16 Apr 14 Croatia Dismisses Ex-Yugoslav Spy’s Extradition Appeal

The Croatian supreme court rejected an appeal against extradition by former intelligence agent Zdravko Mustac, who is wanted in Germany over his alleged involvement in a political assassination.

14 Apr 14 Post-War Reconciliation in Croatia ‘Stalled’, Report Warns

No new war crimes indictments were raised against Croatian troops last year and discussions about dealing with the past have “deeply polarised” society, a Zagreb-based NGO warned.

14 Apr 14 Kosovo Asks EU to Set Up New Tribunal

President Atifete Jahjaga said she would ask the EU to set up a special court outside Kosovo to deal with war crimes committed in the 1990s, having secured all-party consent.

11 Apr 14 New Book Decries Medicus ‘Injustice’

Economist-turned-author says interest has been extraordinary in her new book, which says her husband and son were unfairly prosecuted in the notorious Medicus organ-trafficking case.

10 Apr 14 Kosovo MPs Outraged as War Memorial Closes

Kosovo MPs have slated the authorities for neglecting a memorial dedicated to Kosovo fighters whose sponsors have now closed it, saying it was vandalised.

10 Apr 14 Croatian Anti-Cyrillic Activists Say Govt Ignoring Them

Croatian war veterans, who want a referendum to limit minority rights and end official use of Serbian Cyrillic script in parts of Croatia, accuse the government of ignoring their initiative.

10 Apr 14 Court Gives Go-Ahead to Macedonian Disputed Lustration Law

After almost two years of deliberation, the Constitutional Court said there are no problematic provisions in the country’s controversial Lustration Law, aimed at rooting out former police collaborators.

08 Apr 14 Serbia Re-Starts Examination of Suspected Kosovo Mass Grave

Serbian authorities re-started the examination of a suspected mass grave near the town of Raska where it is believed ethnic Albanians killed by Serbian forces in the Kosovo war may be buried.

04 Apr 14 Kosovo President Backs New War Crimes Tribunal

Kosovo’s president said she was willing to cooperate with a proposed new international tribunal to deal with war crimes and alleged organ-trafficking during the late 1990s conflict.

04 Apr 14 EU Condemns Threat to Serbian Peace Women

The EU delegation in Belgrade said the authorities should take action after a Serbian police spokesman called on football hooligans to target peace group Women in Black.

04 Apr 14 Kosovo Parliament Approves Disputed War Veterans Law

Some 15 years after the war, MPs approved controversial new legislation granting benefits to former Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas despite criticism from some opposition lawmakers.

03 Apr 14 Macedonian MP Candidates Pass Collaborator Test

There are no former secret police collaborators among the candidates running for parliament at this month’s general elections, Macedonia’s State Lustration Commission said.

01 Apr 14 Kosovo Guerrilla Head-Count Hits Controversy

A government scheme to finally establish exactly how many people fought for the Kosovo Liberation Army during the 1990s war has been criticised by the opposition.

01 Apr 14 Croatia Rejects Serbia’s ‘Groundless’ Genocide Lawsuit

Zagreb told the International Court of Justice that Belgrade’s claim that Croatia committed genocide against Serbs during the 1991-95 war “lacks any basis” and cannot be proved.

31 Mar 14 Dispute Erupts Over Kosovo War Veterans’ Benefits

Some MPs argued that only former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters should get state benefits, while others insisted that other guerrillas who fought in the 1998-99 war should also receive assistance.




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