vojislav-seselj-seeks-political-resurrection-in-bosnia-05-25-2016 26 May 16 Vojislav Seselj Seeks Political Resurrection in Bosnia

With his popularity boosted by his war crimes acquittal, Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj is hoping to stage a political comeback among Bosnia’s Serbs as well as in his home country.

1990-football-riot-remains-croatia-s-national-myth-05-12-2016 13 May 16 1990 Football Riot Becomes National Myth in Croatia

Hardcore Dinamo Zagreb supporters believe a riot at a match against Red Star Belgrade 26 years ago kicked off the war, while conspiracy theories still circulate about why the violence erupted.

croatia-s-catholic-church-easy-on-fascist-sympathizers-05-09-2016 10 May 16 Croatian Church Urged to Tackle ‘Fascist Sympathisers’

The Catholic Church in Croatia should take action against priests who make statements in support of the country’s World War II-era Nazi-aligned regime, analysts urged.

historic-mosque-reopening-tests-bosnian-serbs-tolerance-05-05-2016 05 May 16 Historic Mosque Reopening Tests Bosnian Serbs’ Tolerance

The grand reopening of a historic Ottoman-era mosque in Banja Luka, restored after being demolished by Serb forces during wartime, will indicate how committed Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity is to reconciliation.

bosnian-serb-fighters-mercenary-path-to-syria-04-22-2016 22 Apr 16 Serb Fighters’ Mercenary Path from Ukraine to Syria

Serb paramilitary veterans of the Bosnian war are reported to have been part of mercenary units aiding Russian troops in Syria, after also being paid to do battle for pro-Moscow rebels in Ukraine.

standing-up-to-croatia-s-wartime-armed-evictions-04-19-2016 21 Apr 16 Standing Up to Armed Evictions in Wartime Croatia

Evictions of people living in Yugoslav Army apartments during the 1990s war were condoned by the authorities and backed by military police, but some activists were courageous enough to try to stop them.

untold-stories-of-croatia-s-wartime-forced-evictions-04-19-2016 20 Apr 16 Untold Stories of Croatia’s Wartime Forced Evictions

In the first of a two-part series, people who were violently evicted from Yugoslav Army apartments during the 1990s war in Croatia recall their desperate struggles to win their homes back.

croatian-historian-condemns-minister-s-wwii-rhetoric-04-13-2016 13 Apr 16 Croatian Historian Condemns Minister’s WWII Rhetoric

Natasa Matausic, a historian who specialises in Croatia’s World War II history, said the country’s new culture minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic should apologise for past statements praising fascist fighters.

israel-match-scandal-shows-banalization-of-croatia-s-fascism-03-24-2016 25 Mar 16 Croatia’s ‘Banal’ Fascism on Display at Israel Match

The Ustasa chant heard at Wednesday’s match, which the PM attended and the media ignored, is the result of the long-term ‘normalisation’ of once outlawed fascist symbols.

vojislav-seselj-using-un-court-for-pr-in-serbia-02-28-2016 29 Feb 16 Vojislav Seselj ‘Using UN Court’ for PR in Serbia

The dispute between Belgrade and the UN war crimes court over Serbian Radical Party leader Seselj will only win the nationalist politician more support in Serbia’s upcoming elections, experts argue.

candlelight-surgery-how-hospitals-survived-sarajevo-s-siege-02-19-2016 19 Feb 16 Candlelight Surgery: How Hospitals Survived Sarajevo’s Siege

Sarajevo hospital doctors and medical staff remember how they saved more than 50,000 people during the longest siege in modern history, despite shortages of power and medical supplies.

croatian-president-accused-of-encouraging-hate-speech-02-18-2016 18 Feb 16 Croatian President Accused of Encouraging Hate Speech

A senior representative of Croatia’s Serb minority has accused President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic of effectively encouraging people who use hate speech against ethnic minorities and government opponents.

nazi-camp-guard-s-great-escape-from-justice-02-17-2016 17 Feb 16 Nazi Camp Guard’s Great Escape from Justice

Jakob Denzinger, one of the last remaining Nazi concentration camp guards, died in Osijek in Croatia last week after evading justice for decades - even after his past was finally exposed.

kosovo-guerrillas-await-yugoslav-army-ambush-verdict-02-16-2016 16 Feb 16 Kosovo Ex-Guerrillas Await Yugoslav Army Ambush Verdict

A Serbian court delivers its verdict this week in the case of eight former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters accused of terrorism for allegedly ambushing and killing Yugoslav Army troops in 1998.

what-were-the-ustasa-for-minister-hasanbegovic--02-12-2016 12 Feb 16 What were the Ustasa for Minister Hasanbegovic?

It is hard to see how Croatia’s culture minister can be called an ‘anti-Fascist’, given the evidence of his unambiguous nature of his links to the far-right over many years.

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