18 May 17 Croatia Quizzes Slovenia Over Thompson Concert Ban

Croatia's Prime Minister and Foreign Ministry are demanding an explanation from Slovenia about why a concert by the Croat nationalist singer Marko Perkovic ‘Thompson’ has been banned.

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17 May 17 Slovenian City Bans Croat Nationalist Thompson’s Concert

Citing a security risk, authorities in Maribor banned Saturday’s planned concert by the Croatian nationalist singer Marko Perkovic ‘Thompson’.

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16 May 17 Court Upholds Custody for Curuvija Murder Case Defendants

A Serbian court has upheld custody for two suspects charged with participating in the 1999 murder of journalist Slavko Curuvija for the duration of their trial.

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16 May 17 Council of Europe Calls for Serbia to Acknowledge Genocide

The Council of Europe’s anti-discrimination commission said that political leaders in Serbia should officially recognise that massacres committed in Srebrenica in 1995 constituted genocide.

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15 May 17 Serbia Selects New Chief War Crimes Prosecutor

Serbia's new chief war crimes prosecutor, Snezana Stanojkovic, looks likely to make crimes committed against Serbs - rather than by them - her priority in the post.

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12 May 17 Serbian State Surveillance ‘Used for Journalist’s Murder’

Serbian State Security surveillance operatives were misused so opposition journalist Slavko Curuvija could be killed in 1999, former head of National Security Goran Petrovic told Belgrade Special Court.

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12 May 17 Serbian Royal Academy to Sue NATO over Bombing

The Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists has formed a legal team and says it will file charges against NATO for using depleted uranium during the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia.

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11 May 17 Campaign for Balkan Truth Commission Relaunches

A coalition of NGOs advocating the establishment of the RECOM regional truth commission to establish the facts about the 1990s wars is relaunching its campaign across the Balkans.

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10 May 17 Serbian Parliament to Name War Crimes Prosecutor

The Serbian parliament is to finally choose a new chief war crimes prosecutor, after the post was left vacant for a year and a half, which experts say has damaged the fragile institution.

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09 May 17 Serbia PM Reignites ‘Greater Albania’ Row

After the former head of the OSCE mission in Kosovo said he is working on a project to unite Albanians, Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic accused him of lobbying for a ‘Greater Albania’.

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08 May 17 Extradite War Suspects, Ex-UN Peacekeeper Urges Croatia

A former soldier with international peacekeeping forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina has written to the Croatian authorities, appealing to them to extradite Bosnian Croat war crimes suspects to stand trial.

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01 May 17 Ethnic Quota for Bosnian Maths Olympiad Sparks Anger

An advertisement announcing a mathematics competition for schoolchildren which sets an ethnic quota for participants has angered critics of Bosnia’s post-war divisions.

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28 Apr 17 Kosovo Playwright ‘Threatened by War Veterans’

Playwright Jeton Neziraj alleged that Kosovo Liberation Army veterans threatened to kill him if he stages his new play because they believe that it defames the wartime guerrilla force.

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26 Apr 17 Croatian Party Ex-Leader ‘Was Yugoslav Informer’

A former Yugoslav State Security Service official alleged in court that the former leader of the governing Croatian Democratic Union, Tomislav Karamarko, was an informer in the 1980s.

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25 Apr 17 Protesting Bosnia War Veterans Block Border Crossings

Bosniak and Croat ex-soldiers staged joint protests to demand improved payments from the government and proof that all those receiving veterans’ benefits are genuine claimants.

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