wartime-allegations-return-to-haunt-kosovo-s-limaj-11-04-2015 05 Nov 15 Wartime Allegations Return to Haunt Kosovo’s Limaj

Guerrilla turned politician Fatmir Limaj could face his third war crimes trial for brutal abuses at the Kosovo Liberation Army’s Klecka detention camp after a court decided to hear a motion for retrial.

huge-war-crimes-case-backlog-overwhelms-bosnia-10-22-2015 23 Oct 15 Huge War Crimes Case Backlog Overwhelms Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina will fail to resolve the most sensitive war crimes cases by its December 2015 deadline and may not tackle the thousands of remaining cases by the final deadline of 2023.

race-hots-up-for-serbian-war-crimes-post-10-06-2015 06 Oct 15 Race Hots up for Serbian War Crimes Post

Three key candidates aspire to become Serbia’s new chief war crime prosecutor – an unenviable job that comes with a lot of political pressure and precious little support.

kosovo-and-serbia-offer-havens-for-jail-dodgers-09-16-2015 16 Sep 15 Kosovo and Serbia Offer Havens for Jail-Dodgers

Convicted criminals from Kosovo and Serbia only have to cross each other’s borders in order to escape serving jail sentences for the crimes that they committed.

how-will-special-kosovo-court-work--08-05-2015 06 Aug 15 Kosovo’s New War Court: How Will it Work?

After MPs in Pristina voted to set up a new court to try Kosovo Liberation Army ex-guerrillas, BIRN examines how it will operate, who it can prosecute and for which offences.

captain-dragan-case-fuels-croatia-serbia-tussle 06 Jan 15 ‘Captain Dragan’ Case Sparks Croatia-Serbia Tussle

Zagreb and Belgrade are competing for the right to put notorious former Serb paramilitary chief Dragan Vasiljkovic on trial for war crimes, as he seeks to avoid extradition from Australia.

is-bosnia-s-prosecution-tearing-up-investigations 26 Dec 14 Is Bosnia’s Prosecution ‘Tearing Up’ Investigations?

Legal experts and judicial officials have criticised the state prosecution for raising indictments for individual war crimes, reducing complex and wide-ranging attacks to a series of more minor incidents.

new-war-crimes-tribunal-poses-dilemma-for-kosovo 09 Apr 14 New War Crimes Tribunal Poses Dilemma for Kosovo

While many in Kosovo resent the idea of yet another tribunal charged with probing war crimes committed in the late 1990s, pressure to agree to the court is proving irresistible.

serbia-s-war-crimes-witness-protection-unit-failing 29 Nov 13 Serbia’s War Crimes Witness Protection Unit ‘Failing’

The police protection unit, accused of intimidating war crimes witnesses whose safety it was supposed to ensure, has also come under fire from a judge for the first time.

serbia-urged-to-prosecute-commanders-for-kosovo-massacre 16 Oct 13 Seeking Justice in Serbia for Kosovo’s Lost Sons

Rights campaigners in Belgrade say that 14 years after a brutal massacre in a Kosovo village, they’ve identified the Yugoslav units responsible and have demanded prosecution in Serbia.

zoran-raskovic-the-paramilitary-who-repented 17 May 13 Zoran Raskovic - The Jackal Who Repented

The Serbian paramilitary who became a key prosecution witness at his former comrades’ trial for war crimes in Kosovo says he had to speak out about the brutal massacres his unit committed.

macedonia-refuses-to-face-its-troubled-past 07 May 13 Macedonia Refuses to Face Its Troubled Past

Macedonia has yet to face up to what happened in its 2001 conflict with Albanian rebels, says Biljana Vankovska, an advocate for Balkan reconciliation initiative RECOM.

deadly-toll-of-yugoslav-brigade-s-kosovo-attacks-revealed 21 Mar 13 Deadly Toll of Yugoslav Brigade’s Kosovo Attacks Revealed

A Yugoslav Army brigade’s military assaults on eight Kosovo villages that killed 885 people in 1999 have now been fully documented, but Serbia may never prosecute its commander.

bosnia-s-war-crimes-strategy-may-finally-speed-up 17 Jan 13 Bosnia Tries to Speed Up War Crimes Prosecutions

Four years since Bosnia adopted a war-crimes strategy, hopes are growing that perpetrators might be brought to justice more quickly.

milorad-novkovic-prosecuting-war-crimes-costs-money 11 Jan 13 Milorad Novkovic: Prosecuting War Crimes Costs Money

The president of Bosnia’s highest judicial authority says that failure to secure resources will hold up prosecutions of alleged war criminals.

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