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news 11 Apr 12

Zagreb Rightists to Hold Nationalist Rally

Right-wingers have announced an "international nationalist conference" this week along with a rally in support of Croatian generals sentenced for war crimes in The Hague.

Tanjug, Beta

Members of the Croatian Pure Party of Rights laid wreaths on Tuesday at the tomb of the parents of Croatia's wartime Fascist leader Ante Pavelic to mark the 71st anniversary of the declaration of the Independent State of Croatia, NDH.

The small ultra-nationalist party also announced that an "International Nationalist Conference" will be held in Zagreb on Friday to which ultra-right parties and associations from Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, France and Flanders in Belgium have been invited.

The participants will include the Greater Hungarian "64 Counties" Youth Movement, which has territorial pretensions to Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and indeed Croatia. [It seeks the restoration of Hungary's pre-Versailles borders in which Croatia was an autonomous unit insude the Kingdom of Hungary.]

The conference will be followed by a march as a sign of support for Croatian generals sentenced in the Hague-based UN war crimes court, the ICTY.

Croatian President Ivo Josipovic has criticised the planned events, saying the participants espouse programmes that contain hate rhetoric.

A local NGO, the Civic Initiative, described the agenda as "Fascist events" and called for a counter-meeting in Zagreb on Saturday.

The NDH was installed in power in 1941 following a German invasion and the collapse of Yugoslavia. Pavelic fled Croatia ahead of the Partisan take-over in 1945 and died in exile in Madrid in 1959.

Although it called itself "independent", the NDH was a pawn of the Axis powers and outside the ranks of the extreme right is widely condemned for the atrocities committed in its name against Serbs, Jews, Roma and Croatian leftists, many of whom were murdered in the infamous camp at Jasenovac.

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