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news 19 Jul 12

Attacks Rock Serb-Run North of Kosovo

No one hurt in three overnight attacks on a policeman's home, a radio station and a bank in the Zubin Potok area.

Fatmir Aliu BIRN Pristina

Three attacks rocked the northern, Serb-run part of Kosovo overnight, targeting a Kosovo Police officer's home, a radio station and a private bank, police said. Preliminary reports say that no one was hurt in the attacks.

Police spokesperson Besim Hoti told BIRN that more than 50 rounds were fired by the suspects at three locations in the municipality of Zubin Potok.

“Preliminary reports show that the armed assaults were coordinated, against KEP Bank, Radio-Kolasin and the home of a senior Kosovo Police officer in Zubin Potok,” Hoti said.

Police found over 50 bullet shells at the scene of the attacks on KEP Bank and Radio Kolasin.

The unnamed Police Captain's house, according to the spokesperson, was attacked by an automatic weapon and a hand grenade.

“During the attack, the police officer and his entire family were inside,” the spokesman noted.

Police found some 20 bullet shells outside the garden of the property, which, according to the police, sustained serious damage.

Tensions between Kosovo and Serbia have mounted since Kosovo police last year tried to seize control of the two border crossings at Jarinje and Brnjak, which NATO's KFOR troops had controlled since Kosovo declared independence in 2008.

A Kosovo Police officer was killed during the action. Since then local Serbs - the majority population in the north - have been manning barricades to prevent Kosovo Police and Customs from accessing the gate.

The latest attacks come after a senior Kosovo official claimed that Serbia was deploying hundreds of police in Kosovo, threatening any Kosovo Serbs who want to integrate with institutions loyal to the government.

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