the-cynicism-of-the-croatia-serbia-atrocity-olympics 04 Apr 14 The Cynicism of the Croatia-Serbia ‘Atrocity Olympics’

By stubbornly pursuing doomed genocide lawsuits against each other, Croatia and Serbia entered a legal suicide pact that cost taxpayers millions and perpetuated pernicious narratives about the past.

serbia-croatia-genocide-lawsuits-expected-to-fail 28 Feb 14 Croatia-Serbia Genocide Lawsuits Expected to Fail

Zagreb and Belgrade are suing each other at the International Court of Justice, both alleging the other committed genocide, but legal experts and ordinary people believe that neither can win.

eu-kosovo-mission-denies-biased-prosecutions 11 Feb 14 EU Kosovo Mission Denies Biased Prosecutions

After arrests of Serbs and Albanians sparked protests, the EU rule-of-law mission’s head in Kosovo, Bernd Borchardt, told BIRN that suspects are prosecuted whatever their politics or ethnicity.

north-kosovo-on-edge-after-serb-leader-s-arrest 31 Jan 14 North Kosovo on Edge After Serb Leader’s Arrest

The war crimes arrest of Oliver Ivanovic, a former paramilitary turned political moderate, has heightened the mood of tension among Serbs in Kosovo’s already volatile north.

yugoslav-spy-boss-case-poisons-croatian-politics 20 Jan 14 Yugoslav Spy Boss Case Poisons Croatian Politics

A bid to extradite a former Yugoslav intelligence official has soured Croatia’s relations with Germany, divided the country, and could still expose some of the state’s best-kept secrets.

war-crimes-justice-remains-key-to-enlargement 13 Jan 14 War Crimes Justice Remains Key to EU Accession

The prosecution of war crimes in the ex-Yugoslav region is still an EU priority, the outgoing Enlargement Director for the Westerns Balkans, Pierre Mirel, tells BIRN.

macedonia-ethnic-tensions-in-court-and-streets 26 Dec 13 Macedonia: Ethnic Tensions in Court and Streets

In 2013, Macedonia saw ethnic tensions simmer amid a mass murder trial, street riots and a hero’s homecoming for a convicted war criminal freed by the Hague Tribunal.

kosovë-ndjekja-e-ish-luftëtarëve-shpërthen-në-protesta 26 Dec 13 Kosovo: Prosecutions of Ex-Guerrillas Spark Protests

Pristina in 2013 saw demonstrations after EU prosecutors arrested ex-Kosovo Liberation Army fighters for war crimes, while members of an organ-trafficking ring were sent to jail.

croatia-serbian-language-dispute-sparks-discord 26 Dec 13 Croatia: Serbian Language Dispute Creates Discord

Croatia joined the European Union in 2013, but the country was dogged by its wartime past throughout the year as angry protests erupted over language rights for the Serb minority.

bosnia-court-controversies-and-freed-war-criminals 26 Dec 13 Bosnia: Court Controversies and Freed War Criminals

The release of convicted Bosnian war criminals, controversy over a dissenting Hague Tribunal judge and the discovery of the country’s biggest wartime mass grave made headlines in 2013.

serbia-a-year-of-controversies-and-surprises 26 Dec 13 Serbia: A Year of Controversies and Surprises

Acquittals of Hague Tribunal suspects, the discovery of wartime graves and unexpectedly progressive statements from right-wing politicians made for an unusual 2013 in Serbia.

crime-charges-tarnish-serbia-s-gendarmerie 13 Dec 13 Crime Charges Tarnish Serbia’s Gendarmerie

Faith in the special police unit is being undermined as one member after another faces serious charges, even of war crimes.

croatia-referendum-shows-perils-of-direct-democracy 04 Dec 13 Croatia Referendum Shows Perils of Direct Democracy

The gay marriage vote is a warning shot fired across the bows of the government - showing that conservative groups are learning to mobilize support for their social agenda.

serbian-prosecutor-vows-to-clear-the-road-to-justice 21 Nov 13 Serbian Prosecutor Vows to Clear the Road to Justice

Serbia is trying to bring suspected war criminals to justice despite attempted cover-ups, political problems and fugitives trying to evade arrest, deputy prosecutor Bruno Vekaric told BIRN.

bosnian-census-highlights-ethnic-cleansing-of-croats 08 Nov 13 Bosnian Census ‘Confirms Ethnic Cleansing of Croats’

The first post-war Bosnian census will show that almost all the Croats have been driven out of the country’s Serb-controlled Republika Srpska entity, claims local bishop Franjo Komarica.



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