23 Jun 17 Serb Woman’s Case Upsets Trump Immigration Policy

A US Supreme Court verdict in the case of a Bosnian Serb deported because of her husband’s role in the Bosnian war will make it harder for the Trump administration to remove immigrants’ citizenship.

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22 Jun 17 Bosnian Politics ‘Impedes Justice’, Says Hague Prosecutor

The politicisation of war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina has created obstacles to securing justice for victims, chief Hague Tribunal prosecutor Serge Brammertz said in Sarajevo.

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20 Jun 17 Bosnian Pupils Rally Against Ethnic Segregation in Schools

After preventing the establishment of a new ethnically-segregated school in their town, pupils in Jajce led protests against ethnic divisions in Bosnian schools in general.

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19 Jun 17 Bosnian Kindergarten Overcomes Ethnic Divisions

A recently-opened kindergarten in Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje is the only educational institution in the town at which Bosnian Croat and Bosniak children spend time together.

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16 Jun 17 Bosnian MP Pushes Genocide Denial Legislation

MP Denis Becirovic said a proposed ban on the denial of genocide and war crimes was needed to show respect to victims and ensure a just society in the future - although it has sparked anger among Bosnian Serbs.

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14 Jun 17 Bosnian Genocide Denial Punishment Law Angers Serbs

Proposed amendments to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s criminal code to make the denial of genocide and crimes against humanity punishable by a prison sentence have sparked furious reactions from Bosnian Serbs.

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14 Jun 17 Bosnian Capital Braces for New Veterans' Protests

More protesters are due to rally in Sarajevo on Wednesday, joining hundreds of angry war veterans who are demanding higher pensions, and stoking fears of deepening social unrest.

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12 Jun 17 Serbian Journalist ‘Followed for Week Before Murder’

Two retired Serbian State Security officers testified at a Belgrade court that opposition journalist Slavko Curuvija was shadowed by the secret service for a week before he was assassinated in 1999.

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12 Jun 17 Serbian Lawsuits over NATO Bombing ‘Likely to Fail’

Serbian experts hope to prove that depleted uranium used in the 1999 NATO bombing poisoned people and to file a series of lawsuits, but legal analysts say they have almost no chance of success.

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09 Jun 17 Serbia Urged to Prosecute Senior Wartime Officials

A group of NGOs urged the Serbian authorities to ensure that high-ranking officials are prosecuted for war crimes and to stop what they said was the glorification of war criminals.

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09 Jun 17 Fascist Chants Mar Croat Nationalist Concert in Bosnia

Fascist slogans were chanted at a concert by Croatian nationalist singer Marko Perkovic ‘Thompson’ in the Bosnian town of Mostar in support of Bosnian Croat ex-officials on trial for war crimes.

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09 Jun 17 Wartime Leaders Play Key Role in Kosovo Election

Former guerrilla leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army are playing major roles in the current election campaign in the country, despite the looming possibility of prosecutions by a new war crimes court.

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08 Jun 17 Bosnia’s Mostar Braces for Croat Nationalist Concert

Singer Marko Perkovic ‘Thompson’, whose concerts have been banned across Europe, is to play in the ethically-divided town of Mostar in support of Bosnian Croat ex-officials on trial for war crimes.

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08 Jun 17 UN Prosecutor: Bosnia Nationalists ‘Glorifying War Criminals’

The chief war crimes prosecutor for the former Yugoslavia warned the UN Security Council that nationalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina are still denying the truth about crimes committed during the 1992-95 war.

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07 Jun 17 Jasenovac Concentration Camp Photos Show Post-War Reality

A collection of photographs of the Croatian fascist-run concentration camp Jasenovac taken after WWII tackle unsupported claims that the Communists also killed many prisoners there.

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