25 Sep 16 Bosnian Serbs Vote in Disputed Referendum

Despite growing concerns over the controversial vote on Republika Srpska’s public holiday, polling stations opened in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity regardless.

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20 Sep 16 Kosovo Students Protest Against Serbian Church

Kosovo students have been protesting against a Serbian Orthodox Church that stands on the Pristina University campus, claiming that it is a symbol of Slobodan Milosevic’s repressive regime.

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20 Sep 16 Russia Lends Full Backing to Bosnian Serb Referendum

The Bosnian Serbs' historic allies, Serbia and Russia, appear increasingly divided over the controversial referendum set to take place on Sunday, with Moscow openly backing the vote.

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17 Sep 16 Bosnian Court Approves Ban on Serb Referendum

The state-level Constitutional Court ruled in favour of a request from Bosniak politicians and temporarily banned an ethnically-divisive referendum planned by Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska.

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16 Sep 16 Pristina Students Demand Orthodox Church Demolition

A group of students at Pristina University has demanded that a Serbian Orthodox church that stands on the university campus should be demolished or turned into student facilities.

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16 Sep 16 Bosnian Court Faces Crucial Decision on Serb Referendum

After international diplomacy failed to halt an ethnically-divisive referendum planned by Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska, its opponents hope that the country’s Constitutional Court can find a last-minute solution.

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09 Sep 16 Bosnian Serbs Give Ultimatum to Constitutional Court

Milorad Dodik, the president of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska, said he will only cancel a controversial referendum if the state Constitutional Court gives in to his demands.

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06 Sep 16 Serbia Jails ‘Croatian Spy’ for Three Years

Cedo Colovic, a former wartime fighter who reportedly has both Croatian and Serbian citizenship, admitted being involved in espionage and was sentenced to three years in prison.

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06 Sep 16 Serbian ‘Spy’ Suspect Arrest Leaves Family Mystified

The sister of Cedo Colovic, a former wartime fighter who has Croatian and Serbian citizenship and was arrested in Serbia for alleged espionage, said his family has been told nothing about his case.

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05 Sep 16 Bosnian Serbs Continue Preparing Disputed Referendum

Despite international criticism and a lack of support from Serbia, the leadership of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska is continuing preparations to hold a controversial referendum, officials said.

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01 Sep 16 Serbia Declines to Intervene in Bosnian Serb Referendum

Serbian leaders said they will not try to convince Bosnian Serb officials to cancel a controversial referendum which has been condemned by the international community as a threat to state institutions.

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01 Sep 16 Serbian, Bosnian Serb Leaders Discuss Disputed Referendum

Serbian leaders are meeting their Bosnian Serb counterparts to discuss a controversial referendum whose opponents have warned could undermine the legal foundations of the state.

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31 Aug 16 Serbia Leaders to Discuss Referendum With Bosnian Serbs

Serbia's president and prime minister are to meet Bosnian Serb leaders to discuss the controversial referendum - due in September - as international opposition to it mounts.

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29 Aug 16 Serbia PM Srebrenica Attack ‘Still Under Investigation’

Contrary to Serbian allegations, an investigation into men who allegedly attacked Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic at the Srebrenica commemoration in 2015 is still ongoing, the local mayor said.

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24 Aug 16 Croatia Threatens to Arrest Vojislav Seselj

Croatia’s prime minister warned that nationalist leader Vojislav Seselj, who says he has been given a Serbian diplomatic passport and plans to visit Zagreb, will be arrested if he enters the country.

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