21 Nov 14 UN Justice Experts Condemn Trbic’s Release

Human rights experts of the United Nations, UN, express fear the release of Milorad Trbic, whose verdict for genocide was quashed, might lead to the 're-victimization of victims'.

23 Oct 14 Serbia Orders Arrest of Ex-Policeman Fighting in Ukraine

Former Serbian anti-terrorist police spokesperson Radomir Pocuca, on trial for threatening peace campaigners, faces arrest for not appearing in court after he joined pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine.

21 Oct 14 Rise in Bosnia War Crime Indictments Tests Courts

The Bosnian prosecution has indicted 63 people for war crimes this year – a record number compared to previous years – but the increase is stretching the system’s ability to cope.

20 Oct 14 Bosniak Fighters Deny Serb Prisoner Abuses in Srebrenik

Three former Bosnian military security officials pleaded not guilty to war crimes against civilians, some of whom were allegedly tortured, in the Srebrenik municipality in 1992.

14 Oct 14 Bosnia Struggles With War Crimes Investigation Backlog

The number of war crimes investigations into known suspects has only been reduced by two per cent in the past two years, with over 1,200 cases from the 1992-95 conflict still being probed.

05 Aug 14 Serbia Investigates General Over Kosovo War Crimes

War crimes prosecutors are investigating retired Yugoslav Army general Dragan Zivanovic on suspicion that he did not prevent the murders of 118 ethnic Albanian civilians in Kosovo in 1999.

01 Aug 14 Greece Arrests Croatian Serb for War Crimes

Greek officers detained Serb former prison guard Djuka Bogunovic after Croatia issued a warrant for his arrest on war crimes charges, accusing him of torturing a policeman.

09 Jun 14 Serbia Sacks Police Witness Protection Unit Chief

The sacking sparked new calls for reform of the unit which has been accused of employing officers involved in war crimes and intimidating witnesses testifying about wartime atrocities.

05 Jun 14 Serbia Completes Probe of Milosevic-Era Journalist’s Slaying

Prosecutors have finished investigating the 1999 assassination of prominent journalist and government opponent Slavko Curuvija, one of the most notorious crimes of the late Milosevic era.

04 Jun 14 Bosnia Arrests Two More War Crimes Suspects

For the second day in a row, Bosnian police have arrested two men suspected of war crimes committed in the towns of Sekovici and Busovaca during the 1992-95 conflict.

03 Jun 14 Bosnia Arrests Two War Crimes Suspects

Bosnian police have arrested two men suspected of committing war crimes against civilians and prisoners in Zavidovici and Brcko during the 1992-95 conflict.

28 May 14 Wartime Weapons Revealed in Bosnia Floods

Leftover weapons from the 1992-5 war in Bosnia have started emerging as the flood water recedes - proving that many people kept hold of their arsenals after the conflict ended.

23 May 14 Court Files Destroyed in Bosnian Floods

The recent floods have seriously damaged several Bosnian judicial institutions, destroying files, evidence and archives.

16 May 14 Serb Paramilitary ‘Captain Dragan’ Pleads for Release

Lawyers for notorious Serb ex-commander Dragan Vasiljkovic, who is in detention in Australia, said too much time had passed for him to be extradited to Croatia to face war crimes charges.

15 May 14 Serbia Urged to Prosecute US Albanians’ Killers

A website has been launched to campaign for justice for the three Bytyqi brothers, who were killed by Serbian forces 15 years ago after going to fight for the Kosovo Liberation Army.


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