serbia Accused of Hiding Information on Kosovo Graves

The Kosovo government’s missing persons commission urged Serbia to disclose information about the locations of mass graves, claiming that its army is keeping important documents secret.

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14 Mar 17 Rise of Yugo-Nostalgia ‘Reflects Contemporary Problems’

The nostalgia for socialist Yugoslavia in some Balkan countries indicates dissatisfaction with present-day conditions, a historian who led research on the issue told BIRN.

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10 Mar 17 Kosovo Official Charged With Anti-Serb Hate Speech

Prosecutors filed charges against a municipal officer in Decan/Decani who is accused of using hate speech during a meeting with war-displaced Serbs and Montenegrins from the municipality.

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10 Mar 17 Balkan Leaders ‘Backsliding on Post-War Justice’

The process of ensuring justice for the crimes committed during the Yugoslav wars has stalled because of a lack of political will, campaigners for a regional truth commission warned.

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09 Mar 17 Kosovo’s Symbolic Mitrovica Bridge Opening Delayed

Political tensions in north Kosovo have helped to delay until May the reopening of the renovated bridge that links the Albanian and Serb sides of the divided town of Mitrovica.

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04 Mar 17 Kosovo Protesters Urge France to Free Ex-PM Haradinaj

Thousands of people rallied in Pristina in support of former Kosovo Liberation Army commander and ex-prime minister Ramush Haradinaj, who was arrested in France on a Serbian war crimes warrant.

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02 Mar 17 France Delays Extradition Ruling on Kosovo’s Haradinaj Again

A French court decided for a second time to postpone its ruling on whether to send former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj to Serbia to face trial on war crimes charges.

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01 Mar 17 Kosovo ‘Trapped by the Past’: Thaci

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci said his proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission could help to stop ethnic hatred, although some experts have questioned his motives for establishing the body.

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23 Feb 17 Kosovo Mulls Renewed Bid to Join UNESCO

Following its failure to get enough votes from members of the UN cultural body in order to join in 2015, the Kosovo government is making preparations for a possible second bid this year.

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