05 Feb 16 Euro MPs Criticise Serbia’s Welcome for War Criminal

A European Parliament resolution criticised Serbia for staging an official welcomes for a released war criminals and urged Belgrade to do more to find missing persons from the 1990s conflicts.

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05 Feb 16 Croatia Parliament Backs Controversial WWII Commemoration

The parliamentary presidency voted to reintroduce sponsorship of an event in Bleiburg in Austria commemorating the deaths of tens of thousands of Nazi-allied Croatian troops and civilians.

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04 Feb 16 Constitutional Court Ruling Adds to Bosnia's Turmoil

Bosnia's state parliament has told the Constitutional Commission - which has rejected a Bosnian Serb proposal to reform the Constitutional Court - to re-examine the proposal.

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02 Feb 16 Kosovo Reviews War Veterans List After Protest

After a protest in Pristina, Kosovo’s ministry of labour and social welfare said it was checking 3,400 appeals from people whose applications to be registered as wartime KLA guerrillas were rejected.

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01 Feb 16 Bosnian Serb Referendum ‘Can’t Destroy State Judiciary’

Legal experts said a referendum in Bosnia’s Serb-led entity Republika Srpska questioning the authority of the state court and prosecution would not weaken the state judiciary but would destabilise the country.

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29 Jan 16 Croatian Newspaper Loses Spy Claim Libel Case

Croatian newspaper Nacional must pay 9,100 euro compensation to vice prime minister Tomislav Karamarko for publishing claims that he was an informer for the Yugoslav intelligence service.

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28 Jan 16 Croatian Activists Target ‘Reactionary’ Culture Minister

Newly nominated Croatian culture minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic has come under fire for his right-wing politics, his criticism of anti-fascists and his alleged lack of experience in the cultural sector.

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27 Jan 16 Balkan States ‘Face Persistent Human Rights Problems’

Inadequate war crimes prosecutions, discrimination against minorities and poor protection of refugees were persistent problems in the Balkans in 2015, said a report by Human Rights Watch.

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26 Jan 16 Croatian ‘Traitors’ Defy New War Veterans Minister

Thousands of Croatians have put their names on an online register of ‘national traitors’, mocking new war veterans minister Mijo Crnoja, who said he was planning to catalogue enemies of the state.

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21 Jan 16 TV Host’s ‘Chetnik’ Rant Angers Croatia’s Serbs

TV host Marko Juric is in hot water for telling people in Zagreb they should beware of the 'Chetniks' lurking in the city-centre Serbian Orthodox church.

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20 Jan 16 German Intelligence Service ‘Paid Croatian Dissident Well’

A former German spy told the murder trial of Yugoslav security chiefs Zdravko Mustac and Josip Perkovic that a Croatian dissident who was killed was being well-paid by German intelligence.

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20 Jan 16 NATO Helps Montenegro Dispose of Yugoslav Weapons

Montenegro is getting technical and financial assistance from NATO to deal with huge amounts of obsolete weapons and ammunition left in the country after the break-up of Yugoslavia.

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19 Jan 16 Jailed Kosovo Commander Goes on Hunger Strike

Former Kosovo Liberation Army commander Sami Lushtaku, who is in jail for war crimes, went on hunger strike after a judge ordered him to return to prison from hospital.

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18 Jan 16 Bosnian Court ‘Under Pressure’ After Politician’s Arrest

Legal experts and victims’ groups claimed that political elites were trying to control the state judiciary after a leading political party expressed anger about the arrest of one of its senior figures.

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11 Jan 16 Belgrade-Zagreb Weapons Row Sparks Media Offensive

As Serbia and Croatia trade accusations over new weapons purchases, experts warned that provocative media coverage of the row was reviving aggressive rhetoric that could damage relations.

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