29 Jul 15 Croatian Anti-Fascists Commemorate 1941 Deaths of Serbs

The Anti-Fascist League of Croatia commemorated the deaths of around 1,000 Serbs who were killed by Nazi-allied Ustasa units in the town of Glina during July and August 1941.

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29 Jul 15 Serbs Announce ‘Operation Storm’ Anniversary Mourning

Serbia and Bosnia’s Serb-led entity Republika Srpska will hold a day of mourning to commemorate Serb victims of the Croatian Army’s Operation Storm on its 20th anniversary in August.

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27 Jul 15 Right-Wingers Target Croatian WWII Uprising Anniversary

Croatian Serbs and anti-fascist activists marked the anniversary of the 1941 anti-fascist uprising in the village of Srb despite being confronted by dozens of far-right protesters.

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23 Jul 15 UEFA Punishes Croatia for Football Match Swastika

Croatia was given a one-point deduction in the Euro 2016 tournament qualifiers after a swastika was imprinted on the pitch at a qualifying match in Split last month.

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23 Jul 15 Croatian President Apologises for Nazi Regime Deaths

President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic visited the World Centre for Holocaust Research in Jerusalem and expressed her “deepest regrets” about victims of the Nazi-allied regime in Croatia in WWII.

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20 Jul 15 Croatia, Serbia Trade Barbs Over ‘Storm’ Celebration

Politicians from Zagreb and Belgrade have been exchanging harsh words over the upcoming 20th anniversary of Operation Storm, which saw Serb rebels’ hold over Croatian territory crushed.

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17 Jul 15 Croatia to Ask Australia to Extradite Japranin

Croatia's Justice Ministry has confirmed plans to seek the extradition from Australia of Predrag Japranin, a Croatian Serb accused of war crimes in Croatia in 1991.

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15 Jul 15 Croatia Court Refuses to Release 'Captain Dragan'

Split County Court on Wednesday denied a request to release the former Serb paramilitary commander, Dragan Vasiljkovic, known as ‘Captain Dragan’, from custody.

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15 Jul 15 Foreigners May Shun Croatia's 'Storm' Parade

The parade marking the 20th anniversary of Operation Storm, which defeated Serb rebels and reunited Croatian territory, will most likely pass off without the presence of US, UK and Germany, media say.

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10 Jul 15 Srebrenica Anniversary Commemorated in Kosovo and Croatia

Hundreds marched through the Kosovo town of Prizren to mark the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacres, while a photographic exhibition is commemorating the victims in Zagreb.

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09 Jul 15 Extradited Paramilitary ‘Captain Dragan’ Arrives in Croatia

Former Serb paramilitary leader Dragan Vasiljkovic, known as Captain Dragan, arrived in Croatia after being extradited from Australia to face war crimes allegations.

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03 Jul 15 Croatia Reduces Charges Against Police Chief Mercep

Zagreb state attorney’s office dropped charges accusing wartime police commander Tomislav Mercep of ordering his unit to commit murders, but he remains on trial for not preventing the killings.

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02 Jul 15 Peace-Seeking Croatian Policeman’s Death Commemorated

Relatives of Josip Reihl Kir and Croatian activists commemorated the 1991 murder of the police chief who was killed after trying to prevent armed conflict breaking out in the Osijek region.

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26 Jun 15 Croatian Serb Fighters Convicted of Sotin Massacre

A Belgrade court sentenced two former Croatian Serb fighters to a total of 24 years in prison for killing 16 civilians in the eastern Croatian village of Sotin in 1991.

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23 Jun 15 Serbian Minister Sparks ‘Fascism’ Row With Croatia

In comments likely to infuriate Zagreb, Serbian labour minister Aleksandar Vulin claimed that fascism is on the rise in Croatia after his trip to a WWII concentration camp sparked anger.

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