Interview 21 Mar 16

Violent Ideology is Luring Young Sandzak Men to Battle

Bekir Makic, an Islamic scholar from Serbia, says a false ideology is seducing lost youngsters from the Sandzak region.

Zoran Maksimovic
Novi Pazar
Bekir Makic, Master of religous pedagogy from Serbia | Photo: Facebook

Bekir Makic, Master of religious pedagogy, former official of the Islamic Community in Serbia, and now one of the drivers of an initiative to unite the divided Islamic community in Serbia, told BIRN that a violent “Takfir” ideology is luring young men from Serbia’s mainly Muslim southwest Sandzak region to foreign combat zones.

“The Takfir ideology, which originated from Egypt, justifies violence and murders of ‘infidels,’ even those of the Islamic religion, but who, according to followers of this ideology, are ‘infidels’. They reject the state and society, including Muslims who do not follow them,” Makic explained.

This influential Islamic scholar does not see any justification for those who go off to war on the side of Islamic State, ISIS.

However, he opposes the idea that many people from Sandzak are going to Syria, considering it a media manipulation, saying that many ISIS fighters from Europe come from other countries including Western countries.

Makic thinks the lack of the rule of law, discrimination and fanaticism in all forms are also reasons why some people have left for Syria.

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