16 Nov 16 Serbia to Punish Genocide Denial, Says Minister

Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic said Serbia will introduce a law to punish the denial of genocide and war crimes if the offences have been confirmed by the International Criminal Court or Serbian courts.

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09 Nov 16 EU Raps Balkan States over War Crimes Progress

In its annual progress reports, the EU urged improvements in war crimes prosecutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo, and expressed concern about a slowdown in finding missing persons from the 1990s conflicts.

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01 Sep 16 Serbia Slates EU Response to Complaints About Croatia

Serbian officials have condemned as inadequate the response of the President of the European Commission to their complaints about the 'anti-Serbian atmosphere' in Croatia.

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21 Jul 16 Croatia Urges Serbia to Probe Attack on Presidency

Croatia’s foreign minister called on the Serbian authorities to investigate the Yugoslav People’s Army’s missile attack on Franjo Tudjman’s presidential residence in Zagreb in 1991.

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19 Jul 16 EU Insists on Serbian Cooperation Over War Crimes

While opening two new chapters in Serbia’s accession negotiations, the EU has set benchmarks for Belgrade to meet, insisting it cooperates with Croatia and the Hague Tribunal over war crimes issues.

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07 Jul 16 Croatia's Conditions for Serbian EU Talks Revealed

Croatia’s conditions in the text of the EU's common position on Serbia’s opening of Chapter 23 have been partly revealed - but are mainly 'symbolic' according to one veteran analyst.

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27 Jun 16 Croatia, Britain, Stop Serbia Opening Chapter

Serbia will not be able to open Chapter 23 in its EU membership talks, as it had hoped to do, following objections from Croatia and Britain.

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10 Jun 16 Kosovo Govt Seeks to Extend EULEX Mandate

Just five days before the EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo’s mandate expires, the government approved draft legislation intended to allow it to continue operating.

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15 Apr 16 EU Urges Croatia Not to Block Serbia’s Path

The European Commission has issued an informal document calling on Zagreb not to obstruct Belgrade’s EU accession negotiations over Croatian opposition to a Serbian war crimes law.

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07 Apr 16 Croatia Stalls Serbia’s EU Negotiations

The European Council has postponed negotiations with Belgrade on two chapters of EU legislation after a complaint from Zagreb demanding better treatment of Croats in Serbia and more action on war crimes.

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12 Nov 15 EU Raps Montenegro Over War Crimes Judgments

The latest EU progress report has expressed concern that Montenegro has not yet prosecuted any senior officials for war crimes during the conflicts of the 1990s.

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09 Sep 15 Bosnia Finally Adopts Justice Reform Strategy

After a nine-month delay, the Bosnian Council of Ministers has adopted a justice sector reform strategy, which should unblock European funds needed for war crimes investigations and prosecutions.

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01 Sep 14 Croatia Threatens Serbia’s EU Path Over Wartime Missing

Zagreb said it could obstruct Serbia and other Balkan countries’ paths to EU membership if they do not provide more information about Croats who went missing during the 1991-95 war.

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15 Nov 13 EU to Judge Serbia on War Crimes Prosecutions

During its EU membership negotiations, Serbia will be assessed on how well it has dealt with war crimes cases, European Commission official Pierre Mirel told a BIRN conference.

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04 Nov 13 Serbia Drops Kosovo From Court Network

A new, expanded network of Serbian courts will start working from January next year, but for the first time it will not include courts in Kosovo that will soon come under Pristina’s control.

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