18 Aug 17 Belgrade Wants Serbian War Criminals Jailed in Serbia

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic urged the UN to allow Serbian citizens convicted of war crimes to serve their sentences in their home country, although this request was not granted when he asked in 2013.

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16 Aug 17 Court Rejects Bosnian Serb Claim to Army Facilities

The Constitutional Court ruled that military facilities in the country's Serb-dominated entity are owned by the state - a decision which could help Bosnia move towards membership of NATO.

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16 Aug 17 US Blames Serbian WWII Regime for Jews’ Deaths

The US State Department said the Nazi-backed Serbian government of Milan Nedic, whose descendants are seeking his legal rehabilitation, was responsible for most of the WWII-era deaths of Serbia’s Jews.

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07 Aug 17 Macedonia’s Albanian Language Law Moves Towards Adoption

A law to extend the official use of the Albanian language across the country should soon reach the Macedonian parliament after governing coalition partners reached a compromise over its content.

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04 Aug 17 Serbia’s Fears about Kosovo Joining Interpol ‘Unfounded’

Belgrade admits that Kosovo could soon become a member of Interpol, but its fear that this might lead to the arrest of members of Serbian security forces are misplaced, experts said.

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28 Jul 17 Kosovo Acquits Ex-Guerrilla of Attacking Macedonian Police

A court in the town of Gjilan/Gilanje acquitted Lirim Jakupi, who has been a member of ethnic Albanian guerrilla groups in Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia, of attacking Macedonian police in 2014 and 2004.

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26 Jul 17 Bosnia Mulls Election Ban on War Crimes Convicts

A proposed amendment to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s electoral legislation would ban people who have served sentences for war crimes or other violations of humanitarian law from standing for office at elections.

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25 Jul 17 Serbia ‘Staged Unfair Trials of Kosovo Albanians’: Report

Serbian courts staged almost 2,000 unfair trials of Kosovo Albanians from 1998 to 2000, violating their rights and using discredited techniques to convict them, claimed a report by the Humanitarian Law Centre.

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21 Jul 17 Croatia Quashes WWII Pro-Fascist Academic’s Conviction

A Zagreb court overturned the 1945 verdict that convicted academic Filip Lukas of supporting Nazi occupation forces because of his connections with Croatia’s WWII-era fascist government

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20 Jul 17 Vucic Named Bytyqi Murder Suspect, Alleges Family

Three sources told BIRN that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that former high-ranking police officer Goran ‘Guri’ Radosavljevic was responsible for the killings of the Albanian-American Bytyqi brothers in 1999.

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19 Jul 17 Bosnian Serb ‘Statehood Day’ Referendum Charges Rejected

The state court rejected prosecution charges against four members of the Bosnian Serb Referendum Commission for failing to implement a Constitutional Court decision banning a controversial vote on the Day of Republika Srpska.

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19 Jul 17 Croatian Town Removes Tito’s Name from Square

The town of Karlovac changed the name of a square dedicated to Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito to honour 1990s war veterans, amid an ongoing dispute in Croatia about the former Communist leaders legacy.

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17 Jul 17 Defence Eyes Breakthrough in Macedonia NATO Killing Case

Ethnic Albanian villagers accused of planting a mine that killed two NATO soldiers in Macedonia in 2003 hope that the Special Prosecution will drop all charges.

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13 Jul 17 Bosnian Serbs Indicted for ‘Statehood Day’ Referendum

The state prosecution indicted four members of the Bosnian Serb Referendum Commission for failing to implement a Constitutional Court decision banning a controversial vote on the Day of Republika Srpska.

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07 Jul 17 Bosnian Constitutional Court Decisions Open Pandora's Box

Bosnia's Constitutional Court intervention over election laws could push the country into chaos and anarchy.

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