27 Nov 15 Bosnian Serbs Unite to Defend Threatened Holiday

Normally feuding Bosnian Serb parties have united against a ruling by the state Constitutional Court, scrapping the entity's public holiday as 'discriminatory'.

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26 Nov 15 Bosnian MPs Hail Blocking of Serb Nationalist’s Promotion

The lower house of the Bosnian parliament decided not to promote right-wing ‘Chetnik duke’ Nikola Poplasen to the board of the national agency responsible for higher education standards.

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20 Nov 15 Bill Clinton Celebrates Bosnia Peace Deal Anniversary

Former US President Clinton, who helped broker the agreement that ended the 1992-95 war, returned to Dayton where the deal was signed and said it was an achievement that should be celebrated.

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17 Nov 15 Balkan Politicians ‘Not Taking Reconciliation Seriously’

Constant self-victimisation is prolonging the divisions that fuelled the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, experts warned during a discussion in Belgrade.

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13 Nov 15 Serb Extremist's Promotion Causes Anger in Bosnia

The election of Nikola Poplasen, a so-called 'Chetnik Duke', to the board of the Agency for Development of Higher Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has caused widespread shock.

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11 Nov 15 Serbian PM Pledges Cash to Rebuild Srebrenica

The Serbian Prime Minister attended a two-day investment forum in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica and offered cash to redevelop the town, infamous as the site of a massacre in 1995.

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09 Nov 15 Kosovo’s UNESCO Membership Bid Fails

Kosovo’s application to join the UN cultural body did not attract enough votes from UNESCO member states, amid strong opposition from Serbia and its allies.

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06 Nov 15 Paddy Ashdown Laments Bosnia’s ‘Lost Opportunities’

The 1995 Dayton accords ended the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but its current political leaders are a major obstacle to peacetime progress, the country’s former High Representative warned.

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04 Nov 15 Serbian Patriarch’s Kosovo Force Threat ‘Endangers Stability’

Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Irinej’s warning that force could be used if Kosovo joins UN cultural body UNESCO is dangerous for stability, analysts in both countries said.

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02 Nov 15 Kosovo, Serbia Lobby Hard Before UNESCO Vote

Pristina and Belgrade stepped up their lobbying campaigns for and against Kosovo’s bid to join UN cultural body UNESCO ahead of the final vote next week.

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28 Oct 15 Serbia Albanians Boycott Classes Over Missing Books

Albanian pupils and teachers in southern Serbia protested on Tuesday, saying the Serbian education ministry was obstructing the use of textbooks donated by Kosovo.

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27 Oct 15 ‘Provocative’ Laibach Offer to Entertain Croatian Nationalists

After playing in North Korea, Slovenian band Laibach said they’re interested in performing at a high-profile nationalist celebration in Croatia - but officials said ‘provocateurs’ weren’t welcome.

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26 Oct 15 Two Kosovo Serbs Convicted of EU Police Attack

Two Serbs were given suspended sentences for attacking EU rule-of-law mission police and property and endangering UN staff during unrest that flared after Kosovo police were deployed near Serbia’s border.

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26 Oct 15 Croatian Right-Wingers Parade ‘Hawk Guard’ at Rallies

The right-wing Croatian Democratic Assembly of Slavonia and Baranja party has been parading a uniformed party youth unit called the Slavonic Hawk Guard at its election campaign rallies.

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22 Oct 15 Bosnian State Court Rejects Anti-Serb Bias Claims

The state court rejected allegations of bias which have caused Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska to announce a potentially destabilising referendum that will question its jurisdiction.

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