01 Oct 15 Nikolic Attacks Kosovo's UNESCO Bid at UN

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic is using his trip to the United Nations to campaign against Kosovo's bid to join the UN's cultural wing, UNESCO.

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30 Sep 15 Kosovo, Serbia Clinch New Deal on Diplomas

Kosovo and Serbia agreed on Tuesday on the mutual recognition of university diplomas, which Kosovo hopes will improve the job prospects of ethnic Albanians in Serbia.

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30 Sep 15 Kosovo Massacre Survivor Fights To Regain Home

Shyhrete Berisha is continuing her long legal battle to win back the family home that her late husband's relatives took from her after her family were slaughtered.

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25 Sep 15 Kosovo-Serbia Schoolbooks Deal Breaks Down

Pristina’s education ministry said that no Serbian textbooks could be distributed in Kosovo, accusing Belgrade of breaching an agreement to exchange books for use in each other’s minority ethnic communities’ schools.

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24 Sep 15 Kosovo FM: ‘Nothing to Hide’ from New War Court

Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci said Pristina has nothing to hide from a new war crimes court which will try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters, but refused to speculate about possible indictees.

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23 Sep 15 Kosovo Ex-Fighters Reject Govt Pension Offer

Former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters said that the government’s pension offer was too low and insisted that they deserved more for serving during the war against Serbian forces.

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23 Sep 15 Jailed Kosovo Guerrilla in Alleged Escape Attempt

Former Kosovo Liberation Army commander Sami Lushtaku, convicted of war crimes, was sent to a high-security prison after he allegedly tried to escape, according to media reports.

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22 Sep 15 Kosovo Serb Leader Condemns ‘Unjust’ Detention

Kosovo Serb party leader Oliver Ivanovic, who is on trial for war crimes, appealed for support from all Serbs as he was released into house arrest after 20 months in custody.

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21 Sep 15 Kosovo Opposition Challenge to New War Court Fails

The constitutional court in Pristina rejected a request from three opposition parties to review the establishment of a new special court to try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters for war crimes.

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18 Sep 15 Serbian Troops Plead Innocent to Kosovo Village Killings

Twelve former Yugoslav Army troops who are being retried for allegedly killing more than 118 Kosovo Albanians near the town of Pec/Peja in 1999 have pleaded not guilty.

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15 Sep 15 ‘No Trust’ in Kosovo Witness Protection Scheme

Kosovo’s witness protection programme currently has no witnesses under its protection because they don’t trust the country’s justice system, a new analysis by a Pristina-based NGO said.

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15 Sep 15 Serbia Faces New Pressure Over US Albanians’ Murders

Serbia’s premier is likely to come under renewed pressure during his US visit this week to resolve the murders of the Bytyqi brothers, three Albanian-Americans killed in Serbia in 1999.

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14 Sep 15 Kosovo Faces Major Obstacles to Joining UNESCO

After UNESCO decided to look at Kosovo’s membership application - a move that infuriated Serbian officials - experts said that obstacles remain on Pristina’s path to joining the UN’s cultural body.

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11 Sep 15 Kosovo-Netherlands Talks on War Court Delayed

The Pristina government has not yet started negotiations with the Netherlands, which is expected to host a new Kosovo war crimes court, after the opposition lodged constitutional objections.

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10 Sep 15 Kosovo, Serbia Agree to Exchange School Books

Pristina will supply school textbooks to Albanian communities in Serbia while Belgrade will do the same for Serbs in Kosovo, they agreed for the first time since the war in 1999.

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