25 Aug 15 Croatian Army Petitioned to Adopt Fascist Slogan

President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic has immediately rejected a petition signed by 3,200 people calling for the army to start using the Croatian WWII-era fascist chant ‘Za dom spremni’.

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24 Aug 15 Croatian War Criminal Arrested after Decade on Run

Emilio Bungur, who was convicted of war crimes against Serb civilian prisoners, was arrested near the Croatian coastal town of Sibenik after being on the run for ten years.

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13 Aug 15 Croatian Opposition Leader Sues over Spy Claims

The leader of Croatia’s main opposition party, Tomislav Karamarko, filed a suit against a former Yugoslav official who alleged that the politician used to be an informant for the Yugoslav secret services.

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12 Aug 15 Croatian Wartime General Poses with Hitler Wine

Photographs on the official Facebook page of Croatian wartime general Branimir Glavas, who is being tried for war crimes, show him posing with wine bottles labelled with Adolf Hitler’s picture.

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10 Aug 15 Serbia PM’s Balkan Remembrance Day Plan Rejected

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic’s proposal to establish a regional Remembrance Day to pay tribute to all the victims of the 1990s wars was instantly rejected by Croatia and Kosovo.

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07 Aug 15 Serbia, Croatia in Diplomatic Row Over Operation Storm

Belgrade and Zagreb exchanged diplomatic protest notes, accusing each other of hate speech and ethnic intolerance during this week’s 20th anniversary of the Croatian military’s Operation Storm.

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06 Aug 15 Croats Chant Anti-Serb Slogans at Nationalist Concert

Some 80,000 people watched nationalist singer Marko Perkovic Thompson celebrate the 20th anniversary of Croatia’s victorious Operation Storm, many chanting “Kill a Serb” and fascist slogans from WWII.

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05 Aug 15 Thousands Join Croatian Victory Celebrations in Knin

Thousands of people celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Croatian military’s victorious Operation Storm in Knin - the first town seized back from rebel Serbs during the offensive in August 1995.

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05 Aug 15 Croatia Celebrates Operation Storm Anniversary; Serbia Mourns

Croatia staged a military parade to mark the 20th anniversary of its victory in Operation Storm, which defeated Serb rebels, while Serbia commemorated the dead and the refugees.

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04 Aug 15 Croatia Marks 1995 Victory with Military Parade

Croatia is organising a showpiece military parade in Zagreb to mark the 20th anniversary of its victorious Operation Storm which crushed Serb rebels in August 1995.

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04 Aug 15 Croatian Serb Refugee Artists Depict Lost Homeland

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Croatia Army’s Operation Storm, Croatian Serb artists who fled the military offensive displayed paintings and sculptures about the place they left behind.

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03 Aug 15 Murdered Croatian Serb Peace Advocate Commemorated

Croatian NGOs commemorated Dmitar Obradovic, former head of the Vrginmost municipality, who was murdered by Serb forces in 1992 after trying to broker peace between local Croats and Serbs.

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31 Jul 15 ‘Operation Storm’ War Crimes Site Launched in Croatia

Croatian NGOs launched an interactive site showing the findings of the UN war crimes court in The Hague about the Croatian military’s 1995 ‘Operation Storm’ ahead of its 20th anniversary next week.

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31 Jul 15 Serbia’s Plan for Refugees ‘Likely to Fail’

The new Serbian national strategy on refugees and displaced people will not help them resolve their problems, a refugee association warned.

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29 Jul 15 Croatian Anti-Fascists Commemorate 1941 Deaths of Serbs

The Anti-Fascist League of Croatia commemorated the deaths of around 1,000 Serbs who were killed by Nazi-allied Ustasa units in the town of Glina during July and August 1941.

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