news 19 May 17

Kosovo Serbs Arrested for Daubing Nationalist Graffiti

Police on Thursday said they arrested two Serbs for writing 'Kosovo is the heart of Serbia' on the wall of a school in April - though the suspects were later released.

Die Morina
The graffiti "Kosovo je srce Srbije" at the school "Pandeli Sotiri" in village Plemetin

Kosovo authorities said on Thursday they had arrested - and later released - two Kosovo Serbs known only as F. Stolic, aged 17, and J. Jakovlevic, 20, for writing “Kosovo je srce Srbije” [“Kosovo is the heart of Serbia”], on the wall of the school.

Police said they arrested the youths because “the displayed graffiti publicly promotes or spreads hatred, disruption or intolerance between the national groups”.

Police said they also sequestered the can of spray that was allegedly used to write the slogan on the wall of the school in Plemetin, a village in the municipality of Obilic..

The state prosecutor initiated a criminal case based on suspicion of inciting national, racial, religious or ethnic hatred, but after the various procedural steps were taken, both suspects were later released, authorities said.

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