bosnian-clerics-unite-to-condemn-wartime-sexual-violence-06-30-2017 30 Jun 17 Bosnian Clerics Unite to Condemn Wartime Sexual Violence

Leaders of the Orthodox, Islamic, Jewish and Catholic communities signed a declaration denouncing the stigmatisation of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence as Bosnia’s Inter-religious Council continued efforts to promote reconciliation.

wartime-sexual-crimes-a-challenge-for-balkan-prosecutors-06-22-2017 22 Jun 17 Wartime Sexual Crimes: A Challenge for Balkan Prosecutors

Prosecutors in the former Yugoslavia must develop comprehensive policies for dealing with sexual and gender-based crimes to ensure justice for vicims, Hague Tribunal deputy prosecutor Michelle Jarvis told BIRN.

war-justice-strategy-for-kosovo-undermined-by-divisions-04-10-2017 11 Apr 17 War Justice Strategy for Kosovo Undermined by Divisions

A Kosovo government-backed working group set up to draft a national strategy for dealing with the wartime past has been troubled by divisions, disputes and failures to deliver, a new report says.

bosnian-war-rape-victims-rue-lost-motherhood-10-20-2016 20 Oct 16 Bosnian War Rape Victims Rue Lost Motherhood

More than 1,000 women in Bosnia and Herzegovina who suffered sexual violence during the 1990s conflict cannot become mothers because of serious psychological traumas and the medical consequences of being raped.

how-a-dress-display-broke-wartime-rape-taboos-06-06-2016 06 Jun 16 How a Dress Display Broke Wartime Rape Taboos

Thinking of You, a film about an unusual project highlighting sexual violence during the Kosovo conflict, was intended to help break taboos that prevent women from speaking out about wartime rape, its producer says.

kosovo-film-maker-tackles-wartime-rape-taboo 03 Mar 15 Kosovo Film-Maker Tackles Wartime Rape Taboo

Kosovo director Isa Qosja wants his award-winning film, about a woman thrown out of her village after being raped during the war, to help end the stigmatisation of sexual violence victims.

domestic-violence-revives-ex-prisoners-wartime-nightmares 19 Feb 15 Domestic Violence Revives Bosnian Women’s War Nightmares

Women who were traumatised by rape and sexual abuse during the 1992-95 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina have often become the victims of domestic violence by abusive husbands afterwards.

bosnian-court-favours-defendant-over-victim-s-rights 08 Jan 15 Bosnian Court Criticised for Shielding Sex-Case Indictees

Recent decisions to close war crimes trials involving sexual abuse to the public to protect indictees’ family lives have been criticised for putting defendants’ rights before those of victims.

a-war-crime-shrouded-in-silence 18 Dec 14 A War Crime Shrouded in Silence

The murder and rape of pregnant women by fighters during the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina remains one of the least-researched aspects of wartime brutality.

the-problem-with-the-kosovo-war-rape-petition 23 Jul 14 The Problem with the Kosovo War Rape Petition

A campaign in Kosovo urging the UN to investigate wartime rapes shows the failure of local institutions to do anything themselves, highlights prejudiced attitudes towards victims and cannot bring justice.

srebrenica-anniversary-the-rape-victims-testimonies 11 Jul 14 Srebrenica Anniversary: The Rape Victims’ Testimonies

Some of the women who were raped by Bosnian Serb soldiers at the time of the Srebrenica massacres in July 1995 have found the courage to conquer their fears and speak out.

bosnian-war-s-wicked-women-get-off-lightly 07 Feb 11 Bosnian War’s Wicked Women Get Off Lightly

While war-crime victims recall women as carrying out some of the vilest deeds in the whole of the Bosnian war, the courts seem curiously relucant to act.

courting-democracy-in-bosnia-and-herzegovina-the-hague-tribunal-s-impact-in-a-postwar-state 17 Aug 10 'Courting Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Hague Tribunal's Impact in a Postwar State'

Courts cannot make up for people’s personal tragedies, but the ICTY has had a bigger impact on the democratisation process in post-war Bosnia than many people appreciate, a new book argues.

silence-and-shame-shield-srebrenica-rapists-from-justice 08 Jul 10 Silence and Shame Shield Srebrenica Rapists from Justice

The reluctance of women survivors from the town to talk about their own sufferings – and the stigma that still surrounds rape – has allowed a grave crime to go unpunished.

17 Mar 10 Lukic Cousins Symbol of Fear in Visegrad

Convicted of burning 100 people alive, surviving victims of their many crimes are angry that prosecutors did not charge the Lukics over their rape camp, from which few women emerged alive.

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