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In Pictures 27 Nov 17

Croatian Capital Puts Tesla's Mind in Perspective

A multi-media exhibition on the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, 'Mind from the Future', has opened in the pavilion of the Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic in Zagreb.

Sven Milekic
Exhibition's central installation of Tesla. Photo: courtesy of Real Grupa

One of the most complex exhibitions on the scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla opened in Zagreb on Saturday, presenting a multi-disciplinary overview of his work and achievements.

Until late March, the exhibition, "Nikola Tesla: Mind from the Future", will offer a view about the inventor combining science, engineering and art.

The exhibition has attracted the attention of many donors from the business sector, from different IT, engineering and telecom companies.

As the venue of the exhibition, the author and the curator of the exhibition, Helena Bulaja Madunic, chose the pavilion designed in 1938, in the honour of Serbian King Petar I, by the Croatian 20th-century sculptor and architect Ivan Mestrovic.

“Mestrovic was the initiator of the construction and the author of this building, and as an artist, he also made a monument and a bust of Nikola Tesla. So even the look of … the building resembles Tesla’s coils. Like Tesla, he was just a boy from a rural area of Croatia who, thanks to his talent and persistence, had an impressive career on the world level,” Bulaja Madunic told daily Jutarnji list.

After Zagreb, the exhibition will go to New York, Prague, Paris, Budapest and Dubai.

Born in 1856 into a Serb family in a small village of Smiljan, in the central Croatia, which was then part of the Austrian Empire, Tesla became one of the most important inventors in the field of developing the use of electric energy and other areas. He died in 1943, in New York.

Exhibits in the exhibition. Photo: courtesy of Real Grupa
People enjoying the exhibition. Photo: courtesy of Real Grupa
Tesla' Egg of Columbus, positioned within a magnetic field. Photo: courtesy of Real Grupa
Teslopolis. Photo: courtesy of Real Grupa
Busts of Tesla. Photo: courtesy of Real Grupa

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