17 Apr 15 US Warns Kosovo: Approve New War Court Quickly

The US ambassador to Pristina said Washington wouldn’t continue blocking Russia’s attempts to set up a Kosovo war crimes tribunal if Kosovo’s parliament doesn’t approve a new EU-backed court soon.

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16 Apr 15 Kosovo’s Thaci Given Serbia Arrest Warning

Kosovo foreign minister Hashim Thaci could attend an NGO conference in Belgrade later this month although a warrant for his arrest for alleged war crimes is still active in Serbia.

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15 Apr 15 Kosovo Constitutional Court Approves New War Crimes Tribunal

The constitutional court ruled that a new EU-backed special court that is expected to try senior Kosovo Liberation Army figures does not breach any rights or freedoms.

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14 Apr 15 EU: No Cover-Up of Kosovo Mission Graft Claims

An EU report into the way its Kosovo mission handled corruption allegations made by one of its prosecutors said the case wasn’t handled properly but there was no cover-up.

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08 Apr 15 Macedonia Tapes Suggest Govt Meddling With Lustration

The opposition released new covert tapes allegedly proving that a judge was named a secret police collaborator for political reasons and revealing government meddling in the lustration process.

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08 Apr 15 Kosovo Govt Says Over 25,000 Fought for KLA

A government headcount has verified that more than 25,000 people fought for the Kosovo Liberation Army against Serbian forces during the 1998-99 conflict - more than previously estimated.

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06 Apr 15 Macedonia PM ‘Agreed Amnesty for War Crimes Suspects’

The opposition alleged that wiretapped conversations reveal the premier’s direct involvement in a political deal to amnesty suspects in four war-crimes cases from Macedonia’s 2001 conflict.

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03 Apr 15 Roma Suffer Racial Discrimination in Croatia, UN Says

The UN Human Rights Committee expressed concern about the hardships faced by Roma people in Croatia who are cut off from the social welfare system and suffer widespread discrimination.

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03 Apr 15 Kosovo Parties Back Genocide Suit Against Serbia

Kosovo's main parties are backing a proposed parliamentary resolution to launch a genocide law suit against Serbia, but insist it will not damage ongoing talks between Pristina and Belgrade.

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02 Apr 15 Seselj Flag-Burning Raises Croatia-Serbia Tensions

After publicly burning the Croatian flag, Serbian war crimes defendant Vojislav Seselj provoked Zagreb further by saying he wanted to return to Croatia “armed, on a tank”.

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31 Mar 15 Croatian Wartime General Branimir Glavas Released

Retired general and former lawmaker Glavas was released from prison, where he was being held on remand while awaiting retrial for alleged war crimes against Serbs.

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30 Mar 15 Kosovo Police Halt Angry War Veterans’ Rally

Kosovo Liberation Army veterans broke into the courtyard of the government building during a protest calling on the authorities to start paying them state benefits.

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30 Mar 15 Macedonia Journalists Protest After Editor Labelled Informant

Over 50 journalists staged a protest after Macedonia’s Lustration Commission declared that the editor-in-chief of weekly newspaper Fokus was a secret services informant in 1993.

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30 Mar 15 Croatian War Veterans File Charges Against PM

War veterans who have been protesting for over five months said they filed charges against Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and two Croatian media outlets, accusing them of inciting hatred.

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25 Mar 15 Macedonia Albanians May Block Parliament Over ID Law

Maceodnia's junior ruling party is threatening to block the work of parliament with hundreds of amendments if its senior partner pushes on with two laws that tighten up the issue of citizenships and IDs.

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