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news 15 Apr 13

Sarajevo Youth Rebuild War-Damaged Theatre

Young Bosnians have launched a campaign to reconstruct an open-air theatre in the capital that was destroyed during the 1990s conflict.

Klix, BIRN
  Young Sarajevans in action / Photo by Klix

A group of young people from the Dobrinja suburb of Sarajevo have started to clean up and rebuild the theatre, which has not been renovated since the 1992-95 siege of the Bosnian capital, news portal Klix reported on Monday.

Local residents Azra Muminovic and Merisa Julardzija launched the campaign to turn the damaged summer theatre into a venue which can host film screenings, theatre shows and live concerts.

They recruited their neighbours and young volunteers, cleaned the site and then painted the walls so they can be used for projections.

  Cleaning the theater / Photo by Klix

“In order to get the minimum budget needed for this project, we organised charity parties with symbolically-priced entry tickets,” Muminovic told Klix.

“The reconstruction of the amphitheatre will enable [it to be used for] movie projections, open-air plays but also smaller concerts,” she added.

She said she hope it will contribute to the revival of culture and tourism in Dobrinja, which is located at the edge of the city.

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