15 Nov 17 Serb Policeman Accused of Beating Kosovo Prisoners

At the trial of Zoran Vukotic, a Serb ex-policeman charged with war crimes in 1999, two Kosovo Albanian witnesses testified about the defendant’s alleged brutality against civilian prisoners.

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14 Nov 17 Kosovo Witnesses Testify About Beatings, Murders by Serb Forces

Kosovo Albanian witnesses at the trial of Zoran Vukotic, a former Serb policeman charged with war crimes in 1999, testified that they were beaten by him and saw him committing murder.

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13 Nov 17 Kosovo Court Upholds Serbian Church’s Right to Land

The Kosovo Appeals Court granted the Serbian Orthodox Church land ownership rights to a church that has been a source of dispute since the 1990s, rejecting an appeal from the University of Pristina.

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10 Nov 17 Kosovo Aids Families of Macedonia Shootout Convicts

The Kosovo government will give 219,000 euro in aid to family members of ethnic Albanians convicted of terrorism or killed during the two-day Kumanovo gunbattle with police in Macedonia in 2015.

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01 Nov 17 No War Crimes Evidence Against Kosovo Serb Minister

The Kosovo Special Prosecution announced that there is no evidence to support allegations that Serb minister Nenad Rikalo tortured ethnic Albanians during the war.

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01 Nov 17 BIRN Publishes Kosovo War Crimes Court E-Book

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network has published an e-book about the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, aiming to increase understanding about the newly-established court that will try ex-guerrillas for crimes during and after the war.

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27 Oct 17 Kosovo Urged to Teach Pupils about War Crimes

The Humanitarian Law Centre Kosovo said that school textbooks should include a chapter on transitional justice, teaching pupils about war crimes trials and how to deal with the past.

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26 Oct 17 Survivor Recalls Serbian Forces Torching Kosovo Village

A Kosovo Albanian witness of a massacre in the village of Cuska in May 1999 told a Serbian court that he saw houses being burned and found the bodies of murdered civilians.

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25 Oct 17 Nurse Retracts Testimony in Kosovo Organ-Trafficking Trial

At the retrial of three Kosovo men accused of trafficking in human organs, a nurse who worked at the Medicus clinic near Pristina denied a statement she signed ten years ago about the removal of patients’ kidneys.

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25 Oct 17 Kosovo Acts to Preserve War Victims’ Possessions

War victims’ clothes and other personal possessions, stored at the Institute of Forensic Medicine since 2003, are being transferred to a better location after calls to ensure that they are preserved.

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18 Oct 17 Freed Serbian War Criminal to Teach at Military Academy

Serbia’s defence minister said that former Yugoslav Army officer Vladimir Lazarevic, who served a sentence for war crimes in Kosovo and will now teach cadets at the Military Academy, should be a ‘role model’.

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16 Oct 17 Russian Minister Says Hague Tribunal ‘Should Be Closed’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the UN war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia should have been shut down long ago because it is biased against Serbs.

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13 Oct 17 Kosovo Honours US Pilot for 1999 NATO Bombing

Kosovo honoured the US Air Force’s chief of staff David Goldfein, who was shot down as a pilot during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, with the country’s ‘Order of Freedom’.

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12 Oct 17 Kosovo Exhumes Body from Suspected War Grave

The body of a suspected Kosovo war victim was exhumed in the village of Suhodoll/Suvi Do near the northern town of Mitrovica after the remains of other bodies were discovered the previous day.

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22 Sep 17 Ex-Yugoslav Leaders Urged to Back Truth Commission

The presidents of all ex-Yugoslav countries have been urged to sign an agreement to set up the RECOM regional commission to establish the facts about war crimes and other rights violations between 1991 and 2001.

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