bosnia-s-national-anthem-still-lost-for-words-02-04-2016 04 Feb 16 Bosnia’s National Anthem Still Lost for Words

Two decades after the war, Bosnian politicians still cannot agree on lyrics for the national anthem.

serbian-activist-faces-trial-for-commemorating-srebrenica-01-28-2016 29 Jan 16 Serbian Activist Faces Court for Commemorating Srebrenica

Anita Mitic, a rights activist who was charged with breaking Serbia’s public gatherings law, claims the case against her is another example of the authorities’ policy of Srebrenica genocide denial.

bosnian-serb-national-celebration-leaves-a-troubling-hangover-01-13-2016 13 Jan 16 Bosnian Serb Party Leaves a Troubling Hangover

Defiant celebrations of the disputed Bosnian Serb ‘Republic Day’ holiday brought unwelcome divisions back to the ethnically-mixed town of Prijedor, where locals usually seek to avoid tensions.

karadzic-verdict-nears-as-hague-tribunal-enters-2016-12-30-2015 05 Jan 16 Karadzic Verdict Nears as Hague Tribunal Enters 2016

The Hague Tribunal will deliver its verdict in the landmark trial of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic this year but faces problems deciding how to handle the defiant Serbian nationalist Vojislav Seselj.

grim-anniversaries-overshadow-bosnia-in-2015-12-17-2015 24 Dec 15 Grim Anniversaries Overshadow Bosnia in 2015

From World War II commemorations to the anniversaries of the Srebrenica massacres and the Dayton peace agreement, the year served to remind Bosnia of its violent past - and uncertain future.

bosnia-and-serbia-one-step-forward-two-steps-back-12-23-2015 23 Dec 15 Bosnia and Serbia: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

After relations improved this year between the two neighbouring countries, the Serbian PM has created new problems by ignoring a ruling made by Bosnia’s Constitutional Court.

7-000-bosnians-still-live-in-collective-centers-says-bosnian-ngo-12-13-2015 14 Dec 15 7,000 Bosnians Still Homeless after 1990s War

Twenty years after the war ended, more than 7,000 people displaced by the conflict still live in temporary accommodation in ‘collective centres’ throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

bosnian-courts-deny-compensation-to-war-prisoners-12-10-2015 10 Dec 15 Bosnian Courts Deny Compensation to War Prisoners

Former prisoners seeking compensation for their mental suffering in detention camps are being forced to pay thousands of euros to file claims or losing their assets when their claims are ruled invalid.

bosnia-inside-the-dayton-peace-talks-12-07-2015 07 Dec 15 Bosnia: Inside the Dayton Peace Talks

A special report from BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ‘TV Justice’ programme looks back on the difficult negotiations that led to the agreement ending three-and-a-half years of war in the country.

20-years-after-dayton-bosnia-s-neighbours-still-worry-bosniaks-11-20-2015 21 Nov 15 20 Years after Dayton, Bosnia’s Neighbours Still Worry Bosniaks

The open hostilities between Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia in the 1990s have long given way to friendlier relations - but Bosniaks are still anxious about their neighbours.

bosnians-pessimistic-about-peace-deal-s-legacy-11-19-2015 20 Nov 15 Bosnians Pessimistic About Peace Deal’s Legacy

Regardless of their ethnicity, political affiliation or economic status, many people in Bosnia and Herzegovina agree that the only success of the Dayton peace agreement 20 years ago was ending the war.

bosnia-restless-20-years-after-dayton-11-18-2015 19 Nov 15 Bosnia Restless, 20 Years After Dayton

On the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Agreement, which ended the 1992-95 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is heated debate about whether it was a success or a failure.

baljvine-village-where-there-was-no-war-11-15-2015 16 Nov 15 The Bosnian Village that Rejected the War

The village of Baljvine is an example of coexistence and tolerance for the still-divided country because its Serbs and Bosniaks were never in conflict during the war, locals explain in a BIRN video report.

bosnian-court-fears-abolition-attempt-by-serbs-11-10-2015 11 Nov 15 Bosnian Court Fears ‘Abolition Attempt’ by Serbs

The state court fears that a new Bosnian Serb reform proposal is aimed at abolishing the state-level judiciary, but Republika Srpska says it just wants to clarify the division of authority between the state and Bosnia’s entities.

heritage-in-flames-prosecuting-wartime-cultural-crimes-11-06-2015 06 Nov 15 Heritage in Flames: Prosecuting Wartime Cultural Crimes

Kosovo’s bid to join UNESCO has again highlighted the destruction of cultural and religious monuments during wartime - crimes that ex-Yugoslav countries’ courts have largely been failing to tackle.

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