30 Sep 14 Croatian General Sues State Over Hague Detention

General Rahim Ademi, who was acquitted of crimes against humanity, has launched a lawsuit against Croatia seeking compensation for the seven months he spent in custody at the Hague Tribunal.

29 Sep 14 Killings of Elderly Serbs Commemorated in Croatia

War victims’ associations commemorated the anniversary of the killings of 16 elderly Serbs in the Croatian villages of Varivode and Gosic in 1995 and urged the authorities to punish their murderers.

26 Sep 14 Croatia General Raises Doubts Over Notorious Police Unit

A retired Croatian general testified that Tomislav Mercep, accused of ordering a police unit to kill civilians, may have not actually controlled the officers who committed the crime.

25 Sep 14 Serbs ‘Created No Obstacles’ to Fleeing Croats’ Return

Expelled Croats were free to go back to their homes in Serb-run areas of Croatia even during wartime, a defence witness told the trial of former Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic.

24 Sep 14 Croatia Veterans Give Govt Cyrillic Ultimatum

Veterans said all bilingual signs in Croatian and Serb Cyrillic must be removed from Vukovar or government politicians will be not be welcome at the annual commemoration of the town’s wartime fall.

23 Sep 14 Croatian Serb Leader Hadzic ‘Had Little Wartime Influence’

Former Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic did not have much influence over the situation in the Serb-controlled area of Krajina in Croatia during the conflict, a defence witness told his Hague Tribunal trial.

23 Sep 14 Croatia Police Arrest Anti-Cyrillic Activists in Vukovar

Five people were arrested after war veterans tore down bilingual signs in Croatian Latin and Serbian Cyrillic script in the latest unrest over the language issue in the wartime flashpoint town.

23 Sep 14 Anti-Fascist Victims of WWII Honoured in Zagreb

A new temporary memorial was unveiled in a park in the Croatian capital to honour thousands of people who were executed there by Zagreb’s wartime Ustasa pro-Nazi regime.

17 Sep 14 Croatia Clears Serb Commander of Village Expulsions

Former Croatian Serb commander Gojko Eror was cleared of expelling non-Serb civilians from the village of Berak near Vukovar in 1991, where 28 people were killed, because of a lack of evidence.

12 Sep 14 Wartime Croatian Serb Minister Denies Controlling Fighters

The unrecognised Serb government in Croatia had no authority over the military actions of the Yugoslav People’s Army and Territorial Defence fighters, a former minister told the trial of its leader Goran Hadzic.

10 Sep 14 Croatia ‘Proposed Population Swap’ With Serbia, Says Seselj

Wartime Croatian President Franjo Tudjman, not Serbian politicians, proposed that the two republics exchange part of their populations, Serb nationalist leader Vojislav Seselj told the Hague Tribunal.

09 Sep 14 Seselj Says Yugoslav Army Ran the War in Croatia

Nationalist politician Vojislav Seselj told the trial of former Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic that the Yugoslav People’s Army was in charge of all Serb fighters during the conflict in Croatia.

09 Sep 14 Croatian Spy Chiefs Face Joint Trial in Germany

Former Yugoslav intelligence officials Josip Perkovic and Zdravko Mustac, charged with involvement in the murder of a political emigré in 1983, will go on trial in Munich next month.

09 Sep 14 Croatia Detains Serb Paramilitary Over Srebrenica Killings

A court in Osijek remanded a former member of the notorious Scorpions paramilitary unit in custody ahead of his trial for allegedly killing six civilians from Srebrenica during wartime.

08 Sep 14 ‘Peace-Seeking’ Goran Hadzic ‘Spoke Up Against Nationalism’

Former Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic, on trial for trying to expel the non-Serb population from Croatia, was actually seeking a peaceful solution to the conflict, a former party colleague said.


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