16 Apr 14 Serbia’s EU Progress ‘Not Dependent on Djindjic Case’

Revealing the background to PM Zoran Djindjic’s murder would help Serbia’s progress towards membership but is not a direct condition for successful negotiations, the European Commission told BIRN.

08 Apr 14 Alleged Assassin Appeals Extradition to Germany

Zdravko Musac, wanted in Germany for alleged involvement in a murder related to the Yugoslav secret services, has appealed Monday's ruling by a court in Varazdin to extradite him.

08 Apr 14 Serbian Policeman Held Over Threat to Peace Group

A Serbian court on Monday placed a police spokesperson in custody for 30 days for threatening peace activists who commemorated war crimes committed by Serbs in Kosovo.

02 Apr 14 Bosnian Police Warn About War Crimes Conman

Police in Prijedor are searching for a man who they suspect of falsely claiming to be collecting financial aid for the families of war crimes convicts from the Bosnian city.

31 Mar 14 Serbia to Probe Policeman’s Threat to Peace Group

The Serbian prosecution will investigate a police spokesperson who called on football hooligans to “fight” Belgrade peace group Women in Black after they commemorated wartime killings in Kosovo.

25 Feb 14 Bosnia ‘Running Out of Courtrooms’ for War Crimes Trials

The Bosnian state court said that the increasing number of war crimes prosecutors being employed to tackle a huge case backlog meant that it could need more courtrooms to try suspects.

14 Feb 14 Most Hague Tribunal Convicts Already Free

Of the 74 people convicted by the Hague Tribunal of wartime crimes in the former Yugoslavia, 49 of them are already out of jail, most of them after being granted early release.

06 Feb 14 Croatia Arrests Bosnian Detention Camp Commander

Croatian police have detained former camp cammander Cazim Behric, who was living in the city of Rijeka but is wanted in Bosnia for alleged war crimes against prisoners and rape.

29 Jan 14 Serbia Probes Bosnian Army Commander Naser Oric

The Serbian prosecution is investigating former Bosniak military chief Oric’s role in the killing of Serb civilians in Srebrenica in 1992, although extradition to Belgrade is unlikely.

27 Jan 14 Serbian Paramilitary Arkan’s Bank Boxes Empty

Two bank deposit boxes owned by deceased paramilitary boss Zeljko Raznatovic, alias Arkan, suspected of containing evidence of war crimes, have been revealed to be empty.

21 Jan 14 Serbian Prosecutor Probes Paramilitary Arkan’s Bank Stash

Serbia’s war crimes prosecutor will open deposit boxes held by the notorious deceased paramilitary chief Zeljko Raznatovic, alias Arkan, seeking evidence to prosecute members of his unit.

04 Dec 13 Seven Arrested For War Crimes in Bosnia's Northwest

Bosnia's State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA, has arrested seven people suspected over crimes committed in the Kotor Varos area in 1992.

20 Nov 13 Bosnian War Criminals’ Release Sparks International Concern

The EU and international organisations in Bosnia expressed concerns after ten war crimes and genocide convicts were set free because they were tried under the wrong criminal code.

19 Nov 13 Bosnia Releases Ten War Crimes Convicts

The Bosnian state court has ordered the immediate release of ten genocide and war crimes convicts because the wrong criminal code was used at their trials.

30 Oct 13 Germany to Extradite Serb Ex-Policeman to Croatia

Ibrahim Knezevic, charged with detaining and assaulting Croat civilians in a wartime Serb-run enclave in Croatia, will be deported to stand trial after being arrested in Germany.


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