News 11 Mar 16

Kosovo Opposition Activists Overturn Second Serbian Truck

Opposition Vetevendosje (Self-Determination Movement) party activists seized and overturned a second Serbian truck this month in protest against Belgrade’s policies on Kosovo.

Petrit Collaku
The truck seized by the activists. Photo: Vetevendosje/Facebook.

Vetevendosje said its activists seized the truck with Serbian plates on Friday on a highway in Kosovo, demanding a change of policy in Belgrade.

“Serbia, which is actively working against Kosovo, cannot have its doors opened for its products. To have trade reciprocity, it is necessary to first have political reciprocity in place,” Vetevendosje said in a statement.

“For this reason, activists from the Vetevendosje movement have overturned a truck with Serbian products today on the national highway. Such actions will continue until the government of Serbia changes its stance towards Kosovo, and does not deny our nation’s rights,” Vetevendosje warned.

Vetevendosje said that no one was hurt during the incident, including the truck driver.

“We are not against any citizens of any ethnicity, or of any country,” it said.

This is the second truck to be overturned by Vetevendosje activists this month.

The first was seized on March 3 in protest at Belgrade’s refusal to distribute Kosovo schoolbooks that Pristina donated to ethnic Albanian pupils in Serbia.

Vetevendosje staged similar protest actions in 2012 when several trucks from Serbia were overturned in an attempt to stop Serbian goods coming into Kosovo.

The party has also been involved in the recent protests in the Kosovo parliament which have seen tear gas released several times in the legislature.

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