27 Feb 15 Serbia Promises Imminent Strpci Abduction Indictments

Twenty-two years after Serb fighters seized 20 passengers from a train in Bosnia and killed them, the Serbian war crimes prosecution said that indictments will be issued in the coming days.

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27 Feb 15 Fugitive Bosnian Serb General’s Case in Limbo

Former Bosnian Serb general Novak Djukic fled to Serbia last year after being convicted of wartime crimes in Tuzla, but there is no indication when or if Belgrade will jail him.

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27 Feb 15 Bosniak War Deaths ‘Exaggerated’, Says Mladic Witness

A Bosnian Serb official involved in the search for missing persons said the Sarajevo government and international organisations exaggerated the number of Bosniak war victims in places like Srebrenica.

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26 Feb 15 Bosnia Maps 150 Wartime Detention Sites

A new web database shows 150 detention camps and sites used during the 1990s conflict, part of a project to map all the places where civilian and military prisoners were held in wartime.

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26 Feb 15 Female Bosnian Serb Fighters Convicted of Prisoner Torture

Former fighters Bora Kuburic and Radmila Banjac were sentenced to four years in prison each for torturing a captured Bosnian Army nurse in the summer of 1992 in Bosanska Krupa.

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26 Feb 15 War-Battered Bosnian Mosque to be Rebuilt

The 16th century Emperor’s Mosque in the town of Foca, which was badly damaged by Bosnian Serb forces during the war in 1992, is to be reconstructed.

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25 Feb 15 Bosnian Army ‘Left Srebrenica at Serbs’ Mercy’

A defence witness at Ratko Mladic’s war crimes trial testified that Bosniak troops quit Srebrenica in July 1995 and left the enclave’s population at the mercy of Bosnian Serb forces.

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25 Feb 15 Hague Tribunal Warns Karadzic for ‘Frivolous Motions’

The Hague tribunal has warned Bosnian Serb ex-president Radovan Karadzic and his legal adviser to stop delaying his trial with “frivolous” motions that do not help his case.

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24 Feb 15 Bosnia Camp Guard Apologises to Abused Serbs

The former deputy commander of Croatian Defence Forces’ wartime Dretelj detention camp admitted that he abused Serb prisoners in 1992 and begged for their forgiveness.

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20 Feb 15 Bosniak Refugee Ordered to Pay Serb Squatters

An elderly Bosniak refugee who returned after the war was ordered to pay compensation to a Serb family who occupied her house in a village near Visegrad and renovated it in her absence.

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19 Feb 15 Bosnian Serb Leader Dodik Denies Hating Bosniaks

The president of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, said that he was a man of peace and blamed Bosniaks’ political leaders for making their lives difficult.

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18 Feb 15 Mladic Witness: Srebrenica Wasn’t Demilitarised Zone

A former Bosnian Serb Army officer told Ratko Mladic’s trial that Bosniak forces remained active in Srebrenica even when it was supposed to be a demilitarised ‘safe area’.

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17 Feb 15 Mladic Witness Describes Prison Camp Murders and Abuse

A defence witness told Ratko Mladic’s trial in The Hague that Bosniaks were killed near the Bosnian Serbs’ Manjaca prison camp in 1992, but blamed the crimes on civilian police.

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17 Feb 15 Serbs Criticise Bosnia’s ‘Biased’ Hunt for Missing Persons

A Serb victims’ group accused the Bosnian Missing Persons Institute of discrimination, alleging that it was not doing enough to find the bodies of Serbs who disappeared during wartime.

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17 Feb 15 Bosnia Arrests Two for War Crimes Against Serbs

Former Croatian Defence Council military policemen Muamir Jasarevic and Sead Velagic are suspected of involvement in the wartime torture, persecution and murders of Serbs in the Livno area.

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