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05 Feb 13

Winter Art Festival Starts in Sarajevo

The festival, under the logo "The Art of Touch", aims to present the works of around a thousand artists from about 40 countries around the world.

Klix.ba, RSE Sarajevo
Festival will take place under the slogan "Art of touch"

Sarajevo will host about a thousand local and international artists under the slogan "The Art of Touch" ("Umjetnost Dodira") from February 7 to March 21 .

The festival opens on Thursday with several cultural events.

First up will be presentation of the "Sloboda" ("Freedom") award at the Sarajevo Museum by the International Peace Centre, IPC, for contributions to peace.

The ceremonies continue with an exhibition, "U magli", ("In the Fog"), by Irish artist Joel Elgin, at the Bosnian Cultural Centre, BKC, marking 125 years of the Museum of History (Zemaljski muzej) in Sarajevo.

Both events will take place at the museum, althought it shut last year as a result of financial difficulties.

Decorative lighting by Italian artist Mario Gerussi will be screened on the facade of the museum building.

Opening day will also see a performance of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by the Hungarian theatre company Coincedance, directed by Julia Gyula.

The "Pahuljice Sarajevske zime" ("Snowflakes of the Sarajevo Winter") awards, for best programmes in 11 categories, will be bestowed on day two.

On the same day, Brazilian musician Marcelo Bratke will perform works by Hector Villa Lobos, followed by a video work by the artist Mariannita Luzzati. A Greek documentary movie, "The List Project", by Enke Fezollari will be screened.

The theme of Sarajevo Winter, "The Art of touch", according to festival director Ibrahim Spahic, means that "only the art of touch can create a new world".

This year's festival will boast a rich musical programme, according to organizers, but there will also be a theatre programme, cultural heritage presentations, book presentations, poetry evenings, panel discussions as well as a children's programme.

Sarajevo Winter will also include a special programe dedicated to Ireland, the country that currently presides over the EU, as well as to its famous writer, James Joyce.

Other programmes will mark 100 years since the birth of the philosopher Albert Camus, 200 years since the births of musicians Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi as well as 50 years since the civil rights leader Martin Luther King made his famous "I have a Dream" speech.

The festival will be held at several venues, including BKC Sarajevo, parliament, the Museum of History, as well as other institutions and galleries.

The festival is supported by the Council of Europe, the European Union, UNESCO, the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministerial Councils of BiH, the Canton of Sarajevo as well as the City of Sarajevo and the Stari Grad Municipality.

More information on the programme is available on the official website.

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