23 Mar 17 Bosnian Defence Official Fired Over Serb Troop Display

Bosnia’s parliament dismissed a deputy defence minister who agreed to allow an army regiment to attend a Bosnian Serb ‘statehood day’ celebration that had been banned by the Constitutional Court.

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23 Mar 17 Bosnia Mulls Sacking Defence Minister Over Serb Celebration

Parliament is to discuss whether to oust the defence minister and her deputies over Bosnian Army troops’ controversial presence at a banned Bosnian Serb ‘statehood day’ celebration in January.

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20 Mar 17 Croatia Threatened with Lawsuit by WWII Victims

Croatia has been threatened with a lawsuit if it doesn’t support victims of the WWII fascist Ustasa movement in their claims for reparations - although one expert doubted Zagreb would back the case.

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20 Mar 17 Belgrade Prison Chief Acquitted of ‘Kidnapping’ Milosevic

The former warden of Belgrade Central Prison, Dragisa Blanusa, was found not guilty of kidnapping former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic by sending him to The Hague in 2001.

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16 Mar 17 US Lawyer: WWII Lawsuit Against Croatia ‘Invalid’

A US lawyer told BIRN that a 3.2 billion euro lawsuit against Croatia for property seized by its Nazi-allied WWII regime is ‘invalid’ because it was filed without the consent of the plaintiffs.

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16 Mar 17 Croatia Jews to Boycott Concentration Camp Commemoration

Croatia’s largest Jewish community group will boycott the state commemoration at the WWII concentration camp in Jasenovac, arguing the government hasn’t acted to stop the display of fascist symbols.

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16 Mar 17 Croatian Tour Guides Ask for War History Lessons

Croatian tourist guides have requested specialised tuition about the 1990s war in order to ensure that visitors are properly informed because EU rules now allow foreign guides to lead tours.

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15 Mar 17 Bosnian War Veterans Protest Against Pension Cuts

Bosniak and Croat war veterans from Bosnia’s Federation entity rallied in Sarajevo to demand the reversal of legal changes which were adopted to appease the IMF and caused reductions in pensions.

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14 Mar 17 Rise of Yugo-Nostalgia ‘Reflects Contemporary Problems’

The nostalgia for socialist Yugoslavia in some Balkan countries indicates dissatisfaction with present-day conditions, a historian who led research on the issue told BIRN.

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13 Mar 17 Bosnian Serb Party Sues Izetbegovic Over Genocide Case

A Bosnian Serb party is filing a criminal complaint against the Bosniak member of the country’s tripartite presidency for bypassing his colleagues when filing a request to reopen Bosnia’s genocide case against Serbia.

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10 Mar 17 Balkan Leaders ‘Backsliding on Post-War Justice’

The process of ensuring justice for the crimes committed during the Yugoslav wars has stalled because of a lack of political will, campaigners for a regional truth commission warned.

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09 Mar 17 Bosnia Appeal in Genocide Case Against Serbia Rejected

The International Court of Justice in The Hague has rejected a controversial request from Bosnia and Herzegovina to appeal against a judgment clearing Serbia of responsibility for genocide.

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09 Mar 17 Croatian President Denies Support for Fascism is Rising

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic said that she does not see “creeping fascism in society” or increased nostalgia for the WWII Ustasa regime, and accused Serbia of exaggerating the issue.

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09 Mar 17 Kosovo’s Symbolic Mitrovica Bridge Opening Delayed

Political tensions in north Kosovo have helped to delay until May the reopening of the renovated bridge that links the Albanian and Serb sides of the divided town of Mitrovica.

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07 Mar 17 Intolerance Towards Serbs ‘Escalates in Croatia’: Report

Hate speech, threats and violence against Serbs living in Croatia rose by 57 per cent in 2016, according to a new report by the Serbian National Council.

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