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Wife of War Crimes Convict Sentenced

The Bosnian state court sentenced Branka Sekaric to a probation sentence of eight months for revealing the identity of a protected witness who testified at the war crimes trial of her husband Dragan Sekaric.

Admir Muslimovic
State court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photo: State court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to the verdict, which was handed down on Wednesday, Sekaric was found guilty of revealing the identity of a protected witness on social media.

“Sekaric wrote the name of the witness on the Facebook social media on November 11 last year and did so again in a comment she wrote on Facebook. Finally, the name also appeared in an article on happenings in Visegrad during wartime”, said presiding judge Jasmina Cosic-Dedovic.

The judge said that the court took as mitigating circumstances that Sekaric had never been convicted of a crime, and that she apologized to the protected witness.

According to the verdict, Sekaric was stripped of the mobile phone and laptop she used to commit the crime and she was ordered to pay legal fees in the cost of 50 euros.

She was given a probation sentence of eight months, so if she does not commit a new crime in the next two years, she will not have to serve the time.

The verdict can be appealed.

Dragan Sekaric was previously sentenced by the Bosnian state court to 17 years in prison for war crimes committed in Visegrad in 1992, and he is currently on trial in a separate case for crimes in Strpci near Rudo in 1993.

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