24 Jan 15 Clashes Erupt as Thousands Protest in Kosovo

Protesters clashed with police as several thousand people rallied in Pristina for the sacking of a Serb minister and for Kosovo to take full control of the huge Trepca mine complex from Belgrade.

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22 Jan 15 US Ambassador’s Blog Highlights Bosnia School Segregation

A call by the new US ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina for children of all ethnicities to study the same curriculum together has generated responses that reflect the country’s divisions.

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21 Jan 15 Bosnian Defence Ministry Probes ‘Chetnik’ Ceremony

The ministry ordered an investigation after a photograph was published online purporting to show Bosnian Army troops lined up with people in Serb nationalist Chetnik uniforms at a religious ceremony.

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20 Jan 15 Students Rally for Kosovo Serb Minister’s Dismissal

Some 500 students marched through Pristina, demanding the sacking of minister Aleksandar Jablanovic, accused of insulting Albanians who blockaded Serb pilgrims at Orthodox Christmas.

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20 Jan 15 Croatian MEPs Accuse Serbia of Unjust Prosecutions

Croatian members of the European parliament called on the EU to help prevent Serbia from prosecuting people for war crimes committed on Croatian territory.

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19 Jan 15 Kosovo Serb Minister Apologises After Protest Clashes

Minister Aleksandar Jablanovic, accused of insulting Albanians who blockaded Serb pilgrims at Orthodox Christmas, said he didn’t want his words to cause unrest.

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19 Jan 15 Croatian Leader Appeals to UN Over Seselj

Newly-elected Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic urged the UN secretary-general to push for Serbian nationalist war crimes suspect Vojislav Seselj to be returned to custody in The Hague.

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16 Jan 15 Clashes at Protest Against Kosovo Serb Minister

Police arrested 22 protesters after clashes a rally for the resignation of minister Aleksandar Jablanovic, accused of insulting Albanians who blockaded Serb pilgrims at Orthodox Christmas.

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16 Jan 15 Montenegro Refugees Rally Against Kosovo’s Thaci

Serbs and Montenegrins who fled the Kosovo conflict rallied in Podgorica against visiting Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci to express anger at his wartime role with the Kosovo Liberation Army.

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15 Jan 15 Bosniak Politician Evades Censure in War Crimes Row

The Bosnian parliament rejected a proposal to remove Sefik Dzaferovic, the new president of the House of Representatives, over allegations by a former ally that he failed to disclose war crimes.

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14 Jan 15 Croatian Spy Official ‘Blocked Assassination Probes’

A witness accused former Yugoslav intelligence official Josip Perkovic, on trial over the murder of a Croatian émigré, of obstructing a 1990s investigation into killings by the secret service.

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14 Jan 15 Croatia Election Result ‘Will Affect Ties to Serbia’

A Croatian Serb leader, Milorad Pupovac, said Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic’s win in the presidential elections will do further damage to strained relations between the two neighbouring countries.

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13 Jan 15 Bosnian Party Accused of Harbouring War Criminals

The outgoing deputy president of Bosnia’s Federation entity sent thousands of documents to the prosecution about war crimes in which he alleges officials from his former Party for Democratic Action were involved.

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12 Jan 15 New Croatia President Celebrates with Protesting Veterans

After winning Croatia’s presidential election, Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic celebrated at a protest camp in Zagreb set up by ex-soldiers who are demanding the resignation of the war veterans’ minister.

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12 Jan 15 New Kosovo Court ‘Must Probe Political Murders’

Prime Minister Isa Mustafa said that the soon-to-be-established EU-backed special court for Kosovo should probe post-war murder cases that are suspected to have been politically motivated.

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