19 Sep 17 Serbia’s ‘Red Berets’ Accused of Croatia Crimes

A witness told the retrial of former Serbian State Security Service chiefs Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic that the Red Berets unit, allegedly controlled by the defendants, committed crimes against non-Serb civilians in Croatia.

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14 Sep 17 Serbian State Security Chief Denies Controlling Arkan

The lawyer for the former head of the Serbian State Security Service, Jovica Stanisic, told the UN court that a witness’s claim that the security chief was paramilitary leader Arkan’s boss was untrue.

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14 Sep 17 Croatian Serbs Tried for Burning Village Homes

Three former members of Croatian Serb rebel units went on trial in absentia in Zagreb for burning homes in the village of Nova Derencina in central Croatia in 1991.

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13 Sep 17 Serbian Security Chief Stanisic ‘Was Arkan’s Boss’

A prosecution witness told the retrial of former Serbian security service chief Jovica Stanisic and his deputy in The Hague that notorious paramilitary leader Zeljko Raznatovic, alias Arkan, said Stanisic was his boss.

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12 Sep 17 Serbian Security ‘Controlled Serb Fighters in Croatia’

A prosecution witness told the trial of Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic in The Hague that the Serbian State Security Service established, controlled and armed Serb forces that waged war in Croatia.

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07 Sep 17 Bosnia War Victims Slam Croatia President’s Terror Claims

Bosniak war victims have accused Croatia’s President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic of damaging Bosnia and Herzegovina with baseless claims that the country is turning into a hub for Islamic terrorists.

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07 Sep 17 Croatia Removes Fascist Slogan Plaque from Jasenovac

A controversial plaque with the Croatian WWII fascist Ustasa slogan ‘Za dom spremni’ was removed from Jasenovac, near the location of a wartime Ustasa concentration camp.

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05 Sep 17 Tito’s Name Still Adorns Streets Across Ex-Yugoslavia

An Italian researcher has made a Google map showing that there are still 276 squares, streets and waterfronts named after Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito in former Yugoslav states.

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05 Sep 17 BIRN Film on Wartime Home Swaps Gets TV Premiere

BIRN’s new film ‘Your House was My Home’, about how war forced villagers in Serbia and Croatia to exchange homes with each other to save their lives, premieres on Al Jazeera Balkans on Tuesday.

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04 Sep 17 Serbia Protests After Croatian Right-Wingers Burn Newspaper

The Serbian Foreign Ministry sent a protest note to Croatia, complaining of “hatred and intimidation” after a far-right party burned a Serb ethnic minority newspaper in Zagreb at the weekend.

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01 Sep 17 Croatian WWII Victims’ Lawsuit Takes Bizarre Turn

Allegations of identity theft, a disappearing lawyer and threats to damage Croatia’s tourism industry have marred a US court case against Croatia claiming compensation for relatives of victims of the WWII fascist Ustasa regime.

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01 Sep 17 Zagreb to Remove Tito’s Name from City Square

Zagreb city assembly voted to rename a square dedicated to former Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito after pressure from right-wingers to erase the legacy of Communist rule.

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31 Aug 17 Serbian Forces ‘Used Croats as Human Shields’

At the retrial of former Serbian security chiefs Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic, a witness said he and other Croat civilians were used as human shields during an attack on a village in 1991.

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30 Aug 17 Serbian Ex-Official Blames Mladic for Croatia Crimes

The defence lawyer for former Serbian security official Franko Simatovic claimed that the Yugoslav People’s Army led by then colonel Ratko Mladic was responsible for crimes during an attack on a Croatian village in 1991.

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30 Aug 17 ‘Day of the Disappeared’ Commemorated Across Balkans

Events to mark the International Day of the Disappeared in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo and Serbia sought to raise awareness that 12,000 people are still missing from the 1990s wars.

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