louder-than-guns-croatia-s-wartime-patriotic-singers-10-18-2017 20 Oct 17 ‘Louder than Guns’: Croatia’s Patriotic Wartime Singers

A new documentary about huge number of Croatian patriotic songs recorded during the 1990s conflict shows how musicians volunteered their talents to support the ‘Homeland War’ for independence.

why-croatia-s-president-tudjman-imitated-general-franco-10-12-2017 11 Oct 17 Why Croatia’s President Tudjman Imitated General Franco

Franjo Tudjman said he developed a model of post-war reconciliation based on a monument built by Spanish fascist leader Franco - but at the memorial near Madrid, experts say the Croatian got it wrong.

how-did-war-criminals-become-serbia-s-heroes--10-09-2017 09 Oct 17 How Did War Criminals Become Serbia’s Heroes?

War criminals who have served their sentences have become active participants in political life in Serbia thanks to the government and media, which have decided to forget what they did and promote them as heroes.

naser-oric-faces-judgment-over-serb-captives-deaths-10-05-2017 06 Oct 17 Naser Oric Faces Judgment over Serb Captives’ Deaths

The trial of Naser Oric, the Bosnian Army’s former commander in Srebrenica who is accused of killing Serb prisoners of war, centred on a key witness’s testimony - but was it true or false?

naser-oric-srebrenica-commander-inspires-love-and-hate-10-02-2017 05 Oct 17 Naser Oric: Srebrenica Commander Inspires Love and Hate

Ahead of his war crimes verdict, Naser Oric, a wartime defender of Srebrenica who once worked as Slobodan Milosevic’s bodyguard, says he is “loved” by Bosniaks - but is also despised by many Serbs.

bosnia-activists-install-signs-at-unmarked-war-sites-10-02-2017 03 Oct 17 Bosnia Activists Install Signs at Unmarked War Sites

Four activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina have been conducting an unofficial campaign to place temporary memorial signs at sites where people suffered during wartime but where no permanent monument exists.

bosnian-state-court-president-condemns-unfair-criticism--09-29-2017 02 Oct 17 Bosnian State Court President Condemns ‘Unfair Criticism’

The Bosnian state court deserves praise for completing hundreds of war crimes cases, but it still has a “long road ahead” to clear its huge backlog, its president Ranko Debevec told BIRN.

kosovo-opens-a-war-crime-documentation-center-09-25-2017 27 Sep 17 War Crimes Documentation Centre Opens in Kosovo

The Humanitarian Law Centre has opened a war crimes documentation centre in Pristina with information from five Kosovo-related trials at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

serbian-paramilitary-commander-captain-dragan-croatia-conviction-profile-09-26-2017 26 Sep 17 Captain Dragan: Notorious Commander Loses Courtroom Battle

After leading rebel fighters in Croatia and starring in his own TV show in Serbia, Dragan Vasiljkovic eventually lost his bitter struggle against extradition from his adopted homeland Australia and was convicted of war crimes.

bosnia-s-bone-hospital-still-haunts-its-inmates-09-22-2017 25 Sep 17 Bosnia’s ‘Bone Hospital’ Still Haunts its Inmates

The destruction of a memorial to Bosniaks imprisoned at the Kostana Hospital detention camp in Stolac during wartime brought back disturbing memories of the torture they endured there.

montenegro-risks-another-war-crimes-trial-failure-09-11-2017 12 Sep 17 Montenegro Risks Another War Crimes Trial Failure

After a series of embarrassing acquittals, Montenegro is launching another flawed war crimes trial, with prosecutors risking failure again because of the desire to get results that will please the EU.

the-everyday-desperation-of-bosnia-s-protesting-veterans-09-01-2017 01 Sep 17 The Everyday Desperation of Bosnia’s Protesting Veterans

War veterans in Bosnia’s Bosniak-Croat Federation entity have been protesting all summer for better conditions - but officials say there isn’t enough money in the budget to pay for the benefits they want.

croatia-fascist-slogan-threatens-to-topple-govt--08-30-2017 31 Aug 17 Croatia Fascist Slogan Threatens to Topple Govt

The slogan of the Croatian WWII fascist Ustasa movement, ‘Za dom spremni’, remains so politically toxic that a dispute over a plaque bearing the words could bring down the country’s governing coalition.

the-balkan-villages-that-swapped-populations-08-29-2017 30 Aug 17 The Croats and Serbs Who Swapped Homes

During the 1990s war, people from villages in Croatia and Serbia swapped houses to escape the violence - a forced population exchange that was labelled ‘humane relocation’, as a new BIRN documentary shows.

turkish-tv-series-on-bosniak-leader-vexes-serbs-08-29-2017 29 Aug 17 Turkish TV Series on Bosniak Leader Vexes Serbs

A series celebrating the life of wartime Bosniak leader Alija Izetbegovic, now being filmed by Turkish state broadcaster TRT, caused Bosnian Serb leaders to suggest a retaliatory film praising Radovan Karadzic.

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