19 Dec 14 Kosovo ‘Drenica Group’ Guerrillas Released on Bail

Six defendants in the high-profile ‘Drenica Group’ trial of former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters, accused of war crimes for abusing civilian prisoners, have been released on bail.

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18 Dec 14 Ivanovic Pleads Not Guilty to War Crimes

Oliver Ivanovic and four other defendants pleaded not guilty to war crimes in a trial that has opened in Mitrovica, northern Kosovo.

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18 Dec 14 Kosovo President Urges Action on Special Court

In her annual speech to parliament, President Atifete Jahjaga said Kosovo should establish a Special Court on war crimes as soon as possible, to prove that the country upholds the principle of justice.

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16 Dec 14 EU Urged to Widen Kosovo Mission Graft Probe

An independent expert appointed to investigate allegations of corruption inside the EU’s rule-of-law mission in Kosovo only has a ‘limited’ role, warned Human Rights Watch.

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15 Dec 14 Kosovo Officials Vow Serb ‘Peace Park’ Removal

Kosovo Albanian officials have again promised to get rid of a ‘peace park’ created by Serbs to replace a barricade on the bridge that divides the town of Mitrovica.

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12 Dec 14 EU Kosovo Mission Graft Claim Report ‘Missing’

A vital internal report by an EU prosecutor about suspicions of corruption inside the EULEX rule-of-law mission in Kosovo has disappeared, said the European Ombudsman.

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11 Dec 14 EU Names New Kosovo Tribunal Chief Prosecutor

US lawyer David Schwendiman will be the chief prosecutor of the new special war crimes court that is expected to prosecute senior Kosovo Liberation Army figures, BIRN has learned.

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11 Dec 14 Kosovo Political Crisis Delays UN War Rape Appeal

The delivery of a petition urging the United Nations to produce a report on wartime rape in Kosovo, signed by over 115,000 people, has been delayed by the country’s recent political crisis.

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05 Dec 14 Kosovo PM ‘Ready for New War Crimes Court’

Prime Minister Hashim Thaci told the UN Security Council that Pristina was now ready to set up a new special court to deal with serious allegations against top Kosovo Liberation Army officials.

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04 Dec 14 Kosovo Ex-Guerrillas Stage New University Protest

Some 300 Kosovo war veterans tried to storm the Pristina University rector’s office, demanding the restoration of privileges allowing their children to be enrolled without taking examinations.

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02 Dec 14 Kosovo Ex-Mayor Quizzed Over Policeman’s Killing

The Serb former mayor of the Zubin Potok municipality, Slavisa Ristic, was questioned by EU rule-of-law mission prosecutors over the murder of a Kosovo police officer in 2011.

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27 Nov 14 Kosovo Veterans Demand University Privileges for Children

Kosovo war veterans staged a protest calling for the restoration of privileges allowing their children to go to the University of Pristina without having to pass examinations.

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25 Nov 14 Kosovo Guerrillas Accused of Beating Prisoner

A witness told the trial of the Kosovo Liberation Army’s ‘Drenica Group’ cell, accused of assaulting prisoners during the 1998-99 war, that her husband was seriously beaten at a KLA jail.

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24 Nov 14 Kosovo Ex-Guerrillas Promised Pensions in 2015

The authorities in Pristina said that ex-guerrillas verified as having fought for the Kosovo Liberation Army against Serbian forces will get veterans’ pensions from January.

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19 Nov 14 Ombudsman Checks EULEX's Corruption Probe

The European Ombudsman is investigating whether EULEX has taken all the measures it should to probe the corruption allegations made against mission.

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Hashim Thaci 'From 'Snake' to Prime Minister

Thaci, born in 1968, joined the Albanian independence cause as a student, becoming one of the leaders of the protest movement in the early 1990s. As the Serbian crackdown intensified, he left for Switzerland, studying history and international relations in Zurich.

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