what-were-the-ustasa-for-minister-hasanbegovic--02-12-2016 12 Feb 16 What were the Ustasa for Minister Hasanbegovic?

It is hard to see how Croatia’s culture minister can be called an ‘anti-Fascist’, given the evidence of his unambiguous nature of his links to the far-right over many years.

kumanovo-gunmen-face-trial-in-macedonia-02-08-2016-1 08 Feb 16 Kumanovo Gunmen Face Trial in Macedonia

Twenty-nine ethnic Albanians accused of involvement in a shootout that left 18 dead in Kumanovo face terrorism charges at a trial that starts on Tuesday in Skopje.

bosnia-s-national-anthem-still-lost-for-words-02-04-2016 04 Feb 16 Bosnia’s National Anthem Still Lost for Words

Two decades after the war, Bosnian politicians still cannot agree on lyrics for the national anthem.

bosnian-serb-national-celebration-leaves-a-troubling-hangover-01-13-2016 13 Jan 16 Bosnian Serb Party Leaves a Troubling Hangover

Defiant celebrations of the disputed Bosnian Serb ‘Republic Day’ holiday brought unwelcome divisions back to the ethnically-mixed town of Prijedor, where locals usually seek to avoid tensions.

biljana-gaca-new-generation-ready-for-changes-in-vukovar-12-31-2015 07 Jan 16 Rising Political Star Seeks Change in Divided Vukovar

Twenty-five-year-old Biljana Gaca grew up in temporary accommodation after her family fled the battle for Vukovar in 1991; now she’s a city councillor trying to tackle her Croatian hometown’s enduring divisions.

croatia-s-serbs-nervously-await-new-govt-s-plans-01-05-2016 06 Jan 16 Croatia’s Serbs Nervously Await New Govt’s Plans

The incoming Zagreb government is promising to improve relations with Serbia, but questions remain about whether the situation will improve Croatia’s Serb minority.

state-parliament-s-return-makes-some-croats-uneasy-12-31-2015 04 Jan 16 ‘State’ Parliament’s Return Makes Some Croats Uneasy

The announced restoration of the title for parliament once used by Croatia’s fascist regime looks to some like historical revision.

macedonia-deadly-shootout-tests-ethnic-relations-12-29-2015 30 Dec 15 Macedonia: Deadly Shootout Tests Ethnic Relations

Fighting between ethnic Albanian gunmen and Macedonian police left 18 people dead in 2015, reviving memories of past unrest, while surveillance revelations raised doubts about government justice efforts.

montenegro-s-war-crimes-failings-continue-in-2015-12-28-2015 29 Dec 15 Montenegro’s War Crimes Failings Continue in 2015

The country’s new special prosecutor admitted there have been no satisfactory outcomes from war crimes cases in Montenegro, while the authorities faced yet more criticism for their failings in 2015.

kosovo-feels-the-pressure-over-new-war-court-12-23-2015 28 Dec 15 Kosovo Feels the Pressure Over New War Court

The EU-backed plan to set up a special court to try senior Kosovo Liberation Army officials for war crimes continued to spark angry reactions from its opponents throughout 2015.

serbia-takes-its-case-to-the-global-stage-12-23-2015 25 Dec 15 Serbia Takes Its Case to the Global Stage

Serbia flexed its diplomatic muscles in 2015 as it took on Croatia in The Hague, sought to block a UN resolution on Srebrenica and lobbied against Kosovo’s bid to join UNESCO.

grim-anniversaries-overshadow-bosnia-in-2015-12-17-2015 24 Dec 15 Grim Anniversaries Overshadow Bosnia in 2015

From World War II commemorations to the anniversaries of the Srebrenica massacres and the Dayton peace agreement, the year served to remind Bosnia of its violent past - and uncertain future.

bosnia-and-serbia-one-step-forward-two-steps-back-12-23-2015 23 Dec 15 Bosnia and Serbia: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

After relations improved this year between the two neighbouring countries, the Serbian PM has created new problems by ignoring a ruling made by Bosnia’s Constitutional Court.

serbian-judge-s-removal-threatens-judicial-independence--12-21-2015 21 Dec 15 Serbian Judge’s Removal ‘Threatens Judicial Independence’

The removal of judge Vladimir Vucinic from Belgrade’s Special Court was a political move aimed at curbing judicial independence and will set back an important case against interior ministry officers, experts alleged.

the-dark-history-of-serbia-s-security-services-12-15-2015 15 Dec 15 The Dark History of Serbia’s Security Services

The quashing of the acquittal of two former security officials has again highlighted how Belgrade’s intelligence agencies have been involved in running assassins and paramilitary killers for decades.

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