24 Nov 14 Hague Tribunal Defends Vojislav Seselj Release

The president of the UN-backed court, Theodor Meron, defended the temporary release of war crimes defendant Seselj after the Croatian leadership called it a setback for international justice.

21 Nov 14 Croat MEP Wants Strasbourg to Denounce Seselj

A Croatian European Parliamentarian, Andrej Plenkovic, has tabled a critical resolution on the Serbian nationalist Vojislav Seselj, which he wants fellow MEPS to back next week.

19 Nov 14 Seselj Inflames Croatia With Vukovar Jibe

Croatian politicians have voiced outrage over comments by Vojislav Seselj, mocking the fall of Vukovar in 1991, demanding his speedy return to The Hague.

18 Nov 14 100,000 Croats Remember Fall of Vukovar

Around 100,000 citizens along with entire Croatian political leadership took part this year in commemorations of the fall of the eastern town of Vukovar in 1991 to the Yugoslav Army.

18 Nov 14 Seselj Release Alarms Croatian Leaders

President and Foreign Minister say early temporary release of Vojislav Seselj is both worrying and destablising for the region - and represents a setback for the idea of international justice.

14 Nov 14 Croatia Invites Kosovo Families to Seek Missing Relatives

The Croatian authorities asked Kosovo Albanian families whose relatives went missing while fighting for Zagreb’s forces in the 1991-95 war to send blood samples to help identify them.

12 Nov 14 Croatian Dissident Feared Kidnap by Yugoslav Spies

The trial of Zdravko Mustac and Josip Perkovic, former Yugoslav spy chiefs accused of killing a Croatian émigré, heard that the victim repeatedly told his German lover that he was living in fear.

06 Nov 14 Croatia Veterans Refuse to End Sit-In Protest

Former soldiers who are in their third week of non-stop protest outside the veterans’ ministry in Zagreb complained that the authorities have been violating their rights.

04 Nov 14 Deceased Yugoslav Defence Minister ‘Cheated Justice’

Former Croatian president Stjepan Mesic said Veljko Kadijevic, the wartime commander of the Yugoslav People’s Army, who has died in exile, should have been tried for war crimes.

03 Nov 14 Last Yugoslav Defence Minister Dies in Russia

Veljko Kadijevic, the wartime commander of the Yugoslav People’s Army, who was accused but never convicted of war crimes during the conflict in Croatia, has died in exile.

30 Oct 14 Protesting Croatian Veterans Take Demands to Parliament

The former soldiers, who are in their second week of non-stop protests, went to the Croatian parliament to repeat their demand for the sacking of the war veterans minister.

29 Oct 14 Croatia PM Rejects Protesting Veterans’ Demands

Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said he would not submit to ‘ultimatums’ from the former soldiers who have been protesting for 10 days, demanding the war veterans minister’s dismissal.

28 Oct 14 Croatian Ex-Soldier Attempts Suicide at Veterans’ Protest

A former serviceman set himself on fire outside the war veterans’ ministry in Zagreb – the second tragic incident at the veterans’ protest after a female ex-soldier died last week.

27 Oct 14 Croatian War Veterans’ Protest Enters Second Week

Rejecting a face-to-face appeal from President Ivo Josipovic, protesting ex-soldiers said they would not end their non-stop sit-in outside the war veterans’ ministry until their demands are met.

24 Oct 14 Croatian Veterans Vow to Continue Tent-Camp Protest

Former soldiers camped out in front of the war veterans’ ministry for the fifth day in a row, demanding improved benefits and the resignation of the minister.


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