news 08 Dec 14

VIDEO: Searching for Solutions in the Balkans

Croatia made it across the finish line, but the rest of the Balkan countries seem to be far away from their European future. What kind of new approaches can be explored to ensure that the accession story ends well?


This is the first debate in the Balkan Forum series supported by the European Fund for the Balkans and produced in cooperation between Europarl TV from Brussels and NOVATV from Skopje.

The debate hosts MEPs Ivo Weigel, Edward Kukan and Miltijadis Kirkos, and professor and director of the Centre for Southeast European Studies at the University of Graz, Austria Florian Bieber.

They discuss possibilities for a solution to the political crises in Bosnia, the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece, the Kosovo issue and Russia's influence on the Western Balkans.

The series is based on a research study titled “Unfulfilled Promise: Completing the EU Enlargement to the Balkans”, published by the European Fund for the Balkans. The study explores several scenarios for the future of the region in the European integration process.

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