wartime-sexual-crimes-a-challenge-for-balkan-prosecutors-06-22-2017 22 Jun 17 Wartime Sexual Crimes: A Challenge for Balkan Prosecutors

Prosecutors in the former Yugoslavia must develop comprehensive policies for dealing with sexual and gender-based crimes to ensure justice for vicims, Hague Tribunal deputy prosecutor Michelle Jarvis told BIRN.

un-needs-to-properly-redress-kosovo-victims-06-21-2017 21 Jun 17 UN Needs to Properly Compensate Kosovo Victims

The United Nations should reconsider its refusal to compensate Kosovo Roma who suffered lead poisoning at UN-run camps after the Kosovo war.

aleksandar-vucic-s-broken-promises-to-america-06-16-2017 19 Jun 17 Aleksandar Vucic’s Broken Promises to America

President Vucic has repeatedly promised to resolve the murders of the Albanian-American Bytyqi brothers in Serbia in 1999, so when he visits Washington, the US must pressure him to finally deliver.

partisans-necropolis-in-bosnia-s-mostar-left-to-rot-06-14-2017 15 Jun 17 Partisans’ Necropolis in Bosnia’s Mostar Left to Rot

The monumental Partisans’ Cemetery in the Bosnian town of Mostar, where Yugoslav anti-fascist WWII fighters were buried, has been abandoned to decay, a victim of changing attitudes to history in the 1990s.

kosovo-is-still-controversial-theme-in-serbia-movie-author-06-13-2017 14 Jun 17 Kosovo Film Ignites Controversy in Serbia

After right-wingers protested against a documentary about Kosovo, director Aleksandar Reljic said it showed that it remains a controversial topic - even though his film aims to promote dialogue and undermine stereotypes.

bosnia-s-segregated-schooling-entrenches-wartime-divisions-06-12-2017 13 Jun 17 Bosnia’s Segregated Schooling Entrenches Wartime Divisions

In the second of two reports on the education system in Bosnia, where children are taught differently according to ethnicity, experts argue that segregated schooling is a way of keeping people divided.

students-challenge-ethnically-divided-education-in-bosnia-06-12-2017 12 Jun 17 Pupils Challenge Ethnically-Divided Education in Bosnia

Meet the pupils and teachers fighting against Bosnia and Herzegovina’s deeply divided education system and the segregation it entrenches.

serbian-courts-reinterpret-history-to-forgive-chetniks-crimes-06-06-2017 06 Jun 17 Serbian Courts Reinterpret History to Forgive Chetniks’ Crimes

The recent legal rehabilitation of Chetnik commander Nikola Kalabic shows how the crimes committed during World War II have been reinterpreted in Serbia in order to posthumously absolve their perpetrators.

bosnia-s-top-court-has-wasted-resources-kreho-says-06-02-2017 02 Jun 17 Bosnia’s Top Court Has ‘Wasted’ Resources, Kreho Says

The prosecution’s failure to make complex war-crime cases a priority has wasted the resources of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the president of its criminal department, Minka Kreho, says.

wartime-furnaces-remind-bosnians-of-struggle-for-warmth-05-31-2017 31 May 17 Wartime Furnaces Remind Bosnians of Struggle for Warmth

A display of improvised furnaces used during the war reminds Sarajevans of their creativity during the siege of the Bosnian capital.

agony-of-wartime-rape-victims-endures-in-kosovo-05-28-2017-1 29 May 17 The Enduring Agony of Wartime Rape in Kosovo

Women who have suffered in silence for years in Kosovo, after being tortured and raped in the war, are being offered a reparations scheme – but the stigma of rape means many of them may not apply for it.

bosnians-celebrate-birthday-of-leader-they-never-knew-05-26-2017 26 May 17 Bosnians Celebrate Birthday of Leader They Never Knew

Bad weather did not stop a whole lot of young Bosnians from partying on May 25 in honour of the birthday of Yugoslav leader Josip Tito – who died long before most of them were born.

bosnian-widow-spends-last-days-between-sons-graves-05-25-2017-1 25 May 17 Bosnian Widow Spends Last Days Between Sons’ Graves

Nura Alispahic, now 73, lost her whole family in the Srebrenica genocide and the 1995 bombing of Tuzla – which was marked on Thursday. Now she waits to die, finding ‘life harder than death’.

serb-soldier-pays-homage-to-his-enemy-saviours-05-12-2017 15 May 17 Serb Soldier Pays Homage to His ‘Enemy’ Saviours

After Serb soldier Nikola Barisic stepped on a landmine, his life was saved by ‘enemy’ troops and medics - and he has now returned to donate thousands of euros to their hospital in gratitude.

bosnian-wartime-aid-convoy-attackers-evade-justice-05-11-2017 12 May 17 Bosnian Wartime Aid Convoy Attackers Evade Justice

Twenty-four years have passed without any prosecutions for the ambush of the ‘Tuzla Convoy of Salvation’, when seven Bosniak truck drivers and several passengers were killed by Croat forces.

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