29 Jun 15 Bosnian Serbs Urge UN to Drop Srebrenica Resolution

A Bosnian Serb leader told the UN secretary-general that a planned Security Council resolution to mark the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacres would cause more divisions.

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29 Jun 15 Bosnian Serb Fighter Convicted of Wartime Rape

The Bosnian state court sentenced former Bosnian Serb Army soldier Slavko Savic to eight years in prison for raping a Bosniak woman in Vogosca near Sarajevo in 1993.

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29 Jun 15 Serbia Unveils Monument to Gavrilo Princip

Serbia’s president unveiled a statue of Princip, whose murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand helped to spark World War I, saying that the assassin tried to liberate Balkan countries from slavery.

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26 Jun 15 Srebrenica Commander Oric Extradited to Sarajevo

Former Bosnian Army general Naser Oric arrived in the Bosnian capital after being extradited from Switzerland, where he was being held on a Serbian war crimes warrant.

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26 Jun 15 Bosnia to Adopt Torture Victim Law This Year

Bosnia’s human rights minister announced that a law on torture victims which would ensure the rights of hundreds of thousands of former detainees will be sent to parliament by the year’s end.

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26 Jun 15 Srebrenica Commander’s Extradition Sparks Serb Fury

The Swiss authorities’ decision to extradite Srebrenica’s wartime Bosniak commander Naser Oric to Bosnia instead of Serbia has angered political leaders in Belgrade and Banja Luka.

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26 Jun 15 Mladic Defence: Mass Grave Victims ‘Misidentified’

Former Bosnian Serb Army commander Ratko Mladic’s defence said the International Commission for Missing Persons wrongly identified victims exhumed from mass graves.

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25 Jun 15 Switzerland to Extradite Naser Oric to Bosnia

Former Bosnian Army general Naser Oric will to be extradited from Switzerland to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he is under investigation for war crimes, despite Belgrade’s plea for him to be sent to Serbia.

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25 Jun 15 Bosnian Serbs’ Renaming of Language Angers Bosniaks

Bosniak officials, teachers and parents expressed anger after schools in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity of Republika Srpska changed of the name of their language without consultation.

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24 Jun 15 Mladic Trial Hears New Mass Grave Testimony

Judges at the Hague Tribunal are examining new witnesses in the war crimes case against Ratko Mladic after the prosecution was allowed to present evidence found at Bosnia’s biggest mass grave in 2013.

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24 Jun 15 Bosnian Serb Soldiers Jailed for Raping Teenager

Former Bosnian Serb soldiers Bosiljko and Ostoja Markovic were convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl in the Kotor Varos area in 1992, in a verdict that could help other war crimes victims win compensation.

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24 Jun 15 Naser Oric Arrest Threatens Srebrenica Anniversary

Organisers of the 20th anniversary commemoration of the Srebrenica massacres say they will postpone it until Bosniak ex-commander Oric, who was detained on a Serbian war crimes warrant, is freed.

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23 Jun 15 Serbia Slams ‘Destabilising’ UN Srebrenica Resolution

The Serbian authorities wrote to the permanent members of the UN Security Council, saying that a proposed resolution condemning the Srebrenica genocide would cause destabilisation in the region.

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22 Jun 15 Serbia Seeks Extradition of Bosniak Ex-Commander Oric

Serbia’s justice ministry has formally requested the extradition of Naser Oric, the former commander of Bosniak forces in Srebrenica, who was arrested in Switzerland this month.

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19 Jun 15 Serbia PM ‘Ready to Attend’ Srebrenica Anniversary

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said he was ready to pay tribute at the 20th anniversary commemoration of the massacres but does not support a UN resolution condemning them as genocide.

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