18 Apr 14 Bosniak Woman Recalls Husband’s Abduction by Serb Fighters

A Bosniak woman told the war crimes trial of three former Bosnian Serb fighters that her husband was taken from a primary school in Kalinovik in 1992 and killed.

18 Apr 14 Bosniak Soldier Jailed for Jablanica Woman’s Murder

Former Bosnian Army serviceman Zehrudin Scuk was sentenced to six years in prison for killing a female civilian in the village of Krkaca near Jablanica in 1993.

17 Apr 14 Bosnian Croat’s Prozor Murder and Torture Trial Opens

Former Croatian Defence Council fighter Nikola Maric is accused of involvement in the detentions, persecution and killings of Bosniaks in the Prozor area in 1992 and 1993.

17 Apr 14 Bosnian Serb ‘Blue Eagles’ Fighter Denies Killings

Former fighter Milun Kornjaca, accused of the imprisonment, torture and murder of Bosniaks in the Cajnice area in 1992, told the court that he had nothing to do with any of the crimes.

16 Apr 14 Bosnian Croat Fighters Indicted for Kiseljak Torture

Four ex-members of the Croatian Defence Council, whose arrests sparked a protest in Kiseljak, are accused of the torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners of war in 1993.

15 Apr 14 Hague Tribunal Rejects Ratko Mladic’s Acquittal Plea

The international court turned down former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic’s request to quash the genocide and war crime charges against him midway through his trial.

15 Apr 14 Bosniak Recalls Wife’s Murder in Kokino Selo

A witness told the war crimes trial of Bosnian Serb ex-fighter Dragan Sekaric how his wife was killed while trying to escape an attack on the village of Kokino Selo near Gorazde in May 1992.

14 Apr 14 Bosnian Serb Officer Jailed for Prisoner Abuse

A court in Bijeljina sentenced former Bosnian Serb Army officer Velimir Popovic to five years in jail for violently abusing prisoners of war at the Ugljevik detention camp.

11 Apr 14 Dig Near Donji Vakuf Fails to Yield Mass Grave

No remains of victims from the 1990s war from the Prijedor area have been found at Oborci locality, near Donji Vakuf, after two days of digging.

10 Apr 14 Bosnian Croat Sentenced for Dretelj Camp Abuse

The Appellate Chamber of the Bosnian State Court sentenced a former member of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, Drazen Mikulic, to a year-and-a-half in prison for crimes against a Bosniak civilian held in the Dretelj camp, near Capljina, in 1993.

10 Apr 14 Seven Plead Not Guilty to Kotor Varos Crimes

Seven Bosnian Serb defendants pleaded not guilty on Wednesday before the Bosnian State Court for war crimes committed in Kotor Varos in 1992.

09 Apr 14 Prosecution Seeks Sijekovac Massacre Conviction

In its closing arguments at the trial for crimes committed in Bosanski Brod, the prosecution said Zemir Kovacevic should be found guilty of killing, looting and the illegally arrest of Bosnian Serb civilians in 1992.

09 Apr 14 Long Jail Term Sought for Edin Dzeko

The Bosnian State Prosecution, in its closing arguments, called for former Bosnian Army fighter Edin Dzeko to receive a long sentence for crimes committed against Bosnian Croats in Konjic and Jabhlanica in 1993.

09 Apr 14 Serbia Extradites War Crimes Suspect to Bosnia

Prosecutors in Bihac in northwest Bosnia said that Milutin Babic, from Kljuc, suspected of war crimes in Bosanski Petrovac, had been extradited from Serbia.

08 Apr 14 Ruling on Mladic Acquittal Request Due April 15

The trial chamber of the Hague tribunal is to decide on the request of Ratko Mladic's defence for his release after the prosecution presents its case on April 15.


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