26 Apr 16 Croatian War Veterans End 18-Month-Long Protest

Croatian ex-soldiers said they will end their 18-month-long sit-in protest outside the war veterans’ ministry but will continue campaigning for legislation to enshrine their rights in the constitution.

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23 Apr 16 Croatia Govt Criticised at WWII Death Camp Commemoration

Anti-fascists held an alternative memorial for victims of the Jasenovac concentration camp after boycotting the state ceremony, accusing officials of downplaying the Croatian WWII Nazi-allied regime’s crimes.

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22 Apr 16 Boycott Overshadows Croatian Concentration Camp Memorial

Senior ministers attended the official annual commemoration at the Jasenovac concentration camp, but Croatian Serbs held a separate event amid an ongoing dispute about the country’s Nazi-allied WWII regime.

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20 Apr 16 Croatian President Protests to UN over Seselj Acquittal

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic wrote to the UN Secretary-General, warning that the Hague war crimes court’s acquittal of Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj was a “dangerous precedent”.

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18 Apr 16 Croatian War Criminal Temporarily Freed for Treatment

War criminal Veljko Maric, whose case sparked a long-running row between the Zagreb and Belgrade authorities, was given temporary leave from a Croatian prison for medical treatment.

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15 Apr 16 Bosnian Serbs in Disarray over Controversial Referendum

Bosnian Serb political parties that decided four months ago to hold a potentially divisive referendum questioning the authority of the state constitutional court could not agree to meet to discuss the initiative.

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15 Apr 16 War Criminals Get Involved in Serbian Elections

War criminal Momcilo Krajisnik’s appearance at an event staged by the Independent Democratic Party, which is allied to Serbia’s PM, drew criticism for promoting nationalism during the election campaign.

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15 Apr 16 EU Urges Croatia Not to Block Serbia’s Path

The European Commission has issued an informal document calling on Zagreb not to obstruct Belgrade’s EU accession negotiations over Croatian opposition to a Serbian war crimes law.

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14 Apr 16 Nazi-Hunter Condemns ‘Fascist Nostalgia’ in Croatia

The chief Nazi-hunter at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, a prominent Jewish human-rights organisation, has again warned that Croatia has problems with what he called ‘fascist nostalgia’.

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12 Apr 16 Serbian General Wins Compensation for War Crimes Claims

Belgrade’s Humanitarian Law Centre has been ordered to compensate Serbian Army chief Ljubisa Dikovic for accusing him of involvement in war crimes in Kosovo and Bosnia.

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07 Apr 16 Croatia Stalls Serbia’s EU Negotiations

The European Council has postponed negotiations with Belgrade on two chapters of EU legislation after a complaint from Zagreb demanding better treatment of Croats in Serbia and more action on war crimes.

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06 Apr 16 Serbia President Criticised for Honouring Wanted Sudan Leader

International justice campaigners criticised Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic for giving a medal to his Sudanese counterpart Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir, who is wanted for war crimes.

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06 Apr 16 Nazi-Hunter Criticises Croatia Fans’ Fascist Chants

The chief Nazi-hunter at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, a prominent Jewish human-rights organisation, called on Croatian ministers to condemn fascist chanting at the national team’s football matches.

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05 Apr 16 Serbian PM Vows to Ease Croatia Tensions

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic pledged to visit Croatia to ease tensions that escalated between the two countries after the acquittal of hardline nationalist war crime defendant Vojislav Seselj.

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04 Apr 16 Demining in Bosnia Slowed By Lack of Funds

Lack of funds is slowing down the process of ridding Bosnia and Herzegovina of mines and the deadline for clearing the country entirely will have to be extended to 2024, experts warn.

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