16 Feb 17 Nazi Hunter Warns Against Canonising Croatian Archbishop

Nazi-hunter Efraim Zuroff said that the canonisation of controversial World War II Croatian archbishop Alojzije Stepinac would be “a religious tragedy” because he didn’t condemn fascist crimes.

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13 Feb 17 Croatian Police Official’s War Crimes Sentence Increased

Tomislav Mercep, a former Croatian interior ministry assistant and unofficial commander of a reservist police battalion, had his sentence for war crimes against civilians in 1991 increased to seven years.

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08 Feb 17 Croatia Told to Compensate 1990s Prisoner of War

A Croatian court ordered the state to pay compensation to former Yugoslav pilot Tomislav Bozovic for his suffering in the Kerestinec military prison near Zagreb during the 1990s war.

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07 Feb 17 Serbian Paramilitary Captain Dragan ‘Led Deadly Attack’

The widow of a German journalist killed in 1991 near the Croatian town of Glina claimed to have a recording of Serbian paramilitary Dragan Vasiljkovic, alias Captain Dragan, admitting he commanded the attack.

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07 Feb 17 Croatian Wartime General Gotovina Gets Movie Biopic

The shooting of a feature film about the life of Croatian general Ante Gotovina, who was acquitted of war crimes by the Hague Tribunal, starts in Croatia this month.

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06 Feb 17 Croatian Court Urged to Rehabilitate WWII Fascist Ally

Croatian NGO In the Name of the Family filed a request for the rehabilitation of academic Filip Lukas, who was convicted by the Communists for his connections to the country’s WWII-era fascist government.

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02 Feb 17 Captain Dragan ‘Watched Serbs Assaulting Prisoners’: Witness

At the war crimes trial of Serbian paramilitary commander Dragan Vasiljkovic, alias Captain Dragan, a witness claimed the defendant watched prisoners of war being assaulted at Knin fortress in Croatia.

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27 Jan 17 Croatian Anne Frank Tribute Commemorates Fascists’ Victims

The anti-fascist association in the town of Sibenik will mark Holocaust Remembrance Day with a reading of Anne Frank’s diary after a local school director barred an exhibition about the WWII diarist.

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25 Jan 17 Zagreb Event Challenges Concentration Camp Death Toll

The Zagreb authorities have given the go-ahead to a controversial event questioning the official number of victims of the World War II fascist concentration camp at Jasenovac in Croatia.

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24 Jan 17 Croatia Ex-President Shown Downplaying WWII Crimes

Croatian far-right media published videos shot in 1992 of former President Stjepan Mesic downplaying the crimes committed at the World War II fascist concentration camp at Jasenovac.

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23 Jan 17 Croatian Jews Boycott State-Run Holocaust Commemoration

The Croatian Jewish community will boycott the state commemoration of the Holocaust, claiming that the government is not tackling attempts by right-wingers to distort the country’s WWII history.

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20 Jan 17 Croatian School Removes Anne Frank Exhibition

An exhibition on Anne Frank was removed from a school in the town of Sibenik over claims the Croatian WWII fascist Ustasa fighters were depicted as villains and anti-fascist Partisans as innocents.

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17 Jan 17 Yugoslav General Who Staged Croatia Retreat Dies

Former Yugoslav People’s Army general Vladimir Trifunovic, who was prosecuted for treason in Serbia and war crimes in Croatia, remained controversial for his dramatic withdrawal from Croatia in 1991.

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17 Jan 17 Serbian Ruling Party Hosts War Crimes Convict

The ruling Serbian Progressive Party has been hosting Veselin Sljivancanin, who was convicted by the Hague Tribunal of responsibility for the 1991 Vukovar massacre, as a speaker at party events.

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16 Jan 17 Croatian Serb Policeman Charged over Village Raid

Former police chief Milenko Zelenbaba, a Serbian citizen, was charged with committing war crimes against Croat villagers near the southern town of Knin in 1992.

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