bosnian-judicial-overseer-vows-to-speed-up-prosecutions-01-10-2018 10 Jan 18 Bosnia’s Judicial Overseer Vows to Speed Up Prosecutions

Prosecutions of the most significant war crimes, corruption and organised crime cases slowed last year, but the head of Bosnia’s High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council insists that the focus in 2018 will be on dealing with high-level suspects.

kosovo-s-war-crimes-u-turn-exposes-leaders-immaturity-01-09-2018 09 Jan 18 Kosovo Leaders’ War Court U-Turn is Self-Destructive

The futile attempts by former guerrillas turned politicians to revoke Kosovo’s commitments to impartially prosecute war crimes at the new Special Court show that the West’s support for the ruling elite must end.

macedonia-probing-for-truth-about-ethnic-violence-trials-12-28-2017 29 Dec 17 Macedonia: Probing for Truth about Ethnic Violence Trials

The ousting of Nikola Gruevski’s regime in 2017 brought new hope for those who felt they were unjustly tried for terrorism in several murky, high-profile court cases that troubled inter-ethnic relations in Macedonia.

bosnia-ratko-mladic-verdict-highlights-ethnic-divisions-12-27-2017 28 Dec 17 Bosnia: Landmark Verdicts Highlight Post-War Divisions

The conviction of Ratko Mladic was cheered by Bosniaks but condemned by Bosnian Serb leaders, while rival reactions to the acquittal of Bosniak commander Naser Oric also highlighted the country’s continuing ethnic discord.

kosovo-ex-pm-detained-ex-guerrillas-acquitted-12-22-2017 27 Dec 17 Kosovo: War Court Challenged, Ex-Guerrillas Acquitted

MPs staged a dramatic intervention to try to stop the new special court which will try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters, while courts in Pristina acquitted two prominent politicians and ex-guerrilla commanders.

croatia-wwii-controversies-and-a-general-s-suicide-12-22-2017 26 Dec 17 Croatia: WWII Controversies and a General’s Suicide

A year in which the legacy of Croatia’s Nazi-allied World War II regime continued to cause controversy erupted into political turmoil when Bosnian Croat general Slobodan Praljak committed suicide in The Hague.

serbia-war-criminals-praised-war-trials-delayed-12-22-2017 25 Dec 17 Serbia: War Criminals Praised, War Trials Delayed

In 2017, Serbian officials heaped praise on a former military chief who was convicted of war crimes in Kosovo, while trials of alleged offenders in Belgrade were interrupted by a series of delays.

sarajevo-siege-mothers-remember-their-lost-children-12-21-2017 22 Dec 17 Sarajevo Siege Mothers Remember Their Lost Children

In the year that Ratko Mladic was convicted of terrorising Sarajevo during the wartime siege, two mothers of young children who were killed by the shelling recall the horror they lived through, and explain how they survived.

hague-tribunal-closes-down-leaving-disputed-legacy-12-20-2017 21 Dec 17 Hague Tribunal Closes Down, Leaving Disputed Legacy

The UN tribunal for the former Yugoslavia shuts on Thursday after convicting 90 war criminals, but its successes have been accompanied by courtroom controversies and a disputed legacy in Balkan countries.

war-crimes-convicts-hague-tribunal-was-a-political-court-12-19-2017 20 Dec 17 War Crimes Convicts: Hague Tribunal was a ‘Political Court’

Convicted war criminals from Bosnia and Herzegovina say that they still believe that the Hague Tribunal, which closes down on Thursday, was a politically biased court that could never deliver impartial justice.

has-croatia-and-serbia-s-past-hijacked-their-future--12-19-2017 19 Dec 17 Has Croatia and Serbia’s Past Hijacked Their Future?

The inability or refusal of the Croatian and Serbian governments to come to grips with the crimes of the 1990s means that both are still being held back by reactionary nationalism.

hague-prosecutor-balkan-states-still-celebrating-criminals-12-15-2017 18 Dec 17 Hague Prosecutor: Balkan States Still Celebrating Criminals

Reconciliation in the former Yugoslavia will be hard to achieve while war criminals are still treated as heroes, the chief prosecutor at the Hague Tribunal, Serge Brammertz, told BIRN ahead of its closure this month.

kosovo-serb-minister-learning-albanian-is-necessary-12-14-2017 15 Dec 17 Kosovo Serb Minister: Learning Albanian is Necessary

Kosovo government minister Dalibor Jevtic says Serbs and Albanians need to build trust - and that Kosovo Serb children should learn the Albanian language to ensure better communication for the future.

homecoming-kosovo-serbs-face-an-uncertain-future-12-11-2017 14 Dec 17 Homecoming Kosovo Serbs Face an Uncertain Future

The secrecy surrounding a newly-built settlement in northern Kosovo highlights the problems facing Serbs who have returned to Kosovo after the war – and how they need security and jobs as well as houses.

the-never-ending-war-crimes-trial-of-branimir-glavas-12-07-2017 08 Dec 17 The Never-Ending War Crimes Trial of Branimir Glavas

After 12 years of being prosecuted for the killings of Serb civilians in 1991 and five separate court verdicts, Croatian wartime general Branimir Glavas is still on trial – and he’s still a free man.

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