29 Sep 16 Switzerland Arrests Bosnian Wartime Child Murder Suspect

Swiss police have arrested Elfeta Veseli, a female former Bosnian Army soldier who is suspected of murdering a 12-year-old Serb boy in the Zvornik area in 1992.

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28 Sep 16 Kosovo Announces Village Killings Probe After Protest

Kosovo’s Special Prosecution announced an investigation into killings and disappearances in the village of Mushtisht/Mustiste in 1999 after locals staged a protest against what they said was official inaction.

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22 Sep 16 Serbs to Stage Sarajevo Attack Reconstructions

Experts engaged by the Bosnian Serb authorities will stage reconstructions of the deadly blasts at Sarajevo’s Markale marketplace in 1994 and 1995 and an attack on a bread queue in 1992.

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16 Aug 16 Bosnia Denies Investigating Croatian General Gotovina

The Bosnian state prosecution has denied media reports that it has opened an investigation into former Croatian Army commander Ante Gotovina for alleged war crimes.

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04 Aug 16 Montenegro Arrests Kosovo War Murder Suspect

Police have arrested a Montenegrin citizen suspected of involvement in the killing of at least six ethnic Albanians in a Kosovo village in 1999 while he was serving with the Yugoslav Army.

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04 Aug 16 Serb War Crimes Suspect Arrested in Croatia

A man was arrested in a village in southern Croatia on suspicion of physically abusing two elderly Croat civilians when he was working for rebel Serb police forces in 1992.

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28 Jul 16 Dodik Pledges New Probe into Sarajevo, Tuzla Massacres

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said international experts will investigate the massacres at the Markale market and in Vase Miskina Street in Sarajevo, as well as in Kapija in Tuzla, to determine whether the crimes were investigated properly.

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16 Jun 16 Bosnian Prosecution Angered by Judge's Criticism

After an OSCE appointed expert judge, Joanna Korner, sharply criticized the work of the Bosnian prosecution on war crimes, its spokesman accused her of an attack on the judiciary.

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30 May 16 Bosnian Serb Ex-Official Accused of War Crimes

The Belgrade-based Humanitarian Law Centre and a Bosnian war victims’ association filed a complaint against a former Bosnian Serb official, accusing him of responsibility for murders, looting and illegal detentions.

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04 May 16 Switzerland Mulls KLA Ex-Guerrillas’ Extradition to Serbia

The decision whether to extradite two Kosovo Albanians accused of war crimes who were arrested in Switzerland on Serbian arrest warrants could take more than a month, Swiss authorities said.

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21 Apr 16 Montenegro Extradites Yugoslav Army Officer to Croatia

Montenegro has extradited former Yugoslav People’s Army officer Pavle Pantic to Croatia to stand trial for the shelling of the coastal city of Split during the war in 1991.

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12 Apr 16 Russia Refuses to Extradite Bosnia War Crimes Suspect

Russia is refusing to extradite a former Bosnian Serb soldier who is suspected of committing war crimes during mass expulsions of civilians in the Kljuc area, claiming he is too ill.

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30 Mar 16 Kosovo War Witnesses ‘Intimidated into Changing Stories’

Suspects were acquitted in war crimes cases in Kosovo last year because witnesses changed their stories in court, raising suspicions of intimidation, the Humanitarian Law Centre said in a new report.

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15 Mar 16 Kosovo Urges EU Involvement to End KLA Arrests

Kosovo’s government said arrests of former KLA members on Serbian warrants must end and the issue should be resolved as part of ongoing EU-sponsored talks between Pristina and Belgrade.

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14 Mar 16 Macedonia Holds Wanted Kosovo Liberation Army Ex-Fighter

A court in Skopje extended the detention of former Kosovo guerrilla Gafurr Dugolli, who was arrested by Macedonian police over Serbian allegations that he committed war crimes.

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