playing-together-but-still-living-apart 12 Mar 14 Playing Together, But Still Living Apart

Disabled war veterans from all over the former Yugoslavia come together to play at volleyball tournaments – but that doesn’t mean they’re getting any closer to post-conflict reconciliation.

war-on-the-bosnian-protests 24 Feb 14 Politicians Play War Games With Bosnia Protests

Politicians in Bosnia have been trying to stir up bad memories of the 1990s conflict in a bid to undermine and discredit the nationwide protests against economic hardship and corruption.

bosnia-s-biggest-mass-grave-raises-justice-hopes 03 Feb 14 Bosnia’s Biggest Mass Grave Raises Justice Hopes

Forensic evidence from a mass grave at the Tomasica mine near Prijedor, where the remains of hundreds of people have been found, could be used to help punish war criminals.

no-winners-in-mladic-karadzic-courtroom-face-off 29 Jan 14 No Winners in Mladic-Karadzic Courtroom Face-Off

Radovan Karadzic gained nothing when Ratko Mladic refused to answer questions at his trial, while anyone seeking the truth about either man’s wartime role was left none the wiser.

war-crimes-justice-remains-key-to-enlargement 13 Jan 14 War Crimes Justice Remains Key to EU Accession

The prosecution of war crimes in the ex-Yugoslav region is still an EU priority, the outgoing Enlargement Director for the Westerns Balkans, Pierre Mirel, tells BIRN.

long-told-stories-or-knowledge-about-the-mass-crimes 30 Dec 13 Mladic on Trial: The Courtroom Drama Continues

Almost all the Hague Tribunal’s prosecution evidence against Ratko Mladic has now been heard, with witnesses testifying that the former Bosnian Serb military chief must have known about war crimes.

bosnia-court-controversies-and-freed-war-criminals 26 Dec 13 Bosnia: Court Controversies and Freed War Criminals

The release of convicted Bosnian war criminals, controversy over a dissenting Hague Tribunal judge and the discovery of the country’s biggest wartime mass grave made headlines in 2013.

infographic-state-aid-to-hague-indictees 23 Dec 13 Infographic: State Aid to Hague Indictees

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network has established that five former Yugoslav countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia – spent a total of almost 40 million euro on support for war crimes suspects at the Hague Tribunal.

ethnic-politics-dictate-payments 23 Dec 13 Bosnia: Ethnic Politics Dictate Payments

Bosnian Serb war crimes suspects received 640,000 euro of state money, plus more cash from private funds, while Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats got nothing.

how-ex-yugoslav-states-funded-war-crimes-defendants 23 Dec 13 How Ex-Yugoslav States Funded War Crimes Defendants

Former Yugoslav countries have spent almost 40 million euro of public money supporting war crimes suspects on trial at the Hague Tribunal, a BIRN investigation has revealed.

dead-witnesses-pose-dilemma-for-bosnian-trials 03 Dec 13 Dead Witnesses Pose Dilemma for Bosnian Trials

As more and more witnesses to the 1992-95 war pass away, questions about the value of their testimony in war crimes trials are becoming more pressing.

selective-memory 22 Nov 13 Selective Memory

Bosnia’s post-war divisions are played out in the fight to build memorials at the sites of notorious wartime prisons.

serbian-prosecutor-vows-to-clear-the-road-to-justice 21 Nov 13 Serbian Prosecutor Vows to Clear the Road to Justice

Serbia is trying to bring suspected war criminals to justice despite attempted cover-ups, political problems and fugitives trying to evade arrest, deputy prosecutor Bruno Vekaric told BIRN.

bosnian-legal-blunder-slows-war-crimes-trials 19 Nov 13 Bosnian Legal Blunder Slows War Crimes Trials

The retrial of dozens of old war crimes cases because of a European rights court ruling could overload the Bosnian state court, delaying the start of new trials and sapping funds.

bosnian-census-highlights-ethnic-cleansing-of-croats 08 Nov 13 Bosnian Census ‘Confirms Ethnic Cleansing of Croats’

The first post-war Bosnian census will show that almost all the Croats have been driven out of the country’s Serb-controlled Republika Srpska entity, claims local bishop Franjo Komarica.

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