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news 19 Jun 13

Stars Line Up Behind Bosnian ID Protests

Celebrities from Balkans and people from all over the world have lent support for the Bosnian 'Babylution' protests over personal numbers, which started two weeks ago.

Kenan Efendic

Serbian actor Sergej Trifunovic on Tuesday published a picture of himself on Facebook holding up a small banner with the acronym JMBG.

The letters are an abbreviation of the phrase Unique Main Number For Citizens (Jedinstveni Matični Broj Građanina) – the slogan of the Sarajevo protesters.

Nikola Kojo, Source: Facebook

His colleague Nikola Kojo followed suit, thereby lending support to street protests over the Bosnian state parliament’s failure to adopt a new law on personal numbers.

Because of the hold-up in parliament, babies born in the last three months cannot obtain their ID numbers, which serve as basis for obtaining other key documents, as passports and health care card.

The head of the Serbian Liberal Party, Cedomir Jovanovic, has also supported the protests, which started on June 6 with a blockade of the State Parliament building in Sarajevo.

Seka Aleksic, Source: Facebook

Two Serbian turbo-folk stars, Jelena Karleusa and Seka Aleksic, have also posted pictures of the JMBG banner, as has their colleague from the music world, Srdjan Gojkovic Gile, front man for the band Elektricni orgazam.

Serbian jazz musician Bojan Zulfikarpasic, Bosnian-Slovenian actor and director Branko Djuric and dozens of other Croats, Serbs and Montenegrins have also posted their own JMBG pictures.

The Bosnian national football team manager, Safet Susic, and all of his players have also supported the cause, as have other sportsmen from Bosnia.

Cedomir Jovanovic, Source: Facebook
Elektricni Orgazam, Source: Facebook

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