About the Team

Members of the Balkan Transitional Justice team include highly skilled managers, editors, and journalists from the region and abroad and an experienced language team of locally based translators and proofreaders.

Gordana Igrić, Director of BIRN

Gordana is the founder of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and currently serves as the Regional Network Director. She began her career as a journalist in Belgrade in 1981, and later reported from Bosnia and Kosovo during the wars that accompanied the dissolution of Yugoslavia. Following the conflict, she returned to research and document war crimes. Gordana has received several journalism awards, including the 1998 Overseas Press Club (USA) Award for Human Rights Reporting and a Human Rights Watch (HRW) award for her research into war crimes in Foca, Bosnia. Before founding BIRN, she was the Balkan project manager at the Institute of War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) from 1999 until August 2005, during which time IWPR's Balkan reporting received numerous press awards and media citations.

Marina Radenković, Project Coordinator

Marina has joined the BIRN team as coordinator of the Balkan Transitional Justice project. Prior to joining the BIRN she worked in NGO sector and United Nations on projects related to human rights issues. Marina is a lawyer and holds a Master degree in International Relations and a Master degree in Protection of Human Rights from the University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy. She has completed educational program in the field of gender women's studies at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade.

Matthew Collin, English Language Editor-in-Chief

Matthew Collin, EditorMatthew Collin joined BIRN in January 2013. Matthew is a journalist, broadcaster and author who has worked as a foreign correspondent for the BBC, Al Jazeera and Agence France-Presse. He has also been the editor of The Big Issue, the Time Out website and i-D magazine. He has worked in print, television, radio and online media and has written for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, The Observer and The Wall Street Journal. His books include This is Serbia Calling and The Time of the Rebels.

Denis Džidić, Journalist and Reporter (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Denis joined BIRN's regional office in Sarajevo in 2008 as a journalist involved in the Justice Report project. Previously he worked for two years at the IWPR, where he gained valuable experience by covering war crimes trials and issues related to transitional justice. He has also worked part-time for the Oslobođenje daily newspaper, REZ youth magazine, and the Southeastern European Times website. He recently graduated from the University of Sarajevo with a degree in journalism.

Siniša Jakov-Marušić, Journalist and Reporter (Macedonia)

Siniša is a regular contributor to the news and analysis sections of BIRN’s online publication, Balkan Insight. He has been covering Macedonia’s political, social and economic developments for several years. He studied Ethnology and Anthropology, and in 2007 finished the Journalism School at the Macedonian Institute for Media, (MIM) in Skopje. His articles and analysis also appear in other local written and electronic media.

Marija Ristić, Programme Director

Marija joined BIRN’s Transitional Justice Regional Journalistic Network after pursuing a traineeship at the Press and Information Unit at the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia. She has also worked as an assistant editor and science journalist at the Institute for Informatics Systems and Computer Media, at the Technical University of Graz. She has also interned as a journalist focusing on topics related to economics at the Politka daily newspaper. During her studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade she worked as a journalist for the student magazine Politokolog and as host for the Radio production “Slušaonica 6” for Radio Studio B in Belgrade. She also received additional education at the School of Investigative Journalism at the Center for Investigative Journalism in Serbia, the European Journalism Centre in the Netherlands, and other organizations.

Dušica Tomović, Journalist and Reporter (Montenegro)

Dušica Tomovic has been Montenegro correspondent for BIRN's Balkan Insight since 2013. Dusica joined Balkan Transitional Justice team in November 2014 as TJ journalist from Montenegro. Dušica has worked as a journalist since 2002, mainly covering politics and security issues. Before joining BIRN, she worked for Montenegrin newspapers Vijesti where she reported on secutiry and military issues, and organized crime and corruption. She has completed a number of training courses in reporting and journalistic work.

Sven Milekić, Journalist and Reporter (Croatia)

Sven joined BIRN in 2014 and is both contributor to the news and analysis sections of BIRN’s online publication, Balkan Insight and a member BIRN’s Transitional Justice Regional Journalistic Network. Previously he worked as a Transitional Justice Program Coordinator in the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) in Zagreb, Croatia. During that process he was actively involved in the work of the Initiative for RECOM, aimed at establishing a Regional Commission for establishing the facts on armed conflicts on the territory of former Yugoslavia in the period of 1991-2001. Before joining YIHR he had a 9 month internship in Amnesty International in Zagreb, working mostly on topics of the European Court for Human Rights and rights of the Roma minority in Croatia and in Europe. He graduated on the Faculty of Political Sciences on the University of Zagreb.

Filip Rudic, Journalist and Reporter (Serbia)

Before joining the Serbian branch of Balkan Insight in 2017, Filip worked as a freelancer for over a year, collaborating with the Centre for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CIJS) and other outlets. He previously worked for Beta news agency for three years, from 2012 to 2015. He also collaborated with the Vojvodina Investigative Centre (VOICE). His articles were featured in the daily newspaper „Privredni Pregled“ and the weekly „Novi Magazin“. He has experience in daily reporting, as well as investigative journalism. Filip won the 2016 Annual media award of the Serbian Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.

Emica Niami-Nalbantić, Translator (BHS and Macedonian)

Emica is an experienced translator from English to Macedonian and a certified court interpreter. She graduated  with a degree in journalism in Skopje, Macedonia. She has worked for the student newspaper Student Word, Macedonian Radio, the political magazine Denes and daily newspaper Macedonian Denses. She has worked at A1 TV for over 18 years, first as a reporter and later as the editor of daily news. Since 2000, Emica has been working in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a correspondent for Radio Deutsche Welle and Macedonian A1 TV. She has also worked for NTV 99, RTV Alfa, the political magazine Walter, Radio Fern, Radio Alfa, as well as a number of NGOs.

Alma Koci, Translator (Albanian)
Alma Koci joined BIRN's Balkan Transitional Justice team as a translator in 2014.
She has a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Tirana, Albania. Since 2007, she has worked as a translator for various electronic media outlets and televisions in Albania.