12 Jan 17 Bosnian Serbs Suspend Contact with High Representative

The Republika Srpska government said it cut communications with Bosnia’s High Representative Valentin Inzko after he reportedly compared the entity’s banned ‘statehood day’ celebrations to commemorations of a Croatian WWII-era Nazi puppet state.

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11 Jan 17 Serbian President Slammed for Meeting Bosnian War Criminal

Rights campaigners accused President Tomislav Nikolic of promoting nationalism and undermining Bosnia’s sovereignty after he met Momcilo Krajisnik, a Bosnian Serb politician convicted of war crimes.

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11 Jan 17 Albanians Abroad Unite for Kosovo Ex-PM Haradinaj

Albanians worldwide have become involved in a protest campaign over the detention in France of former Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj - causing an angry reaction from Serbia, which requested his arrest.

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10 Jan 17 Bosnian Troops Face Probe over Serb Celebration

An investigation will ask why members of the armed forces participated in a divisive holiday celebration in the Republika Srpska entity, contravening orders from the Ministry of Defence.

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09 Jan 17 Defiant Bosnian Serbs Celebrate Banned ‘National Day’

Celebrations in the Bosnian Serb entity Republika Srpska saw a ratcheting up of independence rhetoric as well as high-level spats over the participation of members of the country’s armed forces.

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05 Jan 17 Serbia’s Rehabilitation of Chetnik General Postponed

A Serbian court postponed to February its decision on the rehabilitation of WWII Chetnik commander Nikola Kalabic, who was declared a war criminal by the Yugoslav Communist authorities.

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04 Jan 17 Croatia Urges Serbia to Return Religious Artefacts

The Croatian culture ministry demanded the return of over 1,000 artefacts taken to Serbia from Orthodox churches and monasteries during the 1990s wars and thousands of items that went missing from its museums.

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23 Dec 16 Macedonia NATO Killings Case Unresolved After 13 Years

Defendants in the politically-charged Sopot case, in which ethnic Albanian villagers are accused of planting a mine that killed NATO soldiers in 2003, are hoping a new investigation will establish their innocence.

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22 Dec 16 Bosnian Serb Billboards Defy ‘Statehood Day’ Ban

Billboard posters with double meanings are being used by the authorities in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska to hit back at a ban on their ‘statehood day’ holiday - which they intend to celebrate anyway.

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19 Dec 16 Macedonian War Crimes Convict Enters Parliament

Johan Tarculovski, the only Macedonian convicted by the Hague war crimes tribunal, was elected as MP from the main ruling VMRO DPMNE party at last week's parliamentary elections.

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15 Dec 16 Bosnian Serb Soldiers Make ‘Suicide’ Threat in Retirement Row

Demobilised soldiers from Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska have threatened to protest and claim they are considering suicide if they are not granted the early retirement to which they are entitled.

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14 Dec 16 Serbian Ex-Policeman Acquitted of Threatening Peace Women

Former anti-terrorist police spokesperson Radomir Pocuca was acquitted of endangering members of the peace campaign group Women in Black by calling for football hooligans to target them.

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13 Dec 16 600 Wartime Detention Sites Identified in Bosnia

Newly-published research has identified 600 sites at which around 160,000 prisoners were detained during the 1992-95 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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12 Dec 16 Kosovo Faces Up to War Veterans Pension Cost

The government will change the law on benefits for Kosovo Liberation Army veterans as it cannot afford to pay the monthly pensions of 28,000 former fighters - more than were originally budgeted for.

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09 Dec 16 Macedonian War Crimes Convict Warns of Unrest

Johan Tarculovski, the only Macedonian convicted of war crimes by the Hague Tribunal, now running for parliament with the ruling VMRO DPMNE party, accused the opposition of preparing for unrest after the election.

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