News 14 Mar 12

War Crimes Thriller Hits Serbian Screens

A movie on a war crimes investigation exposing a government conspiracy was screened for the first time on Monday.

Nemanja Cabric

At the premiere of Ustanicka ulica, director Miroslav Terzic, producer Gordan Kicic and actor Rade Serbedzija, along with the rest of the team, wowed the audience and won strong applause. 

Among several thousand people present were Dragan Sutanovac, the defence minister, war crimes prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic and his deputy Bruno Vekaric, as well as Vincent Degert, head of the EU delegation in Serbia.

Director Terzic told journalists that the movie deals with topics that happened long ago, but which still haunt Serbia.

“This is a movie about a time long gone but under whose shadow we still live,” he said.

“Our heroes are drawn into a labyrinth of crime, its mechanisms, politics and intrigue”, Terzic said before the premiere.

The directing debut of Terzic, Ustanicka ulica is about a young prosecutor who gets hold of a seemingly closed case on war crimes.

Later he finds a hidden paramilitary boss living under a false identity. The clues bring the young prosecutor to senior circles in the Serbian police and judiciary system, and into trouble.

Gordan Kicic who plays the young prosecutor, Dusan, told journalists that the movie is a result of research, confessions of people involved in war crimes, and prosecutor’s tips.

“We worked on this movie for five years because we wanted to get into the topic thoroughly. I was very interested in the work of prosecutors, which is hard and delicate, especially the way they obtain evidences about events that occurred 20 years ago”.

Ustanicka ulica will be in Serbian cinemas from March 15.

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