31 Mar 15 Croatian Wartime General Branimir Glavas Released

Retired general and former lawmaker Glavas was released from prison, where he was being held on remand while awaiting retrial for alleged war crimes against Serbs.

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30 Mar 15 Kosovo Police Halt Angry War Veterans’ Rally

Kosovo Liberation Army veterans broke into the courtyard of the government building during a protest calling on the authorities to start paying them state benefits.

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30 Mar 15 Macedonia Journalists Protest After Editor Labelled Informant

Over 50 journalists staged a protest after Macedonia’s Lustration Commission declared that the editor-in-chief of weekly newspaper Fokus was a secret services informant in 1993.

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30 Mar 15 Croatian War Veterans File Charges Against PM

War veterans who have been protesting for over five months said they filed charges against Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and two Croatian media outlets, accusing them of inciting hatred.

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25 Mar 15 Macedonia Albanians May Block Parliament Over ID Law

Maceodnia's junior ruling party is threatening to block the work of parliament with hundreds of amendments if its senior partner pushes on with two laws that tighten up the issue of citizenships and IDs.

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23 Mar 15 Serbian Chetnik’s Proposed Rehabilitation Sparks Dispute

New rehabilitation hearings for Chetnik leader Dragoljub Mihailovic, convicted of high treason and Nazi collaboration in 1946, have revived bitter disagreements between his supporters and opponents.

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23 Mar 15 Anti-Fascist League Founded in Croatia

The newly-formed Anti-Fascist League will attempt to tackle what it says are the growing pro-fascist and extreme nationalist tendencies in Croatian society.

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20 Mar 15 Croatian Law Should Penalise Attacks on War, Judge Says

The President of the Zagreb County Court has called for the Croatian law code to contain jail terms for those denying the defensive character of the independence war - but some call it an attack on free speech.

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18 Mar 15 Deadly 2004 Unrest ‘Damaged Kosovo’s Image’

Political analysts in Pristina said that Kosovo’s image has suffered because of violent unrest 11 years ago that left 19 people dead.

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17 Mar 15 Croatian Police Charge Protesting War Veterans

Police filed misdemeanour charges against war veterans’ leaders who have been staging an unsanctioned sit-in for five months in Zagreb, as well as a group that protested against them.

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16 Mar 15 Hooligan Attack Raises Ethnic Tensions in Bosnia

Five young people were injured when a bus carrying teenage players from a football club from a mainly Bosnian Croat town was attacked in the predominantly Bosniak capital.

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13 Mar 15 Zagreb Braces for Rival Protests Over War Veterans

Nationalist singer Marko ‘Thompson’ Perkovic and the Occupy Croatia movement have called rival demonstrations for and against war veterans who have been holding an anti-government sit-in.

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13 Mar 15 Bosnian Serbs Slate Decision Against Probing Dzaferovic

Bosnian Serb war victims' groups condemned the prosecutor's decision not to open a war crimes investigation into Sefik Dzaferovic, the new president of parliament's House of Representatives.

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12 Mar 15 Croats Split on Value of Serbian Minister's Visit

Croatian political analysts differ on the lasting signficance of Wednesday’s visit to Zagreb of Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic.

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11 Mar 15 Kosovo War Veterans Threaten Violent Protest

Around 100 Kosovo Liberation Army veterans warned of possible unrest unless the government publishes its headcount of ex-fighters, enabling them to receive pensions, within a week.

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