12 Feb 18 Kosovo Releases Two Police Involved in Ivanovic Case

A Kosovo court has released two policemen who were arrested after surveillance footage allegedly showed one picking up a bullet shell from the scene of the murder of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic.

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10 Feb 18 Kosovo Arrests Two Police Over Ivanovic Investigation

Kosovo police have arrested two police officers from northern Mitrovica on suspicion of having manipulated evidence in the investigation into the murder of the Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic.

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08 Feb 18 Alleged Killers of Serbian Ex-President Could Face Retrial

A Belgrade court will consider ordering a retrial of the men convicted of the murder of 1980s Serbian President Ivan Stambolic and the attempted murder of former opposition leader Vuk Draskovic.

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01 Feb 18 US Deports Serb War Crimes Suspect to Croatia

Former Serb fighter Slobodan Mutic was deported to Croatia from the US and put into a remand prison while authorities investigate his alleged participation in war crimes and murder.

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29 Jan 18 Croatian Serb Policemen Accused of Raping Roma Women

Serbia’s Humanitarian Law Centre NGO filed a criminal complaint accusing Croatian Serb policemen of the wartime rape of six Roma women, one of whom was pregnant and three of whom were underage.

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22 Jan 18 Kosovo, Serbia Agree to Share Information on Ivanovic

Prosecutors in Serbia and Kosovo have agreed to share information on the investigation into the killing of the prominent Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic, who was shot dead last week.

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19 Jan 18 US Seeks to Revoke Bosnian's Citizenship

The US has filed a civil denaturalization complaint in Iowa against a 51-year-old from Bosnia, Eso Razic – who allegedly obtained US citizenship by fraud by failing to declare his former membership of paramilitary organisations.

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18 Jan 18 Witness Recognized Medicus Suspect at Pristina Airport

A police officer told a Kosovo court that he saw Moshe Harelm, the main suspect in the Medicus organ-trafficking case, in 2008 at Pristina airport.

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17 Jan 18 Ex-KLA Officials Deny Knowing of 1998 Killings

Former senior KLA officials told the trial of Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Limaj that they knew nothing of the fate of two civilians – allegedly executed as collaborators with the Serbian regime in 1998.

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16 Jan 18 Croatia Issues Light Sentence For 1998 Serb Killing

County court in the Croatian coastal city Split issued one-year prison sentence for two Croats who beat a Serb on Orthodox Christmas in 1998.

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13 Jan 18 Kosovo Requests Extradition of Organ Trafficking Suspect

Kosovo authorities requested the extradition of Moshe Harel, an Israeli citizen accused of being involved in organ- trafficking from Kosovo’s Medicus clinic in 2008.

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12 Jan 18 Claims About Kosovo's Post-War Murders Shock Families

Families of Kosovo post war victims expressed shock over the statements of a prosecution witness who claimed on TV that a group founded by Ibrahim and Qerim Kelmendi had carrried out political assasinations after the war ended.

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11 Jan 18 Bosnia Confirms Indictment for Crimes Near Donji Vakuf

Bosnia's state court has confirmed an indictment against four former Bosnian Serb fighters accused of killing 28 Croat and Bosniak civilians in a village near Donji Vakuf in 1995.

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20 Dec 17 Bosnian Serb Ex-Soldiers Arrested on Genocide Charges

Three former Bosnian Serb Army soldiers were arrested on suspicion that they assisted and committed genocide and crimes against humanity against Bosniaks in the Vlasenica area in 1995.

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19 Dec 17 Bosnian Army Ex-Soldiers Arrested for Killing 30 Serbs

Six former members of the Bosnian Army were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the killings of 30 Serb men and women in the village of Cemerno near Sarajevo in 1992.

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